Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India Along with Buying Guide

India has a tropical climate as we know it, and the ever-increasing global warming along with the deteriorating quality of air due to air pollution has stretched the Indian summer from April up to the month of October. Besides the rising temperature, humidity is one of the major significant problems too.

The enormous amount of heat makes it difficult to work or even sleep comfortably and makes us feel completely drained and tired at the end of the day. It is where air coolers come to our rescue.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India

It is one of the cheapest as well as an eco-friendly substitute for air conditioners. There are three different types of air coolers- Personal, Tower, and Desert cooler. The price of air coolers ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 usually.

If you are in need of an air cooler to tackle the heat in an effective as well as economical way, then here is a list of the ten best air coolers in India. There are a lot of reputable companies in the market, and you might easily get confused among hundred other options, and that is why we have listed and reviewed some of the best air coolers so that you can buy what’s best for you.

1) Symphony Jumbo 65-DB Air Cooler

Symphony Jumbo 65 DB Desert Air Cooler for Home with Aspen...

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Symphony is a popular and reputable company. If you are looking for an air cooler that would not compromise your cooling needs, then the Symphony Jumbo 65-Db air cooler is the right choice for your family and yourself.

It has a water capacity of 61 liters and can cool an area of 219.26 sq. ft. The air throw distance of this air cooler is approximately 37 feet. It is a desert air cooler. It also has a cold flow dispenser with aspen pads for better cooling.


  • The louvers are fully closable.
  • The pad area is also quite large.
  • Low consumption of power and reduces electricity bills.
  • It comes with a free trolley for easy movement.
  • Affordable, as well as durable.


  • The cooler is not compatible with any inverter.

2) Symphony Sumo 75-XL Air Cooler

Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler For Home with...

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The Symphony Sumo (75 liters) is a perfect air cooler for your house. It comes with a uniquely designed fan and has honeycomb pads, which are effective for superior air cooling. The cooler can cover an area of about 247.03 sq. ft, which is enough for an average sized room, and the distance of air throw is around 29.5276 sq. ft.

It is advised by the company always to keep windows or doors open for better cooling and cross ventilation. The Symphony sumo uses only 175 watts of power. The louver movement is entirely automatic for perfect cooling.


  • Water filling is completely hassled free.
  • Highly efficient because of the honeycomb pads.
  • The fan is specially designed to circulate more air.
  • Power consumption is very low.


  • This product does not come with any accessories.

3) Maharaja Whiteline Hybrid Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline HYBRIDCOOL Air Cooler - 55L, White and...

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The Maharaja Whiteline air cooler (55 liters) is a perfect choice for you. Maharaja is a very reputable and established company that manufactures household items, and that is why you should trust this brand.

The line of hybrid-cool air coolers from Maharaja is one of a kind and uses a unique combination of honeycomb pads as well as wood-wool, which makes the cooler very efficient. It can cool a 750 sq. Mts area room very easily. It has an air throw of approximately 52 feet.


  • You can fill the ice chamber with ice cubes to have extra cooling.
  • The system of hybrid cooling makes it more durable and efficient.
  • It comes with a remote.
  • Manufacturer warranty for one year.
  • The antibacterial tank prevents all kinds of bacterial growth and foul smell.


  • The cooler is a little bit noisy.

4) iBell MAJOR NEW Air Cooler

iBELL MAJORNEW Air Cooler 35-Litre 3 Speed Inverter...

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The iBell Major new air cooler is one of the most potent coolers in the range of personal coolers. It has a 35 liters water capacity, which is apt for a personal cooler. The control panel of the cooler is ergonomically designed with three-speed control buttons as well as swing options.

It has a honeycomb pad. It also has a larger as well as a wider window for better cooling. The cooler is perfect for offices and even bedrooms.


  • It has an elegant, stylish, and slim design.
  • It has four caster wheels for better mobility.
  • The cooler is also compatible with any inverter.
  • Environment friendly and affordable.
  • The standard warranty is one year, but you get six months more on free registration.


  • The color combination might not appeal to everyone.

5) Voltas VM T25MH Air Cooler

Voltas VM T25MH 25-Litre Tower Air Cooler (White)

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Summers are usually accompanied by extreme humidity and heat, and that is why the Voltas VM T25MH cooler is an excellent option for you because it gives you the best quality of air cooling and the dust filter helps to provide you with clean as well as fresh air. It uses just 25 liters of water.

One of the stunning features of this cooler is that it has a water level indicator that signals you whenever the cooler’s water level is low. This cooler also has honeycomb pads, which are very effective in delivering cold air. While using the cooler, you should keep doors and windows open for cross ventilation.


  • Dust filters protect you from diseases and bacteria.
  • It has three options for speed control- high, medium, and low.
  • The cooler has wheels for better mobility.
  • One year product warranty.


  • It can be a bit noisy at times.

6) Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Air Cooler

Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE (HC) 36L Personal Air Cooler with...

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The Bajaj Platini is a personal air cooler that can cool a small sized room of approximately 150 sq. ft. It is more popular than the coolers of other brands because of its affordability and brand reputation. It can be used for a whole day with just 36 liters of water.

The air throw is very powerful and covers a distance of 70 feet. The cooler’s hexagonal design is useful because it uses less power to generate better cooling. The cooler also has honeycomb pads on three sides for efficient performance.


  • The cooler is portable and very compact.
  • It can be moved around easily because of the castor wheels.
  • It is enough for a small or medium-sized room.
  • This product does not make a lot of noise.
  • The cooling is consistent.


  • There is no compartment or box for ice cubes.

7) Crompton Ozone Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 75L; with Everlast Pump,...

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The Crompton Ozone 75 liters cooler is a heavy-duty air cooler, which is ideal for a large room of about 550 sq. ft. The air delivery of this cooler is 46000m3/hr, and the distance of the air throw is 52 feet. Most of the personal coolers are used for bedrooms or other living spaces, but this cooler can be used efficiently in bigger drawing rooms or medium-sized halls.

It can be used during the peak summers and even around mid-year. It has three controls for speed and an indicator for water level. The rooms should always have cross-ventilation, and only then will the cooler work effectively.


  • It has five wheels for easy movement.
  • There is an icebox for additional cooling.
  • The body of the cooler is made of thermoplastic and ABS.
  • It has a three-speed setting- high, low, and medium.


  • The cooler is not at all compact.

8) Orient Smartcool Dx CP2002H Air cooler

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler...

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If you are a student living in a hostel or if you have a job and currently live as a paying guest, it is not at all economical or practical for you to buy an air conditioner. The Orient Smartcool air cooler is the perfect choice for you as it is an extremely compact personal cooler and uses just 20 liters of water.

You do not have to worry about filling an enormous amount of water every time. It has a four-way system of cooling and uses Dense-nest technology for the honeycomb pads, which gives an extra 25% cooling. The cooler is perfect for small study spaces or small bedrooms.


  • The cooler is rust-proof and is therefore durable.
  • It is designed to reduce your electricity bills.
  • The cooler is easy to operate.
  • Cooling is sufficient as the air throw is powerful.
  • The cooler is very easy to maintain.


  • The motor can be a bit noisy during usage.

9) LYFRO Blast Portable Air Cooler

LYFRO Blast Portable UVC Purifying Air Cooler with Touch...

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As the name goes, this air cooler is portable and weighs only 350 grams, and uses just 500 ml of water. It can cover an area of 25 sq. ft. It has a Dual Air-stream system of purification, and water is sterilized through a UV sanitizer. The airflow speed is also adjustable with the help of an LED touch control panel.

Because of its extremely small size, you can easily carry the cooler within the house or even outside. It also has an aromatherapy mode, and you can use aroma oil in the cooler. It has built-in lights, and you can use it as a night lamp too.


  • You can carry the cooler anywhere you like.
  • You do not have to worry about filling 60-70 liters of water every day.
  • It offers you cool air for 8 to 12 hours continuously.
  • Uses less amount of energy


  • This gadget does not have any cooling pads.

10) Mango Cool Master Air Cooler

Mango Cool master Personal Room Air Cooler with Silent Fan...

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The Mango Cool Master is a personal room cooler with a capacity of 25 liters. The air-throw distance of this cooler is 35 feet. The cooler has a stunning look and has a honeycomb pad, which is effective for superior cooling.

It also has quite a powerful blower. The cooler consumes about 130 watts of power and is thus energy efficient. It has three-speed control settings- high/ low/ medium. It also has a water level indicator.


  • It can be used in small bedrooms, small offices, and hostel rooms.
  • It comes with an ice chamber if you want additional cooling.
  • It is equipped with four castor wheels for easy movement.
  • It is very energy-efficient.


  • It has to be manually operated as it does not have a remote.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Cooler in India

Air Coolers 2

There are certain factors you should always consider while buying an air cooler, and some of these factors have been discussed below so that you can make the right purchase:


If the size of the water tank is more extensive such as 65 or 70 liters, then the number of times you have to fill the tank will be lesser, so you should choose a cooler that meets your requirements.

Cooling Pads

Air coolers usually have two types of cooling pads – Wood-wool pads and Honeycomb pads. Honeycomb pads are expensive, but they are much more durable than wood-wool pads since wood-wool is made of synthetic wood fibers.

Power Consumption

If you are looking to reduce the crunch of your electricity bills, you should check the product description of the air cooler you want to buy. Any cooler that uses 160w-220w is energy efficient.

Castor Wheels

If you want to use your cooler in other rooms of the house, you should make sure that it comes with castor wheels. Castor wheels are much more durable than plastic wheels because plastic loses its efficiency after prolonged use.

Empty Tank Indicator

This is absolutely essential because it will alert you whenever the water level goes below the primary level. This alarm is to make sure that your tank never runs out of water entirely.

Remote Control

If you are busy, you would not want to get up a hundred times to manually change the speed of the air cooler. Having a remote will help you to easily access the cooler if you are engrossed in work.


The size of the cooler is a significant factor. If you are sleeping or sitting at a level where the air from the cooler does not reach you correctly, then the cooler is of no use. So, make sure to choose the right size of air cooler based on the size of the room, along with the total number of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Coolers 3

1) What kind of air coolers are best for big rooms or halls?

If your room size is more than 400 sq. ft, then you should definitely go for desert coolers. They have a large water capacity and can easily cool down large spaces effectively. Desert coolers used to be stationary before, but now almost all coolers are movable, and so are desert coolers.

2) Are air coolers better than fans?

Answer: Of course. Fans do not have a cooling capacity. Air coolers cool the air in the room before circulating it, whereas a fan just re-circulates the air which is already present in the room without cooling it. Fans circulate air over a limited area, but air coolers distribute the cool air in the room evenly.

3) Can you use a cooler meant for a small room in a big hall/room?

If you use a small cooler in a big room, you won’t face any issues as such, but the only problem will be the uneven distribution of cold air. Only one area of the room will be very cool but not the entire room. You should always purchase air coolers based on the room size in which it will operate.

4) Where should a cooler be placed in a room?

It is always advised that you should keep your cooler close to the windows of your room. Using a cooler inside a closed room is definitely against the technology used in coolers. When the air is hot, the process of evaporation will happen much faster, resulting in the cold air that comes out of the cooler. Cross ventilation is a must for every cooler. The humidity of the room needs to be pushed out of the room for the cooler to convert the hot air into cold air.

Final Takeaway

If you are looking for the right cooler for yourself, then this list of the ten best coolers will definitely help you in making an informed decision. There are a lot of brands and companies in the market who offer quality air coolers or claim to do so. As consumers, it is hard for you to choose from a plethora of options, and this is why we have reviewed the ten best air coolers for you. This will help you to understand your requirements and purchase accordingly. These coolers are easily available in physical stores as well as online stores.

You will also get discounts and other benefits along with the cooler. All the coolers that have been listed above are excellent in their performance, and if some of them do not match up to your expectations in terms of color or prices, then we are sure that all these coolers offer the right value for the money you will spend. All these coolers are worth their price, and you can gain the maximum benefit from them.

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