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Last updated July 7th, 2022

BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor) fans are reliable, durable, sturdy, and faster as compared to other motors. In this article, we will describe the top ten BLDC fans, along with their specifications. There is very little friction in BLDC motors making it more efficient than other motors. Each product varies from the other, so getting the best one that suits your requirements won't be a problem. Without further ado, let's jump into the article.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best BLDC Fans in India

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Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy…

Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy Saving Ceiling Fan with Remote| 3 Year On-Site Warranty | 5 Star Rated (White, Pack of 1
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  • INTELLIGENT BLDC MOTOR TO SAVE UPTO INR 7000 ANNUALLY: Energy-efficient motor consumes only 26 W of energy at the highest speed; being a 5-star rated fan, I-Tome saves upto INR 7000 annually on your electricity bill
  • NOISELESS MOTOR OPERATION: Enjoy silent operation of fan through intelligent BLDC motor
  • INVERTER STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Runs consistently at the same speed even at low and fluctuating voltages between 140-270 W
  • SMART REMOTE FOR EASE OF OPERATION: Control your fan at the click of a button! Orient’s smart remote comes with 5 speed settings and smart features like Boost mode and Timer functionality for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours
  • HIGH SPEED & AIR FLOW: I-Tome operates at a high speed of 370 RPM with air delivery of 220 CMM
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Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm (48 inch) Energy…

Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm (48 inch) Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated High Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote (Brown)
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  • PRODUCT: Crompton's most energy efficient 5-Star rated remote-controlled fan with ActivBLDC technology
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1200 mm; Power consumption 6 W (lowest speed) 35 W (highest speed); Speed 370 RPM; Air delivery 220 CMM; Operating voltage 90 V - 300 V
  • WARRANTY: 5 years on-site warranty provided by Crompton from date of purchase
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION:Offers 50% energy savings as compared to conventional fan
  • EASY FUNCTIONALITY: Remote does not need to be pointed at the fan. It can be pointed anywhere, making it easy to use.
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Havells 1200mm Glaze BLDC Ceiling Fan (White)

Havells 1200mm Glaze BLDC Ceiling Fan (White)
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  • Inverter friendly: No humming sound while running on inverter
  • 30Watt: 60%More efficient than conventional fan
  • Long run time: Runs twice the durationon inverter mode
  • 350 r/min (RPM) even at 140V; 100% Pure copper wire motor
  • 1200mm Sweepsize; Double ball bearing
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V-Guard Ecowind Neo BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan (1200…

V-Guard Ecowind Neo BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan (1200 mm) (Matte Brown) (Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated)
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  • ULTRA CONVENIENT AND EFFICIENT | 32 W Power Consumption | Energy Saving 5 Star rated
  • ALUMINIUM BLADES FOR POWERFUL AIR DELIVERY Air Delivery 350 RPM | 1.2 m sweep | 220 m³/min
  • BUILT TO LAST- Corrosion resistant | 100 % copper motor | Double shielded ball bearings
  • WARRANTY : 30 Months Warranty
  • PAN INDIA SERVICE SUPPORT: Call us at 1800-103-1300 (Toll-Free)/1860-180-300 (Toll) or WhatsApp ‘HI’ to +919633503333 or E-Mail us at [email protected]
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Polycab Eteri BLDC Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated…

Polycab Eteri BLDC Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated 1200 mm High Speed Ceiling Fan with Remote and 2 years warranty (White)
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  • Polycab BLDC Fans are 5 Star Rated Energy Efficient fans that help save power up to 65% as compared to regular fans.
  • Polycab BLDC Fans are equipped with a BLDC Motor that are more efficient as compared to conventional fan motor.
  • High Speed - 350 RPM, Air Delivery - 225 CMM, Power Consumption - 32 W Eteri Model, 28 W Aria Model, Sweep size - 1200mm , Motor - BLDC
  • Higher Voltage Range: Polycab BLDC Ceiling Fans work at full efficiency even at low input voltages.
  • Remote Operations : Polycab BLDC Fans come with remote that can switch on / off the fan and also change its speed from any corner of the room.
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Havells Stealth Air " The most silent BLDC…

Havells Stealth Air ' The most silent BLDC fan with Premium Look and Finish', 1200mm BLDC motor and Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan (Pearl White, Pack of 1)
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  • ECO BLDC technology motor for less power consumption
  • Aerodynamic blades for more Air delivery at lesser noise
  • RF type Remote control operation for all direction sensing
  • In built voltage stabilization to give constant performance at lower voltages
  • Timer setting for 1/2/3/4 hour; Five star BEE
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Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm 32W BLDC motor Energy Saving…

Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm 32W BLDC motor Energy Saving Fan with Remote Control (Oak Wood)
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  • Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor: Consumes only 32W on the highest Speed
  • Save up to Rs. 1500 per year on your electricity bill with each fan
  • Wooden finish which is easy to clean: Can be used in Living, Dining room & bedrooms rooms
  • High-Speed Fans: Output parameters on par with a normal ceiling fan. Air delivery: 270 CMM & Speed: 250 RPM
  • Inverter Stabilization Technology: Runs consistently at the same speed even with fluctuating input voltage of 140-285V
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Atomberg Studio 150mm BLDC Motor Energy Saving Exhaust…

Atomberg Studio 150mm BLDC Motor Energy Saving Exhaust Fan (Stainless Steel,Pack of 1)
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  • BLDC Motor,Power Saving,Keeps Bugs out,Silent Operation,
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Buying Guide for the Best BLDC Fans in India

In case you are planning to buy a new ceiling fan, and you have no clue which one to choose because the fact is, there are so many options these days. Let’s agree that we are actually living in the digital world. Making its best use, let’s quickly go through the following questions to help you find the best one.

How Big is the Room? 

Depending on the room size, you can choose the best ceiling fan for the room to keep it under smooth ventilation. Are you still using the good old ceiling fans? It’s 2022, think about choosing high-Speed BLDC Ceiling Fans available in India.

What About the Budget? 

But believe it, or not there is always a way! You can prefer buying online stores which often end up offering discounts. Use your credit card wisely; if it is about investing for the household and if it is really necessary, then considering it will be a smart move.

Do You Like Customized Items? 

If you are one of them, those who always love customized items, then you can choose from a wide variety of customized ceiling fans available online, of course. Neither less to say, it provides you with a sense of personalization you can’t find elsewhere.

Why Should You Consider the Room Size? 

Based on the room size, you can select a ceiling fan that will fit perfectly. And the good news is there are tons of options available to choose from. In case if you are living in a room that offers sufficient space, then choosing a wider fan blade can be a wise choice possibly. But sure, you will be the best person to select the one for your room and all the information will be helpful.

Rooms up to 75 sq. ft. = 29 in – 36 inches

Rooms 76 sq. ft. – 144 sq. ft. = 36 in – 42 inches

Rooms 144 sq. ft. – 225 sq. ft. = 44 inches

Rooms 225 sq. ft. – 400 sq. ft. = 50 in – 54 inches

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Don’t compromise on the quality. Low-cost products would tear off within a few years of usage. You have to change it again. It would be better if you go for a quality product which would smoothly work for more couple of years—getting a low-cost fan and when it doesn’t work properly, changing its spare parts. That would cost you more and save yourself from this headache. So, invest more in quality products in spite of looking for low-cost fan options.

Varieties of Ceiling Fans Available in India

The days are gone when you had to press the switch on the wall to get some air. But today, you can just do that from a remote and possible from a smartphone. Or you can choose an induction based old-style motor fan. We have to remember that we are all heading towards the digital age. But as long as it is helping our life get better and healthy, then choosing it will be the best option.

  • Budget for Buying a New High-Speed Ceiling Fan:  Considering a budget wisely will help you invest or save money sometimes. To elaborate further on the ways that you can do. Firstly, there are multiple online stores that are providing offers and deals from time to time. You have to look for the one that fits your bill. To even break it down further, it does not matter which website you choose; most of the time, they will offer you an option to limit the price amount based on your preference.
  • Customized High-Speed Ceiling Fans In India: To be clearly honest, customized ceiling fans cost more. Some of us like luxury living and sure they can start looking for it, in case you were unaware. Just to give you a little bit of idea, some of the fans actually have a Paraglider Propeller as the fan blade. You actually have to sit under it quietly and enjoy the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does quality made fans wobble? 

Quality made fans doesn’t wobble. But the low-cost cheap quality fans do wobble. Their body is made up of cheap material. It lacks good finishing as well. Moreover, the quality of the blades isn’t the finest.

2) What to look for in BLDC ceiling fans? 

The primary function of a ceiling fan is the circulation of air. But you have to look for other things as well—the warranty on the product, the number of blades, ball bearings and other such things.

3) Does the BLDC ceiling fans help in power saving? 

Yes, the costlier the price, the performance of the BLDC ceiling fans would be high. You can get a power-saving BLDC fan at a good price in the market. BLDC fans consume 60% less power.

4) It is easy to install a BLDC ceiling fan?

Actually, it depends on which brand’s product you’re using. Moreover, the time taken for installing a particular fan depends on other factors like the complexity of the model and the number of spare parts that come with the package.

5) Which is the most popular brand of BLDC fans in India? 

Gorilla (now known as Atomberg) is the highly-rated brand of BLDC fans in India. The ceiling fans from this brand come with three years warranty. This brand comes with two variants: Renesa and Efficio. Renesa generally comes with a 1200 mm blade size and can be operated through Google Home or Alexa. On the other hand, Efficio comes with a 900 to 1400 mm blade size.

Final Thoughts

All the BLDC fans mentioned within the list are some of the best this market has to offer. Neither less to say, we have also properly curated the buying guide offering you the right assistance while making the purchase. So, once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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