Top 9 Best 2 Ton AC in India with Buying Guide

Air conditioners or ac happened to be the regular go-to gadgets these days. The rising temperature, the overpopulation growth, and the workload demand something that can wipe off all the tiredness and monotony. Some years ago, ac used to get the tag of luxury, but considering the present condition, it is necessary. But there are a few precautions that work as a reminder for all buyers before buying ACs. There has always been a thought of pollution that got associated with this particular product.

Climatic conditions and physical conditions require a fair amount of energy consumption and a good ac speed. Which ac runs faster cooling mechanism that also seems a vital point. Not every machine holds the specifications, fan speed, swing flow. These are also a matter of concern here. Just to open up more avenues for the buyers here, the most acceptable honest review list will be mentioned in an elaborative way so that they can get some of the best deals and enjoy the feeling.

Best 2 Ton AC in India

1) Panasonic 2 Ton Wi-Fi AC

Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC (Copper, 2020...

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This particular model of Panasonic is being equipped with all modern technicalities. From voice control to preset temperature, it has been serving all for a comfortable experience. Firstly the revolutionary air purification system is basically erasing all sorts of deadly insect invasions. The Nano Technology is basically restricting the bacteria and virus growth within the machine, which is a common phenomenon for all electronic gadgets, but here such probabilities are very low, as in the nano-G releases negative ions which attach to particles as small PM2.5 as the measuring quality benchmark for the air purification, that is really innovative and new in the row.

Here there is a twin-rotor combination that deals with more load. And the user can be less fearful. It features two independent motors in the compressor, increasing the amount of longevity of the machine itself. This machine enables a unified performance in all weather conditions, be it in the rain, direct sunlight, or strong wind. Irrespective of the situation, the high-quality all-weather endurance gives the same service. Amazon’s Alexa technology and assistant google director can be enabled with this device to enjoy a hands-free, effortless experience.


  • The mirAle specification enhances the in-built intelligence diagnostics.
  • The mirAle app suggests e warranty, where all queries are digitally documented.
  • Stabilizer based, consumes less electricity.
  • Jet-stream achieves a maximum airflow.


  • Due to a lot of selling, products tend to be unavailable at times.

2) LG 2.0 Ton Inverter AC

LG 2.0 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC (Copper,...

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LG is known for its high and faster cooling technology, that within a minute, it transforms the cold air throughout the room. Here in this product, the high and cold air conditioner specifications are present. And it inhales the humidity from the room in no time, the overall temperature gets changed, and a refreshment prevails for a long run. This machine runs on clean auto efficiency, so there is hardly any possibility of bacteria or virus invasion. Whereas another unique feature is the low refrigerant mode, it puts a sign of low refrigerant status and alerts the user. For this product, there is barely any need for stabilizer installment.

A stabilizer free option protects the parts of the machine from any damage. Latest technology upgrades dual inverter space is also present here. Unique ocean black protection is there for both outdoor and indoor experience, which needs no cross-check. HD air purifier erases any evil particle from the air from dust to plastic metals it gets applied on all. The healthy outcome is beneficial for the user to some greater extent. EZ clean filter is another viable product feature that allows easy, effortless cleaning and increases the product’s longevity.


  • a ten years warranty on the compressor gives long life to the machine.
  • The latest R32 refrigerants do not raise global warming issues.
  • It covers a much wider area from 145V – 290V.
  • Perfectly runs in every weather conditioning.


  • For power fluctuating areas, a stabilizer becomes essential.

3) Voltas 2 Ton Split AC

Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Alloy 243 CZO1 White)

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This model of Voltas is extremely well while producing good quality air service for more extended periods. Turbo cooling facility inhibits the instant cooling mode. For instance, after the whole day, even if you switch on the ac for a minute, it will start giving a cooling experience immediately. Next comes in the row, the humidity extraditing power. By considering the variation of temperature flow in the country, this feature seems to be very, very important. Featured with a glow light button, so even in the dark, they can start with directing the whole service.

High ambient cooling is another way to get the same cooling spree, at any temperature, irrespective of the degrees. A dual display allows the user to use the temperature button and see the original temperature simultaneously. Does covers up a more significant, wider area and equally serves the best of coolness. The inbuilt copper compressor is supposed to be run for several years without any possible damage. It comes with an LCD remote that gives the buyers ample options to set the optimum cooling according to their convenience. The model is a three-star rated product, and very well goes with the modern home decor—a very satisfactory and very soothing color combination.


  • It offers low noise, an affordable price range, and durable with inverters.
  • Suitable for large-sized rooms.
  • Ten years of compressor warranty.
  • Connecting pipes come with the products.


  • The heat pump is not available. 

4) Sanyo 2 Ton Dual Inverter Split AC

Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5...

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This model is equipped explicitly with the glacier speed capacity. Glacier speed capacity is rarely inbuilt within a lot of products. Glacier speed quality instantly boosts up the temperature. As well as it does not put much importance on the outer world temperature, it quickly adjusts the temperature like that only. It has also been equipped with an auto-starting capacity. Even if the machine gets switched off during a power cut, it will automatically start when the situation becomes normal. The copper condenser allows a long life to the machine.

The ergonomically designed remote control gives the backlit option, where at dark also the cooling experience does not get affected. Hydrophilic fins protect the condenser from dust and any other evil metal. It gives superior protection and does provide a good functioning life. A very modern outlook that goes very well with the urban list-style alongside we are getting a hidden temperature display that is a good option for kids. Does cover up a vast area, and uninterrupted service will always be in action. This particular product deals with R25 refrigerants to be environmentally friendly and be less effective in the ozone layer.


  • It works really well on an inverter; that’s why it is less energy-consuming.
  • A very well-set sleep mode adjusts the temperature accordingly.
  • Timer slot, nobody has to wake up till late at night, the timer can do it all.
  • The Company provides speedy customer care service.


  • Due to massive demand, products get unavailable at times.

5) Whirlpool 2 Ton Inverter AC

Whirlpool 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 2.0T...

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Whirlpool has always been one of those more frontline companies to sell the best quality of air conditioners. Here also the same rules get applied. The present MPFI technology with the smart fusion design is giving us the turbo cooling experience, which is the greatest version of all devices. A new feature, self-diagnosis, has been launched here, where the problem itself gets reflected in the display panel. The user does not have to lose energy on finding internal trouble. All will be visible to the user. The built self-cleaning prevents the microorganism attack as well as gives long life to the evaporator coil.

The compressor runs slower in the eco mode, which produces a perfect machine life for the product. There is a lack of chance of natural pollution since it tends to go to the environment even. MPFI technology enables the 4×4 rapid heat exchange procedure so that load does not come out to be heavy on the machine itself. Indoor, outdoor and other pipes are all made of copper, which ensures better electric supply—entirely made for all weather types. Can very well sense the weather conditioning and can modulate technicalities accordingly.


  • Low energy/ electricity consumption rate.
  • Auto-start mode enables automatic on/off during power cuts.
  • Budget-friendly and comes with an outstanding service rate.
  • Auto swing Luovo motors run perfectly.


  • For installation, company service is mandatory.

6) Livpure 2 Ton Inverter AC

Livpure 2 Tons 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC (LPS...

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This is India’s one of those smartest products that sell personalized products. This product has also been personalized and does produce smart key features. The top key quality that attracts most of the attraction is this it runs on voice control activations, both on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And this service can be executed from any corner of the house /office. It is effortless and easily accessible. Live Fresh technology has been introduced for refreshment maintenance throughout time. It removes all the possibilities of toxic air and bad-smelling causes. With the complete LED display and 100% copper oil complete protection, it increases safety and security. An R32 refrigerant has been used in the product to set more durability.

The product runs a very innovative and advanced memory function, where not every time the user has to input the criteria. Once it gets logged in, that stays for life. The sleep function closes the open up, buttoned option to give an uninterrupted sleeping experience. Silent mode enables zero noise production; customers’ comfort is the utmost priority check for the Company. That’s why it has come up with all these detailed manufactured specifications. The three inbuilt modes Heka, magic, and green, consecutively establish greater comfort, more fantastic refreshment, and lesser electricity consumption.


  • Inverter specialization.
  • Auto-cleaning technology.
  • Intelligent Geofencing adjusts the commands.
  • It filters out 99.5% of bacterias and germs.


  • Voltage fluctuations need to be sorted. 

7) Blue Star 2 Ton Split AC

Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Alloy, FS324AATX, White)

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This product is also very modernly equipped with the new-age features and customer friendly using details. This product has also been fitted with the smart self-diagnosis feature, where problems will be displayed on the screen panel by itself. The memory function is also very strong that whenever there is a power cut, the machine remembers everything and starts functioning after accordingly. Turbo cool technology is also present here, for that the cooling experience is two times greater than the normal one. A 2swing feature has also been equipped in this product. A motorized horizontal swing and a non-motorized vertical swing completes the entire cooling procedure and uniformly distributes the air to every corner of the room.

The self-cleaning technology of this product is excellent. It protects the indoor coil from every kind of dust, mold, and moisture. Every time the ac gets switched off, the machine takes extra two minutes to clean the coil and gradually reaches the stage of switching off. I feel technology is a personalized feature that can sense the preferences of the users. The way the user wants it, it strictly performs like this and sets up this feature within the internal memory space. So in order to keep the memory function tight and speedy, the right directions to the remote control are essential.


  • It comes with a very good powerful dust filter.
  • The temperature display is hidden, which is beneficial for the kids mainly.
  • Low power consumption rate.
  • Its Dry mode capabilities to inhale the humidity and exhale refreshment.

Cons :

  • It does not come with any heat pump.

8) Haier 2 Ton Split AC

Haier 2 Ton 1 Star Split AC (Copper, HSU22T-TFW1B, White)

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The ergonomic style design of this product goes really well with the modern housing design. The sleek furnishings and available color options allow the users to buy ACs in tight budget conditions. By considering the budget options, it can be very well mentioned that the amenities they give with the product are really commendable for buying. This product gets applied on long air throws, towards different and distanced directions the air can be thrown and even with a very adverse weather condition it remains to give this amount of the same cooling to the room. The compressor of this product is really durable and takes an extra load of 52 degrees per day.

A brilliant, innovative filtration system has been used in this product, where not only airborne pollutants get released but also the calm refreshment persists for a longer time. An LED remote control has been given, which does give an easy Operational spree. The instant chilling mode is another option that enables everything in the machine by itself. And while suddenly changing the temperature, the machine’s Internal whereabouts do not get damaged. It does continue the way it has been. Overall a very soothing experience with all the modern facilities and protection makes this product a good one on the buyers’ list.


  • Its Anti-corrosive protection, inbuilt copper, wearing for better cooling.
  • Easy remote-control service even in the dark.
  • It offers low noise operation, very ideal for the kids.
  • Usage of R32 refrigerant gas gives environment-friendly assurances.


  • Please research before opting for online buying.

9) Godrej 2Ton Inverter Split AC

Godrej 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Anti...

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This product is of premium quality this company’s product that ensures its durability with a lot of new openings. For instance, a new introduction of carbon filter, this is one of a kind which is made of tea extracts, and it exhales anything and everything carbon materials from the room. From dust particles to carbon extracts, it does get applied on all, and it returns it gives a very refreshing vibe to the ambiance and an uninterrupted cooling for the long run. Another essential feature is an anti-bacterial filter that exhales all the evil materials from the air and gives relief to the kids and adults who have respiratory trouble issues. In order to clean the air, both the health conditions of the user and the internal storage earn long life.

Cooling capacity is very powerful, and all the distant areas get covered up. Not only faraway places but also every corner of the room gets the same amount of air. As the ac runs on the inverter, the device makes sure the set temperature gets personalized, and the user does not have to reset it every time after the power cuts. Such information adjusting capacity has also been incorporated into the device. Eco-friendliness is another option why modern buyer are considering as a suitable product. A very recent launch of the Company, so the details remain intact.


  • Very low electricity consumption rate.
  • R32 refrigerant status ensures durability.
  • Complete set up for all-weather conditioning.
  • A stabilizer is not required.


  • It needs a quick service after any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Air Conditioner 2

1) Is this advisable to buy products because of good reviews? 

Yes, definitely. It has always been like that a good product needs to be understood at the first level, and an honest review can really bring more effectiveness. But please make yourself distant from any kind of fabricating materials. A lot of times, we tend to believe something just because of the flawless mentions. It does not appear to be like that. Whatever your criteria are, what you are looking for, what you want in the overall scenario all need to be noted. It may so happen that the background of the reviewer and the buyer’s knowledge does not get matched at all, then the problem occurs. And mostly when it concentrates on air conditioners, a lot of things matter, the modes, the temperature, the size of the wall, the direction, everything. A useful review can highlight key points, but the rest of the action needs to be done by the user itself.

2) Which is the trendy feature in modern day’s AC?  

There cannot be any specific mention of the trendy features of the products. But considering the present scenario, one thing that comes to mind is the environmentally friendly thing. It secures the product in the long run. Other vital features can very well wait, and we can module ourselves accordingly, but this feature remains intact. CFC, NO all these gases are increasing its level in the environment, so it is also kind of a duty of the users to choose something eco-friendly. That does not cause any adverse health condition for the buyers. Many companies are focusing on asthma conditions, and that way, they set the manufacturing details. These features, I think, need to come under the buyer’s priority list.

Air Conditioner 3

3) Is the instant cooling feature an inbuilt one? 

No, not really; the instant cooling feature is not an inbuilt one. Modern-day technology is trying hard to meet the levels of demands of the buyers. Uprising temperature is not a new thing; it has become a genetic condition. Industrialization and other factors are also working as catalysts, so some companies like LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, and Bluestar have introduced this feature in their product to adjust the level best.

4) What are the aspects to look for in a AC?

  • Do not just go gaga over a product only because this is highly rated.
  • Compare the online pricing with offline stores as well.
  • Check the compressor quality.
  • Check the auto modes in all options.

Final Takeaway 

Buying air conditioners can really get tedious at times. The big deal is how to execute the right option at the proper budget conditioning. While buying, a lot of things matter, the height, the weight, the internal spacing, everything. It is really a Brownie point if the users are paying like the older times but getting the personalized features, which ensures their comfort. Product AMC needs to be done at the first go. It is advisable not to call any local technician for a better outcome. Company registered parts and goods need to be used.

The Company’s guidelines need to be maintained. There have always been some specific company guidelines for the maintenance of the machine. Buyers should get refrained from applying their own home remedy skills. Do what is asked to do. Technical issues can occur at any time, so use the way it has been prescribed, do not just take the product warranty for granted.

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