Best Ceiling Fan with Light 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered what can add to the luxurious design to your dull and boring room? We know many of you might have thought; but, reaching a conclusion if quite challenging when it comes to home decoration. You have to take care of so many things, including interior, budget, color, size, and many more.

Best Ceiling Fans With Light

The best way to design your room is to choose something where functionality equally complements the art. Aesthetic things might seem appealing to your eyes. However, they do not have much functionality. If you cannot figure out what to include in the interior to make it more fascinating, ceiling fans with light are never a bad idea!

Instead, they are one of the best ideas to make your home appear more lively and captivating. Ceiling fans with light are the electrical appliances that are turned into something that accentuates the home interior and design.

There are thousands of brilliant brands and designs of ceiling fans with lights that will make the aesthetic of your home worth cherishing. Talking about the vast variations in designs, it is essential to pick something that will match your room. Therefore, you will get numerous colors, lightings, types of light, blades, and functions in these kinds of fans. 

1. Luminous Lumaire LED Ceiling Fan

Luminous Lumaire LED Ceiling Fan with Remote (White)

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Luminous store is one of the top most sellers in the world of ceiling fans with light. Luminous fans have high-quality material. You do not need to worry about its build as it is one of the most popular ones in the market. These lighted fans are made up of premium aluminum material.

The fan has three super amazing blades, with a minty white tint. Its design complements its functionality. The fan works with a remote control operation. Both the light and speed settings are present in the remote itself. The LED lights will give a marked aesthetic look to your room. The luminous store has built the trust of several customers throughout its entire life. The box contains all the necessary things- the blades, canopy, fan motor, handset, down rod, battery, and flexible wire. It comes along with the manual and instruction card for your better understanding.


  • It complements your home’s interior in the best possible way.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • You can operate the light and fan with your choice. There is no compulsion to use both at a time.
  • It has a remote control system that allows you to explore its functionality. 


  • Some customers have reported flickering of the fan. 

2. Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan with Light

Atomberg Renesa+ 900mm BLDC motor Energy Saving Ceiling Fan...

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The Atomberg Renesa Anti-dust fan is the next light ceiling fan in our list. One of the best features about this fan is that it saves extra energy. It only takes 29Watts to operate at its highest speed. If we sum the total value, you can consider this fan saving your Rs. 1500 per annum on electricity bill.

These fans are extremely versatile due to its peculiar feature of anti-dust coating. Therefore, you can use them on the outdoors too without having to worry about the cleanliness. The inverter stabilization technology helps in running the fan at a consistent speed. The smart remote allows you to operate features like sleep, boost, timer, speed control, and many more.

If you run the same category fan in an inverter, this fan runs at a higher speed than the others. It comes with a wondrous two-year onsite warranty. You can alternatively use the fan as a night lamp too. It has an earthy brown color with premium finish and technology.


  • It is an all-purpose ceiling fan that can be fitted anywhere.
  • The anti-dust coating helps in preventing dust accumulation.
  • The sleek contemporary design will never stop pleasing you.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It has a quite affordable price in contrast to other fans. 


  • Some customers have received damaged parts. 

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3. Atomberg Renesa Anti-dust Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC Motor with Remote Energy Saving...

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The Atomberg Renesa 1200mm ceiling fan with lights have achieved the third position in our list. You can guess the potency of the Atomberg Renesa fans with their popularity only. The energy-efficient motor of the fan allows you to enjoy its service without spending much on the electricity bill.

The sleek pearly white finish of the fan can give your room an aesthetic finish. It is better if you choose the room that has a lighter background to match the style of the fan. These are high-speed fans that come with inverter stabilization technology. All the smart features of light and speed control are present on the remote.

You barely need to move from your place to keep it on control. The fan comes with a total of 3 years warranty, including 2 year onsite and 1-year prolonged warranty. These fans are ideal to place on any surrounding. You do not need any special attention to maintain the effectiveness of the fans.


  • Saves a substantial amount on the annual electricity bill.
  • Smart remote control enables you to sit back and relax.
  • Dust resistant coating eliminates the need for regular cleaning.
  • Many service centers are available across the country.


  • Little wobbling is present when it runs at high speed.

4. Luminous New York Manhattan Ceiling Fan

Luminous New York Manhattan 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Night Sky)

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The name of the fan suggests its premium quality. You can never question the status of the Luminous New York Manhattan ceiling fans with light. They have set a high standard for all the ceiling fans with the light available in the market. Everything, including the speed, functions, reliability, appearances, and design is non-comparable to any other model.

The fan comes with a light setting that allows you to set the intensity of light. Whether you are in a party mood or want to have some alone time, these fans will be your best companion. You can dim the light up to 5 times of the original one. The 9W LED light allows you to enjoy a starry night feature. Aren’t able to make to the mountain top for star gazing due to lack of time? Bring the Luminous Manhattan fan to your home and enjoy its relish.


  • The luminous design flaunts the interior of your room.
  • It has a low noise operation that does not interfere you’re your relaxing sleep at night.
  • The remote control technology makes your life easier.


  • The packaging is not so impressive as expected.

5. Halonix Hexa LED Light Ceiling Fan

Halonix Hexa Antique 1200mm Ceiling Fan with Built-in 6...

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The Halonix Hela Antique is the only ceiling fan with light in our list that has 6 blades. Usually, people think that 6 blade fans do not serve proper air circulation. But, these fans have entirely proved the opposite of that. The fan allows you to enjoy even air distribution with a smooth operation.

The high air delivery feature enhances your comfort level during scorching summer days. You can now enjoy the coolness of the fan after a long tiring day without any complaints. The 6 LED color lights are extremely vibrant and give a superior look to your room. It is a build-up of a strong quality copper wire motor that increases the efficiency of the fan.

Also, you get a 2-year warranty; therefore, you can entirely rely on the product.  It brings out the look of your dull and boring room. If you want to renovate your room, nothing is better than having a piece of ceiling fan with lights. 


  • It has a sturdy and reliable design.
  • You cannot question it’s unduly style that complements every interior.
  • These fans operate at high speed with minimum power consumption.
  • They have a remote control system that allows you to enjoy all comfort at once.


  • Some customers have complained of faulty shipping. 

List of Best Ceiling Fans With Light

Best Ceiling Fans With Light

Whether it is a handcrafted wood, metallic blades, Tiffany glass, or retracted fans; you will get the design of your dreams. All you need to do is to compare and search products unless you do not get an ideal one. You will also get variation in air dissipation, blade size, blade pitch, and other functionalities.

You get a bunch of options for decorating the bedroom, living room, and even your dining place. The dining place, drawing room, and guest room are the three most visited places by your guests; wouldn’t you want it to look unduly aesthetic without even trying? People love to receive compliments about their home. It gives a feeling of self-satisfaction and boosts up your confidence. Let us look at the top 5 best ceiling fans with light

Buying Guide for Ceiling Fan with Lights

There are a whole lot of things that you need to take into consideration before choosing a ceiling fan with light for your space. All the ceiling fans that we have listed above are brilliant. However, you might pick one over all others because of your personal preferences and requirement. To make you fully assure of your choice, let us look at a few points to pay attention to while buying a ceiling fan with light:

Star rating

Star rating of electrical appliances are exclusively present in most of the fans. It helps you to determine the energy-saving efficiency of the ceiling fans. Make sure to pick a fan with 4 stars or 5 stars. Though, you might need to pay a higher amount for these fans in contrast to the lower rating ones. However, it assures you about more savings in the monthly electricity bill.

Style & design

Contemporary design: They are an amazing option to add to your modern home. Most of the contemporary design fans have a metallic finish. 

Antique designs: Antique designs are an astounding addition to your home. It will provide a vintage interior to your home. 

Rustic design: These are extremely efficient in enhancing the decor of your home.

Other light ceiling fans with tropical and color finish are also available in the market

Type of lights

When you are buying a ceiling fan with light, how can you skip this point? A wide variations in types and designs of lights are available in the market. It would be better for you to have a brief information about these things. It will help you to appear smart in front of the dealer. No one can fool you considering you idealess if you have sufficient information.

Fluorescent lights: These kinds of ceiling fans emit either warm or cool light. They have a 10,000 hours average life span. These bulbs are also better in saving electricity. 

LED lights: These bulbs also emit both cool and warm light. Therefore, you get to select anyone out of them. The life span is around 50,000 hours and it is most efficient in energy saving.

Halogen lights: These are the most conventional form of lights. They utilize more electricity than the other two. They also have a lesser life span of around 1500 hours. Halogen lights can emit only warm lights. 

Controls & modalities

The most common type of ceiling fan control is the pull chain type. However, there are a few more options. Here are the three commonly occurring controls in the ceiling fans with lights:

Pull chain: Pull chain control has chains or strings attached to the center of the fan. You can pull these chains to change the fan settings, like speed and light settings. These are ideal for guests’ rooms and areas with lesser people. Pulling the chain, again and again, can make it more prone to breakage. Also, the ceiling should be at a proper height for easy accessibility.

Remote control: Remote control fans are the ideal options for the master bedroom and dining room. You can readily carry the remote with you to change the fan settings. However, there is a range of each remote, depending upon the manufacturer. 

Wall Control: Most of the wall control remotes have 40 feet ranges. It can vary according to the brands. These allow you to change the setting by pressing the buttons on the stationary remote fixed on the wall.

Installation & warranty

Most of the ceiling fans with light come with an installation guide and manual inside the package. If you are someone who has a keen interest in electrical appliances, it is not a tough task to install the fan. However, it is better if an electrician does this job. You can also ask him other points regarding the operation of the fan.

Also, make sure that the ceiling is not sloppy. A minimum of 12 inches gap between the fan and ceiling is ideal for the installation of the fans. However, if you live in a hotter country, the gap can variably increase. Make sure that the ceiling fans with light come with a warranty of 1 to 2 years. Also, check what are the inclusion and exclusion in the warranty.

Fan blades: type & number

The number of the fan blades primarily determines their air circulation. Most popular are three blade ceiling fans with light. However, many of the fans are having four to five blades these days. They offer a better look at your room’s interior. But, these fans may lag in the air circulation. However, the final quality of air circulation also depends on the type of the blade.

The tilt of ceiling fan blades assigns them a potent air circulation quality. Ceiling fans with straight blades do not have good air circulation. They should ideally have an angle of 12 to 15 degrees.

Room and sweep size

When the fan is in motion (its blades are moving), it covers a definite area under itself that has proper air circulation. This diameter is known as the sweep size of the fan. It indirectly depends upon the size and angle of the fan blades. 900mm is the least sweep size, and 1400mm is the maximum sweep size in the ceiling fans with lights. The least sweep size corresponds to a room with an area less than 75sq.ft and vice versa.

Cleaning and maintenance

The ceiling fans with light do need a little more maintenance than the regular ones. However, it is not as tough as you are assuming it to be! Make sure to check the proper positioning of the canopy while installation. Also, keep a check on it; if it is loosening, refer to a technician. Clean the blades of the fan once a month to avoid dust accumulation.

The sheath of dust on top of fan blades can reduce the speed and effectivity of the fan. There is not much that you require to maintain a ceiling fan with lights. But, make sure to choose one with low maintenance.

Bottom line:

Ceiling fans with lights are an astonishing option to beautify your house with love and prosperity. Along with pleasing your eyes, these fans have a high potential to take care of your temperature needs. You can never go wrong on picking the above-mentioned ceiling fans. Hurry up and grab your favorite pick now!

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