Top 10 Best Air Coolers with Humidity Control in India with Buying Guide

Global warming has continuously been increasing in India, and that is the reason why the temperature has been consistently growing every year. On top of that, the tropical climate of the country is a major reason behind Indian summers stretching from the month of April all the way up to October. It becomes very hard to sleep or work when the temperature is so high, and you end up feeling fatigued and exhausted. It is to beat the terrifying heat in an efficient yet affordable way; air coolers are the best option for you.

Best Air Coolers with Humidity control

It is a lot cheaper than air conditioners. The heat is definitely one of the major problems, but the humidity that comes along with it makes it even harder. To tackle this problem of humidity, you need an air cooler that comes with humidity control features.

There are a lot of brands selling different kinds of air coolers, and you might get lost in so many options, and that is why we have listed down and reviewed the ten best air coolers that have humidity control. This list will help you choose the right air cooler.

1) Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler - 55 Litres (White, Brown)

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The Havells Celia air cooler has a lot of innovative features. The water capacity of the cooler is 55 liters, which is enough to cool a medium sized room of 256 sq. ft area. The air throw distance is around 15 ft. The cooler uses honeycomb pads, which are quite efficient.

The Havells Celia has a fan which is specially designed not to emit any kind of sound while the cooler is operating. It also comes with dust filters.


  • Do not make any noise while in use.
  • It comes with a remote so that you can operate it efficiently.
  • Cords do not get tangles because of the cord winding system.
  • 5 stars rating from more than 2 lakh users.


  • Due to its vast capacity, it does take up a lot of space.

2) Usha Dynamo 50DD1 Air Cooler

USHA LX CD 508 Desert Cooler - 50L, White

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The Usha Dynamo 50DD1 is one of the best among desert coolers. Desert coolers are commonly used in closed or personal spaces. The approximate area that the cooler covers are 231.85 sq. ft, and it can efficiently cool down a medium room.

It has honeycomb pads on three sides. The distance of the cooler’s air throw is 24.6 sq. ft. The cooler has a fan which has five blades for dynamic and superior air delivery. It also provides protection for thermal overload.


  • It does not produce any noise and is quiet.
  • There is an Indicator for the water level to warn low water levels.
  • The cooler also has three-speed settings.
  • It comes with a full warranty period of one year.


  • The cooler does not come with a remote.

3) Voltas Desert Grand 52L Air Cooler

Voltas Grand 52 Desert Cooler - 52L, Off-White

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Voltas is a very reputable company, and the Voltas Desert grand air cooler is one of their best air coolers. It has a water capacity of 52 litres and uses just 190 watts of power, which makes the cooler efficient as well as energy-efficient.

Honeycomb pads are used as cooling media, and honeycomb pads are very durable and efficient in cooling. One of the unique features of this cooler is the tank alarm.


  • The cooler comes with a remote that is needed for easy use.
  • It reduces electricity bills due to low power consumption.
  • Castor wheels for better mobility.
  • The airflow is also excellent.


  • The cooler is a bit expensive.
  • Some problems with after-sales service.

4) Bajaj PX 97

Bajaj PX 97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler with...

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This 36 litres air cooler is a product from the reputed Bajaj company. The cooler type is the famous desert cooler. A honeycomb pad is used as the cooling medium. A special kind of cellulose paper is used as an antimicrobial barrier in the honeycomb pads.

The technology used to prevent the overheating of the pump and the fan is called the “Thermal overload protection”. A UV coat is used to protect the exterior of the cooler from sunlight damage. There are vertical motorized louvres and horizontal louvres for maximum coverage and fast cooling.


  • The UV coat on the cooler’s exterior protects it from damage.
  • The cooler has a cord winder so that the cords do not get tangled.
  • Three options for speed control- high/low/medium
  • It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty for one year.


  • Control knobs are manually operated, so there is no remote.

5) Symphony Storm 70i Air Cooler

Symphony Storm 70i Desert Air Cooler For Home with 3-Side...

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Among desert coolers, the Symphony Storm 70i is one of the best products on the market. It is quite large with a water capacity of 70 liters. It can easily cool down a 127 cubic meters room. The blower fan is mighty, and the vertical swing is automatic and ensures adequate air throw.

Honeycomb pads are used in this cooler and are very efficient as a cooling media. It also has several filters for dust and bacteria purification. The cooler needs just 205 watts of power to operate.


  • Purification filters to prevent harmful bacteria and dust.
  • The control knobs are very easy to operate.
  • It is very energy-efficient.
  • Warranty of one year.


  • It has to be manually controlled as it does not come with a remote.
  • It does not have wheels for better mobility.

6) Bajaj DC55 DLX Air Cooler

Bajaj DC 55 DLX Desert Air Cooler - 54L, White

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The Bajaj DC55 air cooler is a desert cooler and has a water capacity of 54 liters. It can cover an area of about 600 sq. ft, which means the cooler is pretty large. The distance of the air-throw is 70 feet.

The technology that the cooler uses are the hexagonal design, which ensures that the cooling is maximum and also reduces the consumption of excess water. This cooler also uses honeycomb pas on three sides, which makes way for efficient cooling.


  • The cooler has an indicator for water overflow.
  • It has an ice chamber to put in ice cubes for additional cooling.
  • The cooler can work with an inverter.
  • There are wheels so that you can move it around easily.


  • It does not come with a remote and has to be manually controlled.

7) Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 75L; with Everlast Pump,...

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The water capacity of this cooler is 75 liters, and it can be easily understood that this cooler is heavy-duty. It can very efficiently cool down a 550 sq. ft room, which is quite large. The distance of the cooler’s air throw is almost 52 feet.

Personal coolers are widely used for living spaces, but this cooler can be used for big halls or drawing rooms very easily. You can use the Crompton Ozone around the mid-year as well as during peak summer.


  • It comes with an icebox, and you can put ice cubes for more cooling.
  • Easy movement because of 5 wheels.
  • ABS and thermoplastic are used to make the cooler’s body.
  • It consumes less amount of electricity.


  • Very limited range of colors.

8) Havells Kool Grande H 85 Litres

Havells Kool Grande H 85 Litres Desert Air Cooler with Honey...

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If you are looking for a desert cooler for a large room or hall, then the V-Guard Whiz air is the perfect choice for you. It has a water capacity of 85 litres, which is enough to cool down a large hall or room.

The air delivery of the cooler is 4500 m3/hr, and the body of the cooler is aerodynamically balanced. This cooler also uses honeycomb pads as the cooling media, but the pads are protected with antifungal properties. The cooler can work within a voltage range of 160V to 270V.


  • There are castor wheels for free and unrestricted mobility.
  • The fan blades are corrosion-free.
  • You can have more cooling by putting ice cubes in the icebox.
  • It can work very well with an inverter.


  • No provision for remote control.

9) Symphony Sumo Double Decker Air Cooler

Symphony Sumo 75 XL DD Desert Air Cooler For Home with...

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As the name goes, the Symphony Sumo double-decker cooler has twice the comfort of any regular air cooler. It has a large water capacity of 75 liters and can be used in rooms that have a 368.12 sq. ft area.

The air throw of this cooler is 29.52 sq. ft. It has highly efficient honeycomb pads as cooling media on both the upper and lower parts of the cooler. It also has a cool-flow dispenser that ensures the cooling of a wide area. It has purification filters such as bacteria, allergy, and smell filters.


  • The double-decker design of the cooler ensures adequate airflow.
  • Filling water is hassle-free because of the EZ Fill feature.
  • Three settings for speed control.
  • The louver movement is automatic.


  • The cooler is incompatible with inverters.

10) Hindware Snowcrest 100H Air Cooler

Hindware Desert Cooler - 100 Litres, White (Snowcrest 100-H)

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Hindware is a reputed company that has been in the market for almost 60 years. The Hindware Snowcrest cooler is perfect for cooling a big room because of its large tank capacity that can hold 100 liters of water.

This cooler also uses honeycomb pads as cooling media, and as we know,

honeycomb pads are effective in filtering smell, dirt, or bacteria. The 100 liters capacity is useful since you do not have to fill the tank frequently. The operating distance of the cooler is 3800m3/hr.


  • The exterior of the cooler is stylish as well as elegant.
  • The body of the cooler is rust-proof.
  • The cooler performs very quietly.
  • It has four wheels for better mobility.


  • It does not come with a remote and has to be operated manually.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Cooler with Humidity Control in India

Air Coolers 2

Like the washing machine or the refrigerator, an air cooler is also a necessary appliance in Indian households. Indian summers are not only hot but also humid. As consumers, while buying an air cooler, you should keep in mind that along with tackling the extreme heat, your cooler must also solve the problem of the discomfort of humidity. Thus, it would be best if you considered or look for certain factors while buying the best cooler for you:

Water capacity

Water is absorbed by air coolers to provide maximum cooling, but water might get dried up, and you have to fill the tank again. It would be best if you considered going for a cooler with a bigger water tank so that you do not have to keep refilling the water frequently. Personal coolers usually have a capacity of 15-50 liters, while desert coolers have a capacity of 50-100 liters. It would be best if you choose your cooler accordingly.

Room Size

Different coolers can work in different sizes of rooms. If you use a small cooler for a large room, then cooling will not at all be effective because only one part of the room will be very cold. A giant cooler might be too cold for a small room and might cost you a fortune when it comes to electricity bills.

Inverter Compatibility

If you have frequent power cuts in your area, then you should go for a cooler that is compatible with your inverter. Without an inverter- compatible cooler, frequent power cuts might cause damage to the cooler.

Humidity control

Coastal areas are usually a lot more humid than the other regions, and as such, the heat is very different in coastal areas as it comes with the discomfort of humidity. If you live on the coastal side of the country, you should make sure that the cooler you buy has a feature for humidity control.

Other features

There are other miscellaneous features that you should look for while buying a cooler such as castor wheels for better movement, ice chambers to add ice cubes for more cooling, and remote controls for easy operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is meant by ‘air delivery’ of air coolers?

The amount of air that the coolers dispense every minute is known as the ‘air delivery’ of the air cooler. It also denotes the level of power that the cooler needs to cool down the room. If the air delivery rate is higher, so will be the cooling capacity. Air delivery is usually calculated in cubic feet/minute or cubic meter/hour.

2) Which is the best air cooler for a humid climate?

You can go to tower coolers or room coolers if you live in a humid area. These coolers do not use fans and use blowers instead of cooling the room and circulating cold air all over the place. Bajaj and Symphony are the best brands for the room, as well as tower coolers.

3) Why is cross-ventilation a must for air coolers?

Humidity is the one true problem that can be remedied by the air coolers. The climate of the area you live in hugely affects the humidity as well as the temperature of your room. The cross ventilation feature is beneficial in forcing the humidity out of the room and producing cool air.

4) Which is the best place to put your air coolers in the room?

All the companies advise that the air coolers be placed near the windows. You cannot use an air cooler inside a closed space or closed room, as this goes against the technology that the air coolers use for cooling. When the air of the room is hot and humid, the process of evaporation will speed up, and as a result, humid air will be thrown out of the room, and the cooler will replace it with cold air, and that is why cross ventilation is crucial.

The Bottom Line

As it has already been observed, room coolers or tower coolers are the best options for you if you live in a hot as well as humid area. We have listed the ten best air coolers for you so that you can choose the best one for you based on your requirements and the climate of the area you live in.

There are a lot of brands in the market that use aggressive advertisements to attract customers, but it depends upon your choices, comfort, and requisites. The coolers that have been listed above are all top-notch coolers, and we have provided all the details and specifications so that it becomes easier for you to choose the most convenient and affordable air cooler for yourself without getting lost in a sea of options. So, once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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