Top 10 Best Air Cooler Under 5000 with Buying Guide

We all live in a continuous changing environment. Depending on the environment, humankind tends to live in a comfortable way that suits them just fine. Such as, in summer, we all tend to live in a cold environment for comfort. In winter, the vice versa. With this changing habit of our mother nature, we, the human race, have adapted so far that everything we need to stay in comfort in a specific environment, is in the palm of our hand.

Top 10 Best Air Cooler Under 5000

The structure of an Air cooler is similar to a fridge like a box and for our convenience; manufacturers provide wheels underneath the air coolers which makes it very portable friendly. If you are thinking to buy Air coolers this summer to drive out the heat while working in an office or resting in your house, then this article will be beneficial to you. Below you will find our best picks of air cooler under 5000 INR.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under 5000

1) iBELL IBLELITE15T Air Cooler

iBELL Hold The World. Digitally! ELITE 15-L 3 Speed Inverter...

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This product is brought to you by one of India’s best brand iBELL. It is very affordable. It’s the funky look, and compact design makes it very “Cool”. The tank capacity is 15 litre, and it provides ergonomically designed control panel with three-speed control & swing options to cover up vast areas. Being inverter compatible makes it very efficient.

It has a honeycomb pad with auto swing feature. This product offers an ice chamber which can provide a lot of ice to the storage, and for that, it can blow cold air for an extended period. The RPM of the fan is 1350, which is great for ultimate comfort. Last but not least; its multi-directional wheels can help us with flexible portability in any direction.


  • Battery backup is excellent.
  • USB can be connected in this device.
  • Highly efficient, so electricity cost is reduced.
  • Long-lasting cooling throughout the room.


  • Fan Noise level could be lowered a bit.
  • Built material could be improved.

2) Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler

Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler (White/Grey) - 12L

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This product from our reputed brand Kenstar comes with 12 litre capacity with colour variants of White and Grey. Needless to say that this air cooler is very affordable and that too from a reputed brand, so reliability can be easily obtained. Built quality is great with high-quality fibre which makes it less fragile and much robust. The product dimension is 460mm x 340mm x 660mm. The cooling media is provided as honeycomb evaporative pads.

The weight of this product is approximately 10 Kgs and with wheels underneath the body makes it easy to transit around the surface in any room. You can also measure the water level by looking at the water level indicator on the body of this air cooler. Also, it has a dust filter which prevents the fans from dirt. A mosquito net is also provided by the company to prevent mosquitoes, tiny insects and flies from getting into cooling pads. The coolest feature is that it is inverter compatible, which means it can work even in a power cut condition.


  • It is very economical & power efficient.
  • Installation is quite easy for everyone.
  • It can provide a large cooling area with uniform cooling.
  • The cooling pads can be changed frequently.


  • Fans could be less noisy.
  • Drain plug could be improved.


This product is brought to you by Sonashi Electronics Pvt Ltd. Being affordable in price range; it offers a sleek and stylish design with very glossy touch with anti-rust technology. Built material is ABS plastic with 27x27x64 centimetres dimensions. It is available in a white and grey colour variant. Installation is very easy.

It can be used along with AC, and even after turning off the AC, it can maintain the room temperature just fine. It offers four-way auto air deflections with three-way speed control for better circulation of air throughout the room. It can provide airflow up to 25 feet. As a power-efficient, this product is a must-have in every home and offices.


  • It has rust free body allowing to be kept in any place.
  • Plug n play usage as it is not water-based.
  • Fan speed is very high.
  • Air circulation is uniform in every room corner.


  • Built material is plastic.
  • No wagons provided underneath for mobility.

4) Orient Minimagic CP0801H Air cooler

Orient Electric Minimagic CP0801H Tower Air Cooler - 8L,...

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Orient brings us a powerful and affordable tower air cooler that fits under the budget with the best quality. It has a unique and attractive design that is assured to catch your attention. Having a high gloss ABS body, it features honeycomb pads for optimum cooling.

With a dimension of 27.7 x 26.2 x 41.5 Centimeters, it provides 8 litres water capacity for sufficient cooling in small areas. Inverter compatibility is one of its best features which make it operational in a power disruption scenario.


  • Very useful in small areas with less quantity of water.
  • Easily portable as it is small in size.
  • Three-speed control allows better air control.
  • Premium feel in look wise.


  • Ice chamber is not available.
  • Fan sound is quite noisy.

5) Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan

Impex TWISTER PLUS Tower Fan With 25 Feet Powerful Air...

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This tower fan is manufactured by KCM Appliances Pvt Ltd with branding name Impex, which is rising exponentially in India. Impex offers this tower fan with much less price range which is very beneficial for Indian citizens in the summer season. It offers more conventional three-way speed control with two-way air deflection for maximum coverage for cooling. The dimension is being provided as 28x24x75 centimetres, and the weight just is 5.8 kilograms.

It does not require special tools to fit as it is a free-standing tower fan with a strong PP plastic body built material. This tower fan features a highly efficient motor with sufficient overheat protection for better reliability. Having RPM of 1200 and 25 feet air throw distance, it can cool the air much faster. Design-wise, you will find this fan very sleek and modular which will enhance your house interior.


  • Very stylish design makes it eye-catching.
  • Power efficient and powerful air delivery.
  • Anti Dust technology makes it subtle.
  • Robust, built quality makes it reliable.            


  • Fewer colour variants are available in the market.
  • Water absorption is quite fast.

6) Mango Cool Master CHK40 Air Cooler

Mango Cool master Sand Tower Personal Air Cooler with Silent...

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Mango cool master presents a stylish and sleek modular sand tower air cooler with a silent fan and honeycomb pad. It delivers high airspeed with 1500M3/hour with three-speed control. Dimension wise, it has 825 MM height, length 325 MM and width 330 MM.

Energy efficiency is not compromised if you buy this product. It provides a powerful air throw up to 35 feet. This particular model is currently available in white colour variant in the market. This product can be used efficiently in offices and as well as in homes.


  • High water tank capacity up to 40 litres.
  • Small & compact size for an easy fit.
  • Rustproof and high glossy body
  • The high-speed motor provides high-speed air for optimum cooling.


  • Built material is only plastic.
  • Fan noise is slightly loud.

7) Mokoto Mini Portable Cooler

Mokoto Mini Portable Air Cooler Fan Air Personal Space...

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This mini and compact-sized air cooler is brought to you by Mokoto, one of the trusted brands out there. This product is very cost-effective, as thus especially for Indian people, it is many beneficiaries. It is small and compact in size; there will be no worry regarding portability.

Keep it anywhere, and it will do the rest- giving you comfort by cooling down the air surrounding you. Dimension is typically ranged from 10x10x10 cm. Water tank capacity ranges about 750 ml, which is perfect for this dimension. The special feature of this air cooler is that it can create a personalized cooling zoon, i.e. it cools the air temperature of personal space by up to 8 degrees. Being affordable also comes with high power efficiency, so it is a must-buy for those who are looking for an air cooler which does not take much space and also does the job elegantly.


  • Small & compact in size for easy portability.
  • Maintenance is very simple for cleaning.
  • You can use it as your own personalized cooling device.
  • Available in 7 different LED moonlight colour.


  • Not suitable to cool an entire room.
  • Handling option is a bit risky while operational.

8) LYFRO Blast Portable Air Cooler

LYFRO Blast Portable UVC Purifying Air Cooler with Touch...

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The Air cooler from LYFRO can be called versatile air cooler. It can be called a versatile air cooler as it not only cools the air as regular air cooler but also it purifies the air, which is much demanded nowadays. It has a dual sterilization feature which makes the water goes through UV-C sterilization.

Thus we get not only cooler air but also fresh and germ-free air, that is more suitable when we have children inside rooms. It poses a compact and small size so that we can easily bring this air cooler anywhere inside our home and also we can bring it outside. This height of this air cooler is 16 centimetres.


  • Small and compact size for easy mobility.
  • A better colour option which looks funky.
  • Much affordable, especially for Indian people.
  • It also purifies the air.


  • Area coverage could be slightly improved.
  • Ice chamber size can be increased a bit.


The Arctic presents a brand new mini air cooler fan, especially for those who are looking for ultimate comfort within a tight budget. With a small and compact size, this beautiful product comes in an attractive blue colour. It has a built-in rechargeable battery which makes it operational even in a wireless manner and this rechargeable battery can be easily charged via USB cable.

The mini air cooler simply pulls warm air from your room by its water filter, which is evaporative in nature and create your own personalized space with cold and humidified air. Coming to the dimension, it offers 15.2 centimetres of length, 20.3 centimetres of width and 15.2 centimetres of height.


  • USB charge port offers to charge anytime anywhere.
  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Air purifying increases the oxygen level in the air.
  • Power efficiency is at its best for this product.
  • It can operate in a wireless way.


  • Built material is just plastic.
  • Ice storage capacity is less.


This multi-functional air cooler from N A is sure to meet your expectations, especially in the months of summer. Apart from air cooling, it also purifies and moisturizes the air for the better cooling experience. So, say goodbye to skin dryness. It offers a three-way air cooling so you can easily operate as per your needs. If we talk about the item dimension, it comes in 19 centimetres of length, 5.5 centimetres of width and 17.5 centimetres of height.

Needless to say that it comes in a perfect small size and much lighter weight for better mobility in-between places, such as offices, basements, dorms, tabletops as well as in dens. It also offers USB charging option, and it comes with a micro USB cable inside the package. So, this air cooler can be charged via a USB power source, even via your phone charger. Once you fill the tank with water, it can run up to 8 hours, so you can experience cold comfort air in a long period of time in summer.


  • A longer period of cooling for up to 8 hours.
  • USB charging option available for better convenience.
  • It is very lightweight, so easily carry.
  • It provides a long service life.


  • Built quality could be improved.
  • Fan speed can be improved a bit.

Buying Guide for Air Cooler

Air Cooler 2

Air coolers are the most popular devices that are widely used in India, especially in summer, for its better economic nature and environment friendliness. For that reason, picking the right air cooler can put you in a little dilemma. So while planning to buy one, you should keep a few things in your mind. First of all, you will have to know that Air coolers are of 2 types; one is “Desert Air cooler”, and another one is “Personal Air cooler”. The applications of these air coolers are a bit different.

Desert Air coolers are typically used dry climate regions. They come in a comparatively larger size than our conventional personal air coolers, and these are strictly designed to cool air in larger spaces. You have to understand that this type of air cooler uses large water tanks up to 50 litres and can cool air to the furthest corner of any large room such as a rooftop, or backyard gardens.

Personal Air coolers are most preferred in humid regions. These type of air coolers is built especially for specific small to medium spaces like any room in our houses. Most importantly, they consume less energy. Also, they generate less noise than the desert air coolers. Below are some key features that need to be taken into consideration while planning to buy Air coolers:

Water Tank Capacity

Air cooler operates in such a method that water is transformed into water vapour that is necessary for temperature decrement. So, larger the water storage, longer the cooling period. So, before buying, you have to plan and select the right capacity depending upon your daily usage.


The airflow of an air cooler is measured by CFM that is Cubic Feet per Minute. It denotes how much air is circulating into your room each minute. So, the right side of the air cooler is very much necessary to determine while buying.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads play a vital role in this scenario. The thicker the cooling pad is, the better the cooling will be. Cooling pads are generally manufactured using aspen or cellulose material. Aspen pads are usually cheaper and require high maintenance, and it also has a short life span. Whereas, the cellulose pads are much thicker and have significantly low maintenance with greater life span.


Always go for those designs which are unique. It’s all about creating a beautiful ambience where you will place the air cooler. Neither less to say, the idea of design is completely subjective and our preference shall be to go with the one that works best for you.


You should not forget about the energy efficiency of the air cooler which you are planning to buy. Always look for air cooler with high energy efficiency that can operate in full capacity while consuming less power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Coolers 3

1) Can Air Coolers be used in a closed room?

If you want optimum cooling, proper ventilation should be made in the room. This way, the air cooler can operate most efficiently.

2) Is air cooler bad for health?

It is just a common myth, especially surrounding Desert or evaporative air coolers. On the contrary, air coolers are an excellent choice for our home and environment.

3) Main advantages and disadvantages of air coolers?

Air coolers are affordable, economical, and it doesn’t require any installation. Disadvantages can be pointed out like it doesn’t cool down the temperature like an AC.

4) Is air cooler good for asthma?

An air cooler offers a high quality of air, so it has no direct impact on the people having asthma. In fact, there is no adverse effect of air coolers on our health.

Final Takeaways

For the summer season, an air cooler should be the first choice in India, because air coolers are cheaper than AC, economical and also provides better cooling with easy mobility. Depending on the daily usage and space, air cooler should be chosen.

The above list will surely help you in understanding and selecting the best affordable air cooler. Further including, all the products mentioned within the list are some of the best you can find out there in the market. Neither less to say, once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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