Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under 10000 with Buying Guide

Air coolers have now become the partners for the rest of the year. In most of the Indian regions temperature hike is the new normal, previously winter used to get started from early November. Still, for the last half a decade, we all can very well observe the rapid change in the overall weather conditioning.

Best Air Coolers Under 10000

Not even a single season comes on time, departures on time. But what remains constant is the heat, is the sweat, is the tiredness, are the unwillingness and a lot more similar feelings. Every problem that got mentioned incidentally starts with the heat. The extended summer edition makes us all believe in the comfort provided by air coolers. If we holistically judge and make a flowchart, we would get to see.

Best Air Coolers Under 10000

1) Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home with...

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This model gives a very slim and trim outlook and can be placed at any corner of the house. It comes with a very overall modern furnished outlook. It increases the level of sophistication too. Modern technicalities have been used in this product such as Dura Pump technology – the high performing motor that gets used in the air cooler and helps to make it more and more long-lasting.

Superior quality 12T honeycomb pads are being used, and honeycomb pads exactly work like the honey sucking materials which are supposed to be present at a bee palace.

The more the honeycomb pads inhale, the more exhaling cool breeze comes up. Water level indicator is also there, to reduce the effort of the customers and give a hassle-free experience—no need to think about the sudden breakdowns, and overflowing water imbalance.

A 12-litre water tank is installed as well as an ice chamber is there if the user wants to chill the thrill, then can proceed with more ice cube stocking. A lot of filter variants have been installed too, from smell filter to bacteria filter to wash filter all are working under I-pure technological growth.


  • Wheel facility can be moved indoors and outdoors smoothly.
  • High power throw even at a very good distance.
  • Apart from a house can be permanently used in office places too.
  • Its empty tank alarm with a low water level detector.


  • It works best only with ice water.

2) Blue Star DA60LMA Deserted Air Cooler

BLUE STAR DA60LMA Desert Cooler - 60L, Beige

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This product is ideally equipped with one of those very rare features with modern detailing, the thought behind making such a product is commendable. The UV ray protection feature has been installed in this product, to protect it from sun rays and added troubles directly. Nextly this one of those products where wastage of water is highly restricted, the maximum amount of water gets used and produces the full amount of cooling breeze.

Low power consumption directs a better quality of machine running. Thermal overload protection is working as a shield and reduces any probability of adverse situations. Ice chambers are also there; choice-based temperature fluctuation can be executed. Wide-angle airflow ensures the full coverage cooling experience.


  • It is equipped with high-quality honeycomb pads with microbial factor.
  • Cord winder Facility.
  • Wheeler facility can be moved anywhere and everywhere.
  • It offers high, medium, low multiple three-speed fan speciality.


  • Lengthy and comprehensive room coverage is a bit slow.

3) Symphony Jumbo 65+ Desert Air Cooler

Symphony JUMBO 65 Desert Air Cooler - 61L, White

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The name suggests the best of all. The product actually stands for its jumbo size. The size is the way to get the best cooling experience ever. The bigger you get, the cooler you feel. Not even that spacious, but produces a large amount of cold wind. The superior quality of the fan has been installed within the machine.

The main prominent feature that this product has is nothing but the trolley it has got like a brownie point, the quality of the trolley is premium in nature. And the added caster wheels run in a 360-degree angle.

Multi-dimensional features enhance product outcomes in a more excellent way. The air 424 mm fan is description wise rust-free, and a high-quality air throw gets ensured. Water releases plug drainages the used / excess water directly to the drain. The 61-litre water tank is the heart of this product, a lot of water in stock so that a long hour run can be served well.

Best quality cooling pads have been used, to inhale most of the water, and produce a supreme quality of wind. Moreover, the quality of service this device gives is really high as per the rating and reviews.


  • Cold flow dispenser and automatic vertical swing ensure a full coverage wind distribution.
  • Size-wise can be used for more than one room if the arrangement is proper.
  • Cooling is an understatement; chilling is the right word.
  • It gives the best service even at the driest of regions.


  • Can lack a bit of sophistication.

4) Koryo 45L Air Cooler

Koryo KAC45PCH Personal Air Cooler - 45L, White & Blue

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This product became a hit one just because of its features and the sleek styling outlook—very very modern finishing with a less space-consuming identity. Most buyers go gaga over it because of less space association. For modern home outfits, people mainly chose it. And thus as a look enhancing element also this took a good position.

Classic honeycomb cooling pads have been used for a better amount of cooling. Cooling experience entirely depends on cooling pads, the more they inhibit, the more exhibition comes in the scene. Overall good air throw. Average power consumption rate. Very good performance, but very low on maintenance.


  • It has four stages of air deflection mode.
  • Ice chamber specification for the better cooling vibe.
  • Can be used for commercial purposes as well.
  • It has an adequate tank capacity in storage.


  • Electronic specifications could get better.

5) Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler

Crompton Woodwool Desert Cooler - 55L, White, Maroon

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It is a well-known product and comes up with a lot more complete feature details. Firstly the entire cooling medium is a woollen pad, the premium quality standard of the pads have been notified. Most of the portion of water was inherited, and the maximum amount of wind was produced in return. Motorised louvres have been equipped for better durability and four deflection modes.

It is made of fibre; the fibre body does give a rust-free outlook with a rust-free texture. No watermarks get situated for so long. Ice chamber and water level detector specifications increase the level of superiority and let the product have more chances to be bought. Keeping this cooler clean is not even a big task; drainage plugs and removal of woollen pads are reducing physical strength and making sure an easy zero tiring cooling experience.


  • It works really well on inverters, no tension in power cuts.
  • A sense of refreshment prevails throughout the day after using.
  • It is a very good water stocking of 55 litres capacity.
  • Perfect for urban home decor.


  • Needs purified water stock for the long run. 

6) Crompton Ozone 75L Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 75L; with Everlast Pump,...

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The best feature detail of this product has been rightly mentioned in the name, the 75 litres of water tank presence in the product itself. The maximum level of water inputs produces a maximum level of wind outputs too. The level of water stock undoubtedly ensures an uninterrupted cooling experience. Very smooth rust-free exterior presence reduces the external effort we all have to invest in keeping the gadgets clean, and tide, just a single wipe with a cloth can erase all the junk and dust.

Water soaking bad spots can also be easily erased due to its smoother in-built texture. Motorized louvre movement guarantees multi-dimensional coverage at deficient maintenance. The user does not have to invest something extra for getting good mileage; the product itself is too good to go. Ice chamber facility gives full discretion to the buyers, to get a chill pill when cold purified water does not seem adequate, a few ice cubes can resolve the problem, and the desired cooling vibe can get ready in no time.


  • High inverter capability runs really well.
  • It has a wood wool cooling pad for better outcomes.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It offers an exhaust fan, the cherry on top feature.


  • It does not directly blow air on the floor.

7) V- Guard AIKIDO F50T Air Cooler

V-Guard F50T Desert Air Cooler - 50 L, White and Dark Blue

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This particular product deals with the utmost level of convenience. Mostly the effort reducing the tendency of it ensures trust and comfort. The percentage outcome is also specific and durable. A flexible hassle-free cooling experience is being provided. Premium quality honeycomb pads are being used to inhibit the water, whereas the maximum amount of cool breeze experience happens to be cherished by the users.

Next comes the mobility frequency, very well mobility, no restriction on movement positions. If the machine runs for long hours, then there is thermal protection coverage that works as a shield. Modern houses can easily enjoy its smooth, uninterrupted, silent, yet effective service for a long duration. As a unique mention product comes with a trolley, easy cleaning methods can be applied too.


  • 50-litre water tank ensures sustainability.
  • Cord winding provision.
  • Good service even in inverter affiliation.
  • Comparatively thicker around 40% honeycomb pads.


  • warranty service needs to be cross-checked.

8) Usha Maxx 50MD1 Air Cooler

Usha Maxx Air 50MD1 50-Litre Desert Cooler (White/Black)

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Very authentic urbanism can be sensed in this product. Amalgamated formats of all good modern qualities are here. It has again put a focus on reducing capabilities. Specially 3-speed air mode is applicable. Three-speed air distribution gets completed. Low, medium and high, the user can choose whatever is required and enjoy the feel. Honeycomb cooling pads were used to secure the best quality of water soaking advantages.

Low water alarm makes the user aware of the present status of the machine, and the user can do whatever is needed. Pump, fan and swing blades can be installed as per the requirement of the user, so restriction comes in between, according to the need the user can combine the machines and enhance the overall power of the product.


  • It runs really well on inverters.
  • Vertically motorised louvres ensure full room coverage.
  • High-density air throw.
  • Four-way air deflection system mode.


  • Including ice, and increasing temperature can be done in this model.

9) Maharaja Whiteline 303 Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Ac-303 65 L Air Cooler, Standard,...

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This is one of the best products manufactured by the best company, which has been providing good quality coolers for a long time now. It’s been a long while, but market capturing is still the same for them. That’s why primarily focused on the quality of the pump, and it is a dry submersible pump.

Basically market available unlike the other products, this product puts utmost importance towards the lack of water, whenever there is lack of water in the tank, the pump by default makes up a setup and tries to adjust in that situation, so that out of the crisis it does not stop functioning.


  • Very high air delivery 3000mh/hour.
  • It runs well even in power cuts, and inverter spacing.
  • It offers low maintenance, removable pads, no need to worry about cleaning.
  • Perfect for office places.


  • Not in every state the company is making deliveries. 

10) Khaitan POLO 55 L Air Cooler

KHAITAN POLO Air Cooler - 55 L, White, Cherry Red

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Moderately adequate equipment loaded model is this. Very high air throw, as well as the temperature fluctuation, is there, and the level of comfort it caters needs to be looked into too. Honeycomb cooling pads have been used; from this, we can very well understand the transparency of the description. If there is a premium quality of the cooling medium, then the overall running capacity has to be good enough.

Low power consumption rate ensures more of buying this product. TOP, thermal overload protection plays a very important role, even if the machine runs for longer durations, it still can’t face damages due to this protection. Easily movable as wheels are present, so while installing it the user will not have to face many difficulties neither he/she has to deal with cleaning issues, if there are wheels then floors can be cleaned after moving it accordingly.


  • Running on an inverter does give good feedback.
  • Manual user mode, so the user does not have to be tech-savvy.
  • Good warranty details.
  • Ice chamber presence for a faster cooling spree.


  • The fan is being equipped with metal blades; during monsoon, it needs regular cleaning.

What to Look for in a Air Cooler?

  • First make pure research, do not just go over a product only because a single feature gets highlighted.
  • Organic cooling pads should get first preference.
  • Buyers’ self-cleaning methods need to be present in the machine itself.
  • Temperature-wise ice chamber preference can be the right choice.
  • If the buyer is concerned about the home decor, then please select the colour and size beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Air Cooler 2

1) Which Air cooler consumes the least electricity? 

There can be many options on the plate, but beforehand the buyer needs to fix the priority. If low electricity consumption is the only criterion then, it seems okay, but in order to get a durable service, which tends to be a general demand of all the buyers, then there is no point in focusing on the only feature.

A product is a combination of tones of actions and internal detailings, emphasising only one key feature may hamper the quality checking. So first do quick research, what are the features that you are in need of, make a list then go for all of that, it is true that getting a package of that is not always possible, but good research can bring you most of your demands. Choose wisely. Go by the holistic approach.

2) What are the benefits of a wood wool cooling pad? 

Water soaking advantages are being done well if these particular cooling pads come in action. Water is such a component that it can not get soaked with the help of plastic kinds of materials. Some of the best organic elements can only soak the essence of it and can produce the best quality of a windy vibe.

Water soaking capacity is combatively high on wood and wool, with the technological development, makers have started inputting these organic things into this, and started producing some of the best quality models with this. On the one hand, it seems to us, we are taking the help of electricity and in another nature’s byproducts are being used as the heart and soul of the product itself.

3) Which is a better air conditioner or air cooler

This question has always been on top for over the years. Which product produces the best of experience. It is a very easy equation, feature detailing wise both are different. One has to be placed in one single place and can not move anywhere as per the user’s requirement.

Nextly, the power-consuming rate is also different, for air conditioners a high voltage is anyhow needed, even if you give stabiliser support, it will still need some protection. But for air coolers, nothing as such prevails. Even modern products are coming up with a whole new range of low power consumption features. And water production is also not common, air conditioners in order to produce cooling, pollute the air with its realised heat, but such adverse occurrences do not come with coolers. Now the region-wise, temperature-wise right decision has to be made by the buyers.

Final Takeaway 

A few years ago, coolers used to get bought for economic crunch issues. But right now the modern product detailing, the customer dependent modifications made the buyers realise that coolers can be useful too. Temperature-wise it may so happen, it catches the foremost attraction, but apart from that also it can be a good deal. With the overloaded reviews, at least we all can know which option becomes suitable for one’s use, it would be better if someone only followed that and picked the best deal.

Whether the product is outdated, whether the product is user friendly that can be done with quick research, besides that a physical presence is required, besides buying things online, just paying a visit to the nearest shop can also be useful. Technical developments are soon coming with solar cooler projects too. Buyers need to have a clear thought, and then only everything can be taken care of. So, choose the one that works for you and you are always good to go.

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