Top 10 Best Air Coolers without Water with Buying Guide

Over 4 million years, our earth has evolved and changed in so many ways. Some of them have been pleasant, leading to new creations, giving way to new life forms, and some of them have been devastating, like the Ice Age and the extinction of the dinosaurs. The earth has gone through many phases to come to what it is today, and even though it might seem like the end of its never-ending cycle, it is not. There is no end to this cycle, and we humans don’t know whether the coming changes will be in our favor or not. In these recent times, the most threatening danger to the earth is Global Warming.

Best Air Coolers Without Water

Even if the temperature is much higher than what it used to be, Air Conditioners, which release Chlorofluoro Carbons (CFCs), will only contribute to the increasing global warming and subsequent rise in temperature in the upcoming years. Thus, it is best to avoid them. As a substitute and the best one in that sense, air coolers are used these days. They do not emit any harmful chemicals and, as a result, are eco-friendly. If you are intending to buy an air cooler and are unable to choose, this is the right spot for you. Here, we will suggest to you some of the best air coolers available with their analysis.

1) iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan

iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air...

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For both homes and offices, a cool breeze providing tower fans gives away a stylish yet sturdy look. They are designed and crafted specifically for the Indian market. Its aesthetic approach, which makes it fit to go with every modern ambiance, is a remarkable feature. It also has a rust-proof body and is also made of quality metals and other essential body parts.

The product is also known to give even cooling, which is a crucial feature for air coolers and therefore makes its way through one of the best choices. It has a motor with high performance and has an air delivering capacity of 2250 meter cube per hour. This product comes with a warranty of one year and six months of additional warranty on registration. It has a high glossed rust-free body giving it an excellent finishing.


  • This is a 6kg light weighted machine.
  • It consumes much lower power and profitable.
  • Button controls are simple and easy to use.
  • It is a tower fan and does not need water.


  • The weight of 6kg is heavier for shifting.
  • It is not quiet when in action.

2) Symphony Cloud Air Cooler

Symphony Touch 20 Personal Air Cooler for Home with...

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This product offered by Symphony has the dimensions of 33 x 92.1 x 41.6 cm; 10.3 kilograms. It also comes with one remote, one magic fill for auto-filling of water, two mounting brackets along with a fastener, one drain pipe, and one mounting template.

There is a warranty of one year, and free installation is provided by the service providers throughout India. It has electronic humidity control and automatic both horizontal and vertical swings, along with a fan of four speeds cooling. The dispenser circulates non-humid cool air to the entire room.


  • The auto cleaning feature is the best and most useful.
  • Auto-filling feature, which ensures convenience.
  • Fifteen liters capacity water tank which does not require constant filling.
  • Intelligent remote, which all indicted features.


  • It is water-dependent which needs to be clean.
  • The windows need to be open for air cooling.

3) Symphony HiCool Air Cooler

Symphony Hicool i Personal Air Cooler for Home with Remote...

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This second product by Symphony has the dimensions of 38 x 50 x 91.5 centimeters. This has a large 31 liters water tank with an empty alarm. It is ideal for standard room size, and the doors and windows need to be open for effective cooling of the air. The air cooler is powered by i-pure technology, along with multi air purification filters: allergy filter, smell filter, bacteria filter, dust filter, and PM 2.5 wash filter, which delivers the best possible fresh and filtered cooler air.

It has a cool flow dispenser, which distributes the water evenly throughout, accounting for better cooling. It is also equipped with Dura-pump technology, which contributes to the longevity of the cooler.


  • SMPS technology providing protection against voltage functions.
  • It also works on inverter power.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly control panel.
  • It uses less electric power due to operating fan costs.


  • There is no humidity control.
  • The water outlet is sideways, and no ice tray.

4) Symphony Diet 35T Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 35T Tower Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pad, Cool...

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This third product by Symphony has the dimensions of 36 x 43 x 115.5 centimeters. It is made of plastic and of 170 watts. It is also ideal for standard room size, although the doors and windows need to be opened. The power of the product is 170 watts, and it also works on inverter power. The operating voltage of the cooler is 230 V/50 Hz because it runs on the operating cost of the fan. The pack also contains four units of castor and two units of castor legs.

Honeycomb cooling pads are used in this cooler, which can retain water just like a hive that contains honey. The water is filtered through the honeycomb, and as a result, it is cooled down much faster due to the retaining of water in the chambers.


  • The water level indicator ensures the refilling in due time.
  • The air cooler can be used both inside and outside.
  • Specially designed castor wheels which rotate 360 degrees.
  • Automatic louvers ensure cold air oscillation.


  • Cannot cool bigger rooms efficiently.
  • Air intake from only the rear sides.

5) Symphony Ice Cube Room Air Cooler

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Air Cooler For Home with...

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Symphony Ice Cube 27 is a highly efficient room cooler with honeycomb cooling pads on all three sides. This compact and mobile powerhouse cooler is for a breezy and relaxing experience. It suits well with every climatic condition.

It is also equipped with i-pure technology, which is able to purify the air with various stages of filters such as smell filter, allergen filter, bacteria filter, 2.5 PM particulate matters washing filter, and dirt filter which delivers a fresh and filtered cool air. The air cooler works on 105 watts, not to mention it also works on the inverter. The operating voltage is 230 V/50 Hz.


  • The exclusive Dura-pump ensures the durability and longevity of the pump.
  • It gives a warranty of one year.
  • Knob controls for fan speed, swing, and cooling settings.
  • Suitable for medium to large rooms.


  • Water has been refilled every second and third day.
  • The capacity of the water tank is lesser.

6) Symphony Diet 12T Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home with...

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This product by Symphony is designed in a sleek, compact manner, which not only throws air at a higher possible point but also lets you enhance the ambiance of the room with its smart yet elegant look. For getting a higher cooling facility, the ice cubes can be put easily into its ice tray in the ice chamber, together with fantastic color, compact design, automatic louvers movement, ice chamber, water level indicator, honeycomb cooling pad, 3-speed settings.

It comes with a water tank capacity of 12 lit and more. It is also equipped with Diet 12T, which has strong castor wheels that allow you to move it outside or inside the rooms without any hassle.


  • Fan swings can be controlled.
  • The power consumed is lesser.
  • The weight is easy and can be moved around without hassle.
  • Durable and long-lasting pump.


  • There is no remote control; unrequited controls.
  • There is no alarm for an empty water tank.

7) Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler

Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE (HC) 36L Personal Air Cooler with...

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Bajaj is a trusted company by the public, and this product does not disappoint. This cooler is equipped with high-end features like high air delivery, big water tank. The coolers, therefore, offer sustained and more effective cooling.

The coolers have castor wheels, making the movement much easier. The water tank is 36 liters, which ensures more extended cooling periods, and the water supply is continuous and automatic. There is three fan speed control which significantly makes the air supply equal and adequate.


  • This 97 torque air cooler promises higher delivery of air.
  • Hexa cool technology giving maximum cooling with minimum water utilization.
  • A powerful air throw of 70feet makes sure the air reaches throughout the room.
  • Turbofan technology providing the coolest possible air supply.


  • The plastic body joints wear off with time.
  • Not ideal for medium for large rooms.

8) Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 75L; with Everlast Pump,...

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This cooler from the Crompton has ice chambers that provide a further cooling experience. The ice chambers are different from the water chambers. The product has a dimension of 61 x 40.5 x 120 Centimeters and an average weight of 14.5kg. It also has featured motorized/oscillating louvers, which are ideal for circulating air in four different directions.

The exteriors have a smooth finish, which does cleaning and wiping easier with just a cloth. The air delivery speed 46000metre cube per hour, air throw is up to 52 feet. The blower or fan material is plastic. The number of castor wheels is four. There is also a water level indicator.


  • Ideal for room sizes of up to 550 square meters.
  • Wood wool cooling pads provide increased water retention and cooler.
  • The body is made of durable fiber, which makes it immune to rust.
  • The water tank capacity is 75 liters, which makes the ideal count.


  • The weight of 14.5 kg makes it too heavy for being easily portable.
  • Much more power consumption.

9) Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler with Honeycomb...

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The kitchen is the worst possible hot place in the house, but it is a straight way impossible to avoid it. Installing a fan in the kitchen is also not an option because the flames all go around forming smokes. Therefore, this product by Bajaj is the best choice for our mothers and homemakers.

The ‘Air buddy’ is designed with an adjustable louver, which allows the desired airflow enabling the cook also to enjoy the feeling of comfort and coolness. The focused airflow, unlike ceiling fans, allows the air to be circulated in a centered way and not scatter and affect the cooing.


  • Flexible adjustment is possible according to needs.
  • Easy maintenance with removal filters and outside clean finish.
  • Adjustable speed and airflow make it ideal.
  • Light-weighted and has a compact design.


  • The sound is too high and disturbing.
  • The filters need to be cleaned often.

10) Orient Dx CP2002H Air Cooler

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler...

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This product has one of the densest honeycomb pads, which accounts for 25% more cooling and 45% more retention of water. The performance of the motor is high, making it more efficient. It has an air delivery speed of 1300 meters cube per hour, which gives four-way cooling. It also has three-speed motors, which have all three types of speeds.

The product body is made of rust-proof gloss body which provides more durability. This is, therefore, one of the best choices for people looking for air coolers as it also comes with a one year warranty.


  • Dust filters ensure auto cleaning.
  • Powerful cooling with blowers and fans.
  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical louvers.
  • Ideal for small to medium rooms.


  • Cross ventilation is always required.
  • Not ideal for big sized rooms.

Buying Guide for Air Coolers without Water in India

Air Cooler 2

Size of the Cooler

One of the important things while buying an air cooler is keeping in mind the size of your room and the size of the cooler. There are two types of cooler in that regard, mainly Personal cooler, and Desert cooler. Personal coolers are for small to medium-sized rooms and have a water capacity of about 15-16 liters; desert coolers are for large rooms and have a water capacity of about 20-30 liters. Choose according to your preference.

The Padding

There are two types of padding available in the coolers, mainly the wood wool padding and the honeycomb padding. The wood wool padding is made of synthetic fibers and is cheap, requiring more maintenance. The honeycomb paddings are made of cellulose and are more costly, requiring less maintenance. The honeycomb padding is the better choice.

Fan Type

There are two types, mainly the blowers and the fans. The blowers are used in low-cost air coolers, and they cover much less area. They are used for smaller rooms and cover an average distance of 20 feet. At the same time, the fan types cover an average length of 50 feet. These are ideal for bigger rooms and halls. In this case, too, choose according to preference.

Weight of the Cooler

The weight of the cooler varies from the type of cooler bought to its use. There is no such mandatory rule as for the weight of the air cooler, but the range should be within 40 kg. If it is heavier than the moving around of the cooler becomes more challenging, and the portability feature becomes useless.

Frequently asked questions

1) Is the cooler effective in humid areas?

No, air coolers are not as effective in humid areas as in dry ones. This is mainly because of the natural factors of the moist, which is rich in water already. Coolers are dependent on the heat of the place to cool the air they intake. An atmosphere with lots of humid is not suitable for coolers. Therefore, buying a cooler in a humid place will not be of any profitable use.

2) How frequently do I need to fill water?

The frequency of water filling completely depends on the kind of air cooler being used. There are coolers whose water needs to be changed every two or three days or regularly, as well as ones whose water can be changed once a week. There are others who are automatic, as in the water is auto-filled and led out and refilled, which are the cost-effective and the most useful ones. It entirely depends on the mind of the user and the budget too.

3) Can the temperature be controlled in an air cooler?

The most commonly asked question about air coolers is that if its temperature can be controlled. No, the temperature of an air cooler cannot be controlled. The sole purpose of the cooler is to take in the hot air and convert it into cooler and fresher air. All of this is a very basic process and needs to be naturally done by the machine. One cannot regulate the amount of hotness air contains and convert it into a desirable, cold temperature.

4) Does the cooler work in a closed room or in an open room better?

Air coolers take in the hot air and convert it into cold air. There needs to be a circulation of fresh and new air for the cooler to convert it into the cooler air that we desire. The ventilation is an essential factor for coolers, and windows and doors are better kept open to the circulation of air. In a closed room, there’s no use as the same air is circulating, and there’s no further cooling of the air.

The Bottom Line

Air coolers are the best choice for the environment as they pose no danger and are also low cost. They need a little maintenance but are cost-effective in many ways. Moreover, they consume much less power as compared to Air Conditioners. Thus, buying an air cooler is the best choice. That being said, all the products mentioned within the list are some of the best you can find out there in the market. So, once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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