5 Best Anti Rust Ceiling Fans – Review & Buying Guide

Ceiling fans are low wattage appliances that are quite popular in India. Over the past decades, they have become a staple for every Indian home. As soon as you walk in someone’s house in the country, you will a ceiling fan installed in every room.

This is huge because most people in the country prefer ceiling fans over Air Conditioners. Ceiling fans are also quite economical; the price tag on them is way lower than other cooling appliances, which works very well for Indian families who belong to the economic class.

Best Anti Rust Ceiling Fans

However, these appliances are not that random. Manufacturers of these ceiling fans have now put a lot of work in research that helps improve the life and design of ceiling fans. Because of this, these fans have become more robust with a reasonably long life span.

With a refined look, you will also see features such as the anti-noise and anti-dust designs. Many people have moved towards ceiling fans in the country even when they belong to the higher class according to their overall social status and income.

Best Anti-Rust Ceiling Fans Reviewed for 2022

One of the best and well-known features that have come out of all the pieces of research is the anti-rust feature. With such features, the ceiling fan lasts a decade without getting harmed by the rusting process. If you also want these anti-rust ceiling fans, you can quickly go through all the options we offer today.

All our picks are based on expert opinions and the reviews of innumerable customers of the individual ceiling fans and the country. You will also find a brief buying guide that we made just for you.

We shall now bring all the features of these anti-rust ceiling fans individually for you below –

1. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Anti Rust Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan (White)

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It is crucial to invest in anti-rust ceiling fans as they are known to last for at least a decade. But you cannot just go with any ceiling fan brand. Therefore, we have brought Orient for you today. Their incredible and superb ceiling fans have found a home in most Indian houses and arrangements.

Over the years of their time in the ceiling fan market, they have undoubtedly become one of the most trustable names. You can consider buying any of their ceiling fans honestly. However, their range of anti-rust ceiling fans is what will last longer than any other option.

Today, we have the Aeroquiet anti-rust ceiling fan by them for you. The ceiling fan has got this name because its operation is so smooth that you won’t even realize that it is on. After a while, one will start believing that the air you are getting thrown on your body is coming from your room’s windows and is all-natural.

This is a considerable feature for people who are annoyed by the noise of ceiling fans even when it is negligible. We also like how its design looks like a single piece as Orient has moved hugely towards modern ceiling fan designing to satisfy a considerable customer base in India. 


  • The blades of this Aeroquiet ceiling fan have an aerodynamic profile. 
  • As the blades are made using compounded ABS, they will always remain rust-free, and you won’t have any needs to get a replacement.
  • The whole design has a glossy and smooth finish.
  • Its motor is made from the most massive and sturdiest materials.
  • It is one of the most silent anti-rust ceiling fans in India.


  • No cons of this ceiling fan came up till now.


To be fair, in all honesty, we will agree today that anti-rust ceiling fans are hard to find. Even when you stumble upon a good anti-rust ceiling fan, you will have to bear the high price tag on them. But you should still have some hopes because now we have the Anti Rust ceiling fans by Candes.

The best thing that we found about this particular deal is that you will get two ceiling fans and not just one. This way, people who have newly built a house will be able to maintain the look of the ceiling fans in the different rooms of their homes. Both the ceiling fans are exact replicas of each other and come in a coffee-brown design.

If your locality has innumerable power cut-offs and low voltage problems, those troubles will all get solved as you buy these ceiling fans. The reason behind this is the exceptional performance of these anti-rust ceiling fans even when the voltage is lower than the normal range.

Both of them come with copper winding and a design that has attractive pointy pieces on the blades. The warranty is also long, which will help you solve all the problems associated with it if they ever come up. If your budget does not remain that huge, you can go with the pair of these anti-rust ceiling fans. 


  • Both the ceiling fans can quickly run at super high speed in a smooth manner.
  • The maximum RPM of the appliance is 400, which is reasonably high.  
  • Its blades have a rubbed design, which helps throw the air better.
  • The low price tag will allow you to enjoy having ceiling fans when your budget is low. 
  • The motor can bear high torque very quickly.


  • The look of these fans is not that modern.


The Swift DLX ceiling fan by Candes has again won our hearts like the ceiling fans in their other ranges. We like Candes a lot because they work hard to bring ceiling fans options that have prices that suit the budget of most of the Indian families.

While most people believe that a lower price tag means more inferior quality, Candes proves them wrong every single time. This anti-rust ceiling fan by them is surely the definition that explains the quality and long life to the highest levels. We like the motor of the appliance a lot because it can bear thermal load without giving up.  

Furthermore, we have also come along most of the Indian customer reviews of this anti-rust ceiling fan, which delight us even more. We say that almost 90% of them are highly positive. This builds our trust in the ceiling fan even more. You can choose it from gloss as well as premium matte options.

It will reduce electrical losses by many folds and levels. Additionally, even when you use it for long hours in a single day, it will still not stop working and require multiple repairs. Its superb performance and modish look just add stars to its image.


  • The contemporary looks of this anti-rust ceiling fan will suit economy class Indian homes a lot.
  • The ball bearing used in it are of the V2 grade. 
  • Its construction will bestow durability and long life. 
  • With anti-rust technology, this ceiling fan is also easy to clean.
  • The air delivery of the Candes DLX ceiling fan is high and rated at 244 CFM. 


  • For modern settings and design of the interiors, this ceiling fan may fail to offer the best out there.

4. Halonix Helion Plus Ceiling Fan with Anti Rust Design

Halonix 1200MM Plus Anti Rust-Anti Dust Brown Ceiling Fan

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When we were picking some of the anti-rust ceiling fans, we had the idea of choosing the ones that come with simple and functional designs as well. We were looking for something that has a plain design because some people prefer that over everything.

For them, the design of the fan is not that important as they are more concerned about having a life where they do not have to worry about small things. Mostly, these are the people who live a minimalist life. Over the past decade, we have met many such customers in India so serving them is as important as serving the other people who usually like ceiling fan design with the sleekest designs with adornments.

In our search, the best ceiling fan that suited such needs of minimalism turned out to be the Helion Plus ceiling fan by Halonix. It always has a smooth operation and can be fitted in rooms where people do not worry that much about the design of an appliance such as an anti-rust ceiling fan.

These rooms can be the storeroom and the kitchen of your house, where the ceiling fan does not remain that operational. The Helion Plus ceiling fan only weighs 4.69 kg and can be fit by the help of a good electrician. It has fair ratings on many of the popular sites in India, and you should give it a shot if you love ceiling fans with a plain design.


  • The plain design of this anti-rust ceiling fan will suit the needs of people who follow minimalism. 
  • It will be best to get it installed in your storerooms or kitchen.
  • The copper wired motor will work for years conducting electricity in a fast manner. 
  • You won’t need to waste a huge time in cleaning this anti-rust ceiling fan.
  • Since it has an anti-rust design, you will not have to get it changed.


  • The plain design of the Halonix ceiling fan may not suit the needs of people who do not like it as such.

5. Halonix Helion DX Anti Dust and Anti Rust Ceiling Fan

Halonix 1200MM DX Anti Rust-Anti Dust White Ceiling Fan

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We are here with Halonix again. The reason behind bringing another ceiling fan option by them is that we wanted to show that Halonix manufactures ceiling fans with an attractive design as well other than the plain design like the one ceiling fan had before this.

While most of you fall in love with the ceiling fans with a white design, we thought of bringing one such product for you. But before that, you must indeed know that this ceiling fan by Halonix also comes with an incredible anti-dust design. This is why it is easier to maintain than most of the anti-rust ceiling fans, as mentioned above. 

When the anti-rust and anti-dust features are combined, you will get a ceiling fan that will last long and won’t even need regular wiping and cleaning of its exterior design. The silver pieces on the white base blades of this ceiling fan go well with the overall white design.

The combination surely reminds us of diamonds as the pieces shine bright because of the light base surface. But if you think white color is not the one that wants, you can also go with the metallic gold, Branco, brown, and smoky brown colors of this anti-rust ceiling fan by Halonix. It comes with a coating that is created using nanotechnology, so you must know how qualitative everything about this ceiling fan is.


  • We like how this anti-rust ceiling fan will suit with attractive settings a lot.
  • Other than being anti-rust, its exteriors also have the anti-dust property.
  • You can pick it from a lot of base colors. 
  • Its air delivery is higher than most of the regular and random ceiling fans. 
  • You can get it fixed in mostly all types of ceilings.


  • This ceiling fan may make some noise over the heavy and prolonged operation.

List of Best Anti Rust Ceiling Fans

How to Choose the Right Anti-Rust Ceiling Fan

Many people think a lot as they choose an anti-rust fan. They have some factors in their mind lined up to help them. But if you do not have such things to think of, you can read the pointers that we have put forth for you below. Let us discuss –  

  1. Design of the Anti- Rust Ceiling Fan

While it’s all about the long life of an anti-rust ceiling fan, some of you might have a preference regarding the color and overall design of the appliance. So, you must look and watch out for just that. There are many options regarding their designs, so if you have any confusion, you can always watch out for that one ceiling fan that will suit the looks of your home.

If it is a room that you do not visit or use often, you can use regular ceiling fans also. These rooms are generally the storerooms where people store the stuff that they do not use that much.

  1. Type of Anti-Rusting Features

We have come along anti-rust ceiling fans that are made using ABS plastic. There are indeed 100% chances of the ceiling fan never getting rusted. After all, rust attacks, iron, and steel mixed with iron. Rusting in plastic is never happening. However, in low-cost anti-rust ceiling fans, you will generally see how the manufacturers use an anti-rust finish.

You have to look vividly at the details of its quality. However, in most of the well-known ceiling fan companies, this finish is made using the best material out there. Having details is still a lot better, though. 

  1. Blade Design of the Anti-Rust Ceiling Fan

Generally, longer ceiling fan blades spread more air in the room. Even when you operate at a lower speed, the blades still throw enough amount of air in the entire room. This length becomes even more important when the room is large. So, if you are looking for anti-rust ceiling fans for the hall of your home, buy the ceiling fan with blades that have a higher sweep.

Additionally, if these blades have a ribbed design, the whole operation of the anti-rust ceiling fan will reach to another level without a lot of effort from the blade.

  1. Motor Design and Wattage

The wattage of anti-rust ceiling fans is very near to the regular fans. So you do ever worry about that hugely. However, please check if it is near the range of 70-80 Watts only. A wattage more than this will not prove to be that economical for you. Additionally, high wattage appliances are also known to cause unwanted power surges.

As far as the anti-rust ceiling fan’s motor is concerned, go for the ceiling fan that comes with a motor that can take up the pressure and higher torque according to the speed that you run it at.  

  1. Price Tag of the Ceiling Fan

The more modern the anti-rust ceiling fan, the higher is its price. So, if you ever think of going with anti-rust ceiling fans that have an ABS plastic design, you will have to spare huge money. That can easily disrupt your budget if it is way out of your range. However, there are still some anti-rust designs that will perform as good as the ABS plastic material.

So if your bank balance does not allow, you can indeed go for them and have the same kind of experience. Just choose the anti-rust fan with a proper brand value. It should also be backed up by advanced manufacturers.  

Bottom Line:

Anti-Rust ceiling fans are much better than the ceiling fans that come with features that do not contribute to the life of the appliance. So, picking them will be more cost-effective for everyone. As you look for the ones that we described above, you will see how we have also focused on the cons that we came along.

We wanted to be fair and honest because that is what we have always stood up for. please try to invest in an anti-rust ceiling fan. If it is from a good company, you will never face maintenance and durability problems. Get an anti-rust ceiling fan soon!

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