Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under 6000 with Buying Guide

Right now, in this overtly populated both country and continent, air coolers do not seem a luxury. Before globalization, it was a luxury and a status symbol. But considering the rapid increase in the overall temperature statistics, air coolers are a fundamental necessity. One of those foremost attractions that this electronic gadget supply is nothing but covering up a vast area. Air conditioner and their effects are familiar, but air coolers are mainly being used to change the burning temperature of such regions where there is a lack of humidity.

Best Air Coolers Under 6000

Yes, in some states of India, we feel the temperature through sweat. But in some states, the summer wind blows our minds, mostly in those dry burning regions, air coolers have become a familiar daily thing. Recently to avoid fir spreading issues, very few shopping malls, auditoriums, and other public places started using air coolers.

Previously when it was a completely unknown thing to all, we discarded its importance at the very ground level. But considering the electricity-saving advantages and easy installation points, a lot of people started using this product. At the very initial stage, the product description was different.

1) iBell Elite Air cooler

iBELL Hold The World. Digitally! ELITE 15-L 3 Speed Inverter...

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This air cooler is one of those modernly decorated products. A very stylish and modern outlook can be used both indoors and outdoors. Apart from that, it got installed with a 15-liter water tank for the better quality of water supply and the best quality of cold wind production. Wider and larger window specifications for the broader cooling coverage. A very conveniently located on/off switch that gives rise to a hassle-free whole night cooling spree. The presence of an ice chamber ensures that temperature fluctuation according to the choice of the user can be executed in no time—more ice, more chilling.

A very high-speed air throw indicates a bed level cooling experience too. It works very well on inverters too. So during power cuts also the trouble level does not really bother the user. Honeycomb pads are used. They happen to be one of those premium quality cooling mediums. All branded products are being equipped with that. It inhales most of the water, whereas it produces the maximum cooling breeze. The less space-consuming structure is another brownie point for buying this, as the new urban lifestyle is more fond of less spacious arrangements.


  • Environment friendly does not create pollution.
  • Not at all noisy, suitable for newborns.
  • Castor wheel specifications can be moved freely to any place.
  • One year of full warranty and six months of additional warranty certified.


  • It runs well if soft water is being used instead of salty water.

2) iBell Majornew Air Cooler

iBELL MAJORNEW Air Cooler 35-Litre 3 Speed Inverter...

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Very modern styling has been furnished here. It is internationally proclaimed. The tank which is used here is also of Premium quality, 35 liters of the tank. Three-speed control and swing options is another advantageous factor that works for this product.

4 caster wheels secure the easy mobility rate. Auto swing with powerful air throw, which becomes the front liner reason to buy any cooler, is present here. One year of full warranty and specific details wise six months of Additional warranty, if there is a free registration.


  • Environment friendly
  • It is specially made for bedrooms and hall rooms.
  • It works well on inverters.
  • Ergonomically designed control panel.


  • Few customers fail to understand that how the water needs to be filled in the ice Chamber. 

3) Mango Cool Master Air Cooler

Mango Cool master Personal Room Air Cooler with Silent Fan...

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This product is being furnished with a proper aesthetically pleasing metal body. The rustproof body is fit to be placed into every modern housing. The very styling and current outlook attract buyers in the long run. The perfection of the production craft is nothing but a suitable feature look for the Indian market selling. Cool breeze tower fans are both stylish and durable. It gives the user a friendly vibe, along with a sense of refreshment.

The air throwing is being supported by a high performing motor. The power consumption rate is also not very high, on average. Overall the relief it provides holds one of the good positions in a buyer’s list. It is wholly associated with the remote control format. Ice chamber water feeling is a must, but it can go without any pause for consecutive 48 hours on a single run.


  • The sleek and stylish modular design seems to fit for a modular home setup.
  • It does not produce any sound while in action.
  • Air throw capacity is 2250m3/hour.
  • Commercial usage purpose is guaranteed.


  • It cannot be operated without water.

4) Bajaj TC2007 Air Cooler

Bajaj Tower Air Cooler - 34L, White

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This model is one of the finest models that Bajaj has of air coolers. It genuinely serves as a cool breeze to every corner of the room due to its hexagonal shape. A 34-liter water tank is there, so quite apparent while channeling the wind, it does not easily get interrupted. On average, the airflow is 1300 cubic meters per hour. It is any day more durable than most of the products as it appears to be erosion free.

A honeycomb cooling medium and a clear water level indicator are installed to let the customer know how much water is left and how long the product will give service. Thermally re-engineered plastic coverage and air deflection mode are there to ensure an equal amount of air distribution throughout the place where the machine gets placed in. The dust protection mechanism is also present. It Does not disappoint the users with some differently arising situations, exactly works per the well-defined descriptions.


  • Unique icebox feature.
  • Easily removable honeycomb pads.
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions, especially for coastal regions.
  • A 3-speed air cooler gives the option to choose airspeed; buyers can imply their choice too.


  • It is only for small rooms.

5) Bajaj PCF 25DLX Air Cooler

Bajaj PCF 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler with Honeycomb...

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This product mainly focuses on the super air delivery to every corner of the room. Hexagonal technology has been adapted while producing this item so that the maximum amount of air gets delivered with the usage of a minimum amount of water consumption. Turbo fan technology establishes a premium quality of fan speed with a high range of air distribution.

High air delivery and faster cooling are some of the basic features of this model that seek the buyers’ attention. Though for cooling gadgets, Bajaj has always been on top of the list. Even for maximum cooling ambiance, three-sided honeycomb pads are always available in this product. Using a three-way speed control knob that is already existing in the model, the speed of the temperature can be increased at any given time.


  • It has Castor wheels for four-way movement and convenient mobility.
  • The problem of ice storage does not get applicable.
  • Powerful air is thrown even to the distant corners.
  • The water tank is comparatively big in size.


  • Every 8 to 9 hours, the water needs to be refilled for constant service.

6) Kitchoff Air Cooler

KITCHOFF Air Cooler With 35-litres Water Tank, Cool Flow...

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This product tries to lose the heat from the room as soon as the user plugs in. Meager electricity consumption rate. Whereas the high-speed air distribution rate. Highly effective H20 blue iPad and cooling dispensers are here working as the best cooling medium. A 35-liter water tank anyhow ensures the durability and long-lasting feature that becomes very prominent while using an air cooler.

Modern setups have been used in this product, such as water level indicators and drain systems. Through water level indicators, users can gather beforehand information About the water level and the machine’s overall running capacity. And through the drainage system, via pipeline, the water will directly go to the drain; no external effort by the user will not be required. Automatically water flow will be channelized.


  • Bed level air throw, very convenient on/off switch positioning.
  • It works well on inverters.
  • It can be equally used both indoors and outdoors.
  • A normal glass net is used for a better cooling experience.


  • The cooling experience seems to be much, much better if the room is small in size.

7) KIRCHHOFF Air Cooler

KITCHOFF Air Cooler with 35 Feet Air Throw, 25ltr. Water...

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This product again establishes the former air cooler feature of this company, which is blowing the minds with the machine’s best-serving air capacity. The machine was produced with a three-speed control for the good distribution of air to every single corner of the room. Portable and easy caster wheel equipped devices can travel along with the user to the place the user wants to take it.

It seeks importance mainly because of its portability service, very well moved everywhere. Energy-saving advantages are also present in this device—very low electricity consumption rate. Powerful air throw is a very significant point, as a highly performing motor has been used in this product. High air delivery can reach up to 35 feet at a time. Pump protection technology thing also becomes very useful. Very Modern outlook that attracts buyers’ attention at the very first go. It appears to be highly recommendable for both indoors and outdoors.


  • On/off switches are available on the top of the model.
  • The drain plug is a big advantage.
  • Bed level airflow.
  • It is very well on an inverter.


  • Ice needs to be stocked from time to time as per requirement.

8) Kenstar Little DX Air Cooler

Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler (White/Grey) - 12L

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Previously kenster has been producing good quality electronic products for over the years. It can be very well said that for this product to it has done a great job. For this particular product, one very significant factor that becomes pivotal is the air distribution’s uniformity. The dust protection element is there. An insect killer net is present that protects both insects and dust. Far more durable cooling pads have been used. Not only that, but a water level indicator is also present.

Cleaning the machine at home can be done for this product. Lovre movement is being detected as the presence of a high-quality motor is applicable. A 12-liter water filter is another highlighted feature of this product. Air thrown distance is also very high in nature, 35 feet. Absolutely consumes less power. This feature has become one of those key features that less power consuming feature detail became the only reason to go for a product over the years. And the same situation occurs here.


  • Easy removable cooling pads, so users can anytime clean the machine without taking the help.
  • The dust-free feature is undoubtedly good.
  • No tension in power cuts works well on inverters.
  • Economically good deal.


  • The quality of fans would get better.

9) Symphony Ninja Air Cooler

Symphony Ninja 17-Litre Air Cooler (White) - for Small Room

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This particular model is another gem on the list. Reducing the overall temperature has always been the subject of concern for this product. In a very systematic way, the temperature slows down. The increase of the cooling temperature has been seeking all the importance. Besides that, buyers need to know it. Symphony is a company that has become famous only for this product. So while using the product, we can undoubtedly expect a high quality of service. The presence of disappointment is not that overpowering here.

The name Ninja does complete Justice to the product, as it reduces the temperature of the place practically in no time. With the help of overflowing, the whole excess water amount gets released, and that tends to be time-saving for the users. A water level indicator is also there that makes the users know about the device’s water balance. Cooling pads are there to protect the device from any kind of external hazard, be it from insects or from dust. Easily removable pads, users can clean it by themselves at home. Wheel protection allows its movement everywhere in the house.


  • Electricity saving works well on inverters.
  • It is a residual type for hustle free maintenance.
  • Powerful throw and full swing cover up the area up to 33 feet.
  • Multi-directional castor wheels.


  • Without cross-ventilation service, the cooler will not work. 

10) Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler

Symphony Ice Cube 17 Ltrs Air Cooler (White/Blue)

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The key feature of this product is the ice cube performs at very low noise, and the ice cube XL variation enhances the durability, and the overall running sustainability comes under the notice of the buyers because of this feature. 17 liter of water capacity is there. High-quality honeycomb cooling pads are there on three sides.

It is a very efficient equal distribution of air. This product has always been high on demand, specifically for the cooling experience, enabling an uninterrupted, fast cooling vibe at a very low range. Left-right swing finds every corner of the room and fills up the cooling vibe.


  • I-pure technology has been adjusted.
  • It has auto-swing, equal air distribution.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Full night cooling experience.


  • It can be a bit noisy for the toddlers.

Tips While Getting a Air Cooler

  • Buyers should get attentive towards the low electricity consumption rate feature.
  • Easily movable wheel factor is a must to opt for.
  • Cooling medium quality needs to be repeatedly checked.
  • Auto swing variation needs to be looked into.
  • How long the machine genuinely runs those Details need to be collected.
  • Features of the machine and the size of the installation place need to become well proportionate.

Air Cooler 1

Air Cooler Maintenance Tips

While installing a good air cooler in the home, the buyer has to maintain a few regular dos and don’ts. Every time the buyer should not complain about the company only, since a lot of work needs to be done by the buyer as well. Firstly, cleaning the air cooler regularly. The more dust it engulfs, the more it becomes difficult to perform.

Some buyers leave it dirty for several months, which is basically nothing but damaging the machine and wastage of electricity. It can be better if the buyer can manage some time and cleans it up with a normal brush on every alternative day. Next comes the quality of the fan; the fan is the organ that produces air. At times, it becomes loose on end for regular service. In that case, the buyer at first needs to fix the fan.

It may so happen the entire machine gets damaged because of this. So, patience and carefulness need to be there. Lastly, the pump, a pump is the heart of the machine. If that gets damaged, the machine collapsed anyway. Unknown sound, more and more noise, hint that the device is under some sort of malfunctions, and it should not get avoided. These are the basic few tips, which should get maintained anyhow, does not matter what type of cooler you are buying, how much you are paying, these tips remain the same for all.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How can somebody know about modern technicalities? 

Modern technicalities of an air cooler include a few details, especially those that tend to be less time consuming and very handy. Especially water level detectors, full swing capacity next comes an easily movable feature. Previously such gadgets were solely bought because of one room or, for that matter, one single purpose. With time constraints, buyers generally like to buy a model equipped with multidimensional features. Here, the product will speak for its customers; customers do not have to invest so much of their effort to discover the hidden features. All of the details have to be transparent and easily understandable.

2) For dust protection, which is the way to get rid of that?

Especially when buyers talk about the dust protection method, they get worried about the internal whereabouts. Whether the dust is creating damage to the machine or insects, we have been using this machine as a breeding ground. For air coolers, these things become most concerning. If somebody is getting worried about all of it, it would be great if they buy self-cleaning machines, where they can witness the level of dust and at the right time can do it by themself.

3) For a whole night cooling experience, which product should a buyer opt for?

For getting a whole night cooling experience, a few things need to be taken care of, the size of the installed tank, how much water intaking power it inherits. According to both of them, the assurance of getting an uninterrupted whole night cooling service is warranted. Also in these days, hassle-free technology is running on top, for that drainage system or drain plug is needed. If the tank gets Overflowed, the drain pipe can release the excess water, and through the procedure, the user’s involvement does not get required. Everything gets completed without any trouble.

4) Which is suitable for the newborns? 

Previously air coolers used to become very, very noisy. And it could not even run in power cuts. But right now, with the help of advanced technology, soundproof air coolers have started getting produced rapidly. So the noise Pollution level has not really increased. So many devices have been carrying forward this inherited soundproof key feature for a long time now.

Final Takeaway 

There are more than 20 states; not every region has the same kind of climate conditioning. It would be silly if a buyer from the northern part of India suggests another according to his own experience to a buyer who lives in the eastern part. Immediate weather conditioning should be the foremost attraction and both attention for the buyers.

There is no single company that can completely satisfy all the cravings, but from that also, the buyer needs to sort out the priorities. Flexible movement, a year full of warranty, less power consumption rate, drain pipe should always be on top while buying. Also, whatever review it gives, the buyer should not get affected by that. The primary need of the buyer needs to get fulfilled. Whether the room’s size and model become proportionate that also needs to be pointed out. Blaming the companies will not be of much help, but knowing what is needed a will. Modern technicalities need a sharp check, and that should always be there on the buyer’s list.

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