Top 10 Best Air Cooler for Humid Climate with Buying Guide 

In 2020 it’s tough to even think of living without an air cooler in some places. In summer in India, there are real places which are getting as hot as 47°c. And there are areas which are not as hot as that, but there are more humid. We thought of some real good in air coolers to cope with the hot breeze we are getting in nowadays, especially in India. In humid climate conditions, their conditions have to show the air’s humidity because that moisture contains and keeps heat from the atmosphere.

Top 10 Best Air Cooler for Humid Climate

It is different conditions for the air conditioner to handle moisture climate and dry climate. There are many and satisfied customers who will tell you that some air conditioner they have seen otherwise hasn’t worked for them is just most of the cases is the climate .so you have to know before buying air cooler Here are top 10 best cooler for you to look at, mainly with thought of most of the time durability power consumption and the cooling quality of the air cooler to judge. So here are our next top 10 pickups for you.

1) Hindware Snowcrest Fascino 60L

Hindware Snowcrest Fascino 60L Inverter Compatible Desert...

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It is a perfect air cooler for a large amount of space. This air cooler has ASL 31, and it fits the real modern world. It is very durable, and the materials are suitable for stopping. It has some outstanding strengths for him.

Like, it has an aerodynamically balanced body, and it has a layer of antifungal coat.


  • It has a honeycomb design.
  • It is equipped with the right wheels and is durable.
  • It’s relatively small for an 85 lt. Cooler.
  • It has a two years motor and pump warranty.


  • It is made up of plastic.

2) Usha Buddy 45

USHA 45BD1 Desert Cooler - 45L, White

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If you are looking for a small cooler that is durable and good for a small family and decent room size, then, in that case, we will say it’s a no pain of this one. It’s looking up overpriced but durable air cooler.

When it comes to the user guide manual, it is just perfect. It has a clear ground space to clean underneath. It has a good throwing range, and it has a motorized vertical louver.


  • It comes in foldable from the trolley section
  • It has only 180W good consumption (low)
  • It has a three-side honeycomb aesthetic.
  • It is also equipped with an Auto tank refill.


  • PP plastic is used in this product.
  • It is only available in White color.

3) Crompton Ozone 55

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 55L; with Everlast Pump,...

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For people who are looking for a mold design durable air cooler, this is it for that. It has a good throw. It has the right materials used. It is perfect for regular uses and long-term intensive uses.

Crompton ozone is powered efficient and looks for the environment too. Neither less to say, it is going to last you for a longer duration of time.


  • It is durable and pleasing.
  • It is a big fan, but it is quiet.
  • Its old school design gives it the perfect kind of vibes.
  • It is ideal for just a more prominent family.


  •  The parts are at a relatively high price for maintenance.

4) Crompton Ginie Neo

Crompton Ginie Neo(ACGC-PAC10) Tower Air Cooler - 10L, Blue,...

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It is just a perfect cooler from Crompton again. It is as durable as the previous model it is as reliable and quiet as the previous one.

Duet with extra power consumption model but has his perks and quirks for that it is a high-quality model from Crompton giving an excellent new 30mt airflow and is available with perfect colors.


  • It has a 45 feet air throw capability.
  •  There are three-speed motors: high, medium, and low, and there is an auto swing.
  •  Forecast on wheels so we can move easily.
  • Indicator for drain and flocking


  • It consumes a high power of 190 watts.
  • It is made of plastic.

5) Bajaj DC 55 DLX

Bajaj DC 55 DLX Desert Air Cooler - 54L, White

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It is a devil cooler from Bajaj. Bajaj has his market reputation for afterward is. It is a clean simple looking cooler. It is made for a large room, and it has a thermoplastic, so it is an exceptionally durable material.

This cooler can cool for an intensive long time, and it is effortless to get aftermarket parts and to maintain.


  • It is made of thermal plastic.
  • It has an ice chamber.
  • It is suitable for all climates.
  • It has a good air throw.


  • It is not power efficient.
  • This product comes in an old school design.

6) Bajaj DC 2016 67 Lit

Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier 67L Desert Air Cooler with Turbo Fan...

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It is a perfect dessert air cooler from Bajaj. It has all the qualities of the previous cooler it is a bit old model though. It can be used in dry climatic regions. This product has a 67 lit water tank. It also has an ice chamber for supercooling.

It comes with a large capacity of cooling that can cover even up to 750 sq. ft. It can be an ideal air cooler for large rooms, restaurants, halls, offices, etc., as it can throw the cold air up to 90 feet distance.


  • This product has high durability.
  • It is one of the most reliable models.
  • It can even work over 50 degrees Celsius.
  • It is equipped with Turbo Fan Technology.


  • It is prepared with plastic material.
  • It is a high power-efficient product.

7) Symphony Diet 12T

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home with...

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It is a perfect cooler for any commercial site. It is durable and can be used as a family product too. This is a tall-standing product. It is a significant and pit extra power consumption product.

It is ideal for full-day usage or intensive usage. It has an excellent heat flow.


  • It’s a durable and useful product.
  • It has a cross-ventilation system.
  • It has a powerful vertical fan and an automated vertical swing.
  • It can be used for a long time.


  • It is not an energy-saving product and consumes 210 Watts.

8) V-Guard AIKIDO F85 Air Cooler

V-Guard AIKIDO F85 Desert Air Cooler - 85 L, White and Dark...

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It is a large-sized desert air cooler. And it is perfect for commercial usage. It has a wide throwing range. It is ideal for attending meetings or for several people working in a group in a single large room for a commercial area.

It is just a bigger version of the Visa desert air cooler. So, based on your preferred size, you can choose the one that works best for you.


  • It is big, durable, and powerful.
  • It is useful regarding aesthetics.
  • It is perfect for commercial purposes.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.


  • Its power efficiency is not good.

9) Symphony Siesta 70XL

Symphony Desert Cooler - 70 L, White

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It is an ideal cooler for a medium-size room or a small size commercial usage. This cooler is reliable and quite right, and Symphony mainly makes cooler engineering looks fantastic; it’s an excellent engineering and hardware product.

It has the most power to the consumption ratio, so it is acceptable from global help. Neither less to say, with its low power consumption technology, it is going to lower your electricity bills to a certain degree as well.


  • It comes with a full one year warranty
  • It has a full high pump.
  • Its size is just perfect for everything.
  • Its power consumption is 150 Watts and also works in inverted positions.


  • Plastic material
  • The design is a bit old.

10) Crompton Ozone 75 Lit

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 75L; with Everlast Pump,...

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It is suited to rooms for small business purposes. It comes with pads and a honeycomb design with a tortoise or white color, so it’s looking good. It is a 75-liter tank, which is ideal for a large-sized house or a small commercial area.

Its power consumption level is so good it is fantastic. This product also has castor wheels for easy portability. So, you don’t have to worry about moving it from one place to another.


  • It has three water level indicators: minimum, medium, and maximum.
  • It allows cross ventilation.
  • It has four ways of deflection of airflow.
  • The power efficiency is superb.


  • It comes with a short warranty period.

Buying Guide for Air Coolers for Humid Climate

Air Cooler 2

There is no point in arguing that finding the right air cooler to fight off humid climate can get tedious at times. This is why, we have properly curated our buying guide offering you the right assistance you need.

Power Consumption

It is 2020, and we are now heading for almost in the century of having electricity as a daily appliance. We all know the price is rising so much high, and we have to protect our mother earth and consume less. So, for comparing any in air cooler nowadays, power consumption should be the first thing you will be looking after besides their capacity.


For durability, first look for the air cooler’s material, and is it hard plastic or is it PCP PCB material. And then comes their internal parts, which pretty much the company which you’ve to trust. Always look for a warranty of the products, so you give you a good idea of how much a company is trying to invest in their product.


You can read up for an air cooler best suited for the climate to look for as many as more reviews. Neither less to say, it is very important to look for online review, as well as ask around before resort to buying one. This way you can have a clear understanding of what are the perks and advantages of the cooler.

Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is a thing that varies from product to product, and its requirement depends on the number of people available in the room. It is very much up to you and your family and your home size and everything that comes within. So if you are having a family of 3 or 4, it is very much likely to get a gator 30 to 50-liter air cooler it will be sufficient for you.


The cooler has a throwing range, so it is essential to know that. Some air coolers may have a bigger through, and some of them may have a lower range, so depending on your needs, you have to choose for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Cooler 3

1) Should I buy an air cooler in 2020?

It is not always possible for a person to turn on the air conditioner and close all the windows and doors in every room to have a big area cooled. It is essential to understand the perspective of power consumption and the efficiency we get with the cooler. Cooler helps you to school up a more prominent area without even closing the windows, and especially for dry and hot regions, cooler is a much good option.

2) Where to use an air cooler?

For dry and hot climate areas, cooler is much because it helps to add humidity in the air of the room and like air conditioner which most of the room’s time price. If you have a big place and cannot get their closing windows and everything or if there are many people around you could use a cooler, he would work better than ac.

3) How much is it safe to use an air cooler than an air conditioner?

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers don’t emit destructive ozone gases like methane and other various gases, which harms our ozone layer and our atmosphere. We need to understand now that our climate is in increased danger, and we need to save it. By going green and consuming less power and less greenhouse gas emissions, the gases that harm the environment are not to think for 2020 now. So it is essential for ourselves and our future generation and for saving energy to live.

4) Are air coolers worth the price?

It is crucial to compare the prices of air conditioners and cooler to have a good understanding of the efficiency of the power and the money we spend on a product. It is almost less than 40% of the average air conditioner, so it is less money, and the power we save after using it is massive. Sweet always uses a bit of edge over electric bills. It is reliable and can be used more intensely.

5) What are the main things to look for when buying an air cooler?

At first, it is really important to look for how many liters of capacity you need according to your needs and room. Secondly, we have to look for the power consumption rate and the efficiency rate of the air coolers. Sadly, it is essential to look at the hardware materials, and the company was getting the product from for the warranty period. At last, it is essential to understand how a cooler works and the internal parts and the materials of it with all our balance of how much to spend is calculated.

6) Is it OK to switch to a cooler from an air conditioner?

Yes, and no at the same time. It really depends on your usage. But for efficiency and cost-saving perspective is really good to switch. The initial cost will be low, and maintenance is quieter than an air conditioner. It will be useful to use both a bit in the queue. After getting a low temperature, you can switch on the cooler for the rest of the night or the daytime. It is really an excellent hack to save both parts.

Final Takeaway

It is tough to pick anyone or two from them because they are specialized in their realm of possibility. It is always the user’s choice to choose what is needed for them as per the necessity and the budget. So, things that should be kept in mind while buying a new air cooler in 2020.

It is a real power-efficient than an air conditioner it is more eco-friendly it has a more organic way of cooling the temperature of a room, and you need to close all the windows, but it has its shortcomings. So, it is really very important to understand all of this and look for a better product at a great price. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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