10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

In countries like India where the temperature in the summer season reaches altogether to a new level, of course, there are many options that can help you survive such a hot season. Talking of which ceiling fan is one such option that cannot be replaced with anything no matter whether you also have AC or not.

However, it is extremely important to choose the right size yet well-constructed ceiling fan which can make your home temperature comfortable and this way improves the circulation which is actually needed all the time. When you visit the ceiling fan store, you are most likely to get confused and wonder which could be the right option that can be chosen.

Best Ceiling Fans In India Review

When you start looking out for the best quality ceiling fans, you are most likely to get confused. That is why listed are some of the highly recommended options that can ease down your search. With great quality, incredible performance and cost-friendly deals, these ceiling fans have become the talk of the town.

Have a look at some of the worth options. Other than this, you must speak with your family members and friends who can offer you the quality advice without any hassle. This way you can rest assured that you are dealing in the right option. However, comparison before making any decision is extremely important.

1. Candes Lynx High Speed Ceiling Fan

Candes Lynx High Speed Anti-dust (100% CNC Winding)...

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Candes offers many options to choose from its decorative fans. It is also very affordable which has made it a highly viewed brand. Candes has been successful to come up with different appliances including fans and geysers. Even with this fan, you will not be disappointed with its performance.

Combined with better aesthetics, it comes in a 3-blade design with wide tips. With a high speed of 400 RPM, it lets you have a cooling effect. You can easily choose from different speed settings for custom comfort. It has a powerful motor that makes it deliver incredible performance. The fan also has 5 Star rating for efficient performance. The metal finish looks make it great for any room.


  • It comes with a warranty of three years.
  • The wide blade tips provide a cooling experience.
  • It delivers efficient performance.
  • High fan speed for incredible performance.

  • It has an attractive look for better aesthetics.
  • Double ball bearings make it very durable.
  • 5 Star rating for less power consumption.
  • High speed motor reaches every corner.

  • The material quality could be better.
  • Noise is not very low and quite annoying.

2. V-Guard Exado Pro Ceiling Fan

V-Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust...

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If you are looking for a ceiling fan with a high rating, then the V-Guard decorative ceiling fan can be the right choice for you. The brand V-Guard has come up with many electronic appliances ranging from fans to smart inverters. This fan has many features and it also comes in a durable design.

What makes it last longer is that it has corrosion-resistant housing. Even the 100% copper motor has double-shielded ball bearings. The dust repellent technology enables you to have easy cleaning. It has an elegant matte finish which creates a decorative feeling. The exceptional air delivery rating of 400 RPM also helps in low power consumption.


  • The warranty offered is three years.
  • Wide aluminum blade improves airflow.
  • 100% copper motor resists corrosion.
  • Superior air delivery of 240 M cube per minute.

  • Elegant trims provide an integrated decorative look.
  • It has a metal shielded ball bearing for durable performance.
  • It comes with aluminum alloy blades for better strength.
  • It features a high speed motor for unparalleled performance.

  • There is nothing wrong to mention.

3. ACTIVA Apsra Brown Ceiling Fan

ACTIVA Apsra Brown1200 MM Sweep 390 RPM High Speed BEE...

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ACTIVA has established itself as a premier brand by launching different appliances. It has also come up with a collection of ceiling fans that meets the requirements of Indian homes. ACTIVA Apsra ceiling fan is no exception as it has many features. It also lets you save on the power bills by delivering efficient performance.

It offers a cooling experience with a high spin rate of 390 RPM. The fan has aerodynamically designed balanced blades for even airflow. It also has X-Flow technology that aids to generate more air. Even the full inverter compatibility makes it a perfect choice for your home. Another factor to consider is that it comes in a durable design.


  • It offers high air delivery of 200 CMM for a superior cooling effect.
  • Button control design aids in easy operation.
  • High quality product with a warranty of 2 years.

  • It comes with aerodynamically designed blades that help in better airflow.
  • The double ball bearing design provides a noise-free performance.
  • It has wide blades of 48 inches for even cooling performance.
  • X-Flow technology for more power.

  • The fan can wobble and hence, pay attention to installation.
  • The wind power could be better for wider spread.

4. Longway Kiger Decorative Ceiling Fan

Longway Kiger 600mm/24 inch High Speed 4 Blade Anti-Dust...

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Longway is one of the highly-rated brands that have come up with different types of home appliances. It has also been successful to come up with different types of ceiling fans. You can have a cooling fan experience as it comes with wide blades. Even though it comes in a contemporary design, its powder-coated structure helps resist rust.

The powerful performance can remove dust with just a single wipe. It lets you choose from five different speeds for customized performance. The fan also adopts energy-efficient technology for reducing power bills. With its four blades, there will be great performance without any pollution. Apart from being durable, it is also very stylish. Combined with a carbon steel double ball bearing set, it can be a perfect choice for any home.


  • Improved air delivery of 230 CFM.
  • ZZ high carbon steel double ball bearing.
  • High speed of 850 RPM and durable construction.

  • Powerful fan blades.
  • It comes in an attractive design.
  • The offers air delivery of 230 CFM.
  • It allows choosing from five different speeds.

  • The size is not suitable for a large room.
  • It is a relatively new product in the market.

5. V-Guard HAIZE 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

V-Guard HAIZE 1.2M MATTE BROWN 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan...

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With many designs to choose from, V-Guard offers you an array of fans. It has quickly established itself as a leading Indian electronic brand. One of the best things about V-Guard fan is that it comes at an affordable value. It is packed with many features which makes it perfect for Indian conditions.

The three-blade design of the fan makes it deliver cool air. It has a sweep of 1200 mm with air delivery of a 205 metre cube. With the smooth operation, you don’t have to worry about any noise. It also delivers efficient performance for reducing power bills. The motor has a ball-bearing mechanism for superior performance. The button control also enables easy controls.


  • It comes with powerful rotation speed of 380 RPM.
  • There is ball-bearing mechanism that reduces noise.
  • Durable construction with 2-year on-site warranty.

  • It is available in a simple design.
  • It has a simple button control operation.
  • Strong fan blades with a sweep of 1200 mm.
  • Exceptional quality laminations.

  • It is a relatively new product.

6. Atomberg Renesa 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Energy...

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Atomberg is a brand that aims to make peoples’ lives easier. As a leading Indian brand, it has launched many products. Even for ceiling fans, it has offered buyers many options. Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan is equipped with many features which will surely make it perfect for Indian conditions.

You can use the fan conveniently with the smart remote. It has many features like timer mode and speed control. The BLDC motor also helps to lower the power bills. There is also an LED indicator that serves a dual purpose by using it as a night lamp. You don’t have to worry about the fluctuating voltage as it comes with Inverter Stabilization technology. All these factors make it a perfect item for your home.


  • It has an LED indicator for preventing the need for a regulator.
  • It comes with smart remote control.
  • The warranty is for three years.

  • 340 RPM motor for superior airflow.
  • It comes with rust-free aluminum blades.
  • Low power consumption of only 28 watts.

  • There is nothing wrong.

7. Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Over the years Bajaj has earned itself repute by coming with quality products. The Indian brand is also a leading manufacturer of ceiling fans. Not just it offers a cooling performance but can provide you with instant comfort. Bajaj Frore ceiling fan is great for indoor use and lets you tolerate the summer heat.

The fan comes with a double ball bearing that enhances the load-bearing ability. It is also very durable and has a simple look. For improving the stability of the blades, it comes with ribbed blades. The fan has a rated speed of 340 RPM with a sweep of 1200 mm. It also features a quick-start high torque motor for instant comfort.


  • It comes in a double ball bearing design.
  • It has a quick start torque motor.
  • The total warranty offered is 24 months.

  • It comes in a simple design that blends with different styles.
  • It has ribbed blades that improve durability.
  • 340 RPM motor for a superior cooling effect.

  • The spread of air is not very far.
  • It is somewhat noisy at low speed.

8. Usha Swift 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

USHA Swift 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Rich Brown)

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The name itself shows the performance of this fan. This fan circulates the cooling air to every corner of the room. There is a glossy powered which is coated because of which the fan has a premium fining. The elegant brown colour is quite fancy enough to complement the style of the colour or say your home décor too.

It comes with 1200mm air sweep and is best suited for the compact bedroom or even the kid’s room. You don’t really have to worry about the money as the product is worth the investment without emptying your pocket at all.


  • It has a lift angle blade for wide air spread
  • There is a grade electric steel lamination
  • There is a  glossy powder coated paint

  • It does not require much maintenance
  • The superior finishing promotes long life
  • It performs good at low voltage

  • The air cooling may take time
  • It consumes more energy
  • It will not work if there is no power even on the generator
  • You may think of it as reliable but the parts need heavy maintenance

9. Candes Florence Decorative Ceiling Fan

Candes Florence 1200mm/48 inch High Speed Anti-dust...

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This ceiling fan by Candes is not just affordable but it comes in a stylish design. Candes has been successful to combine the ceiling fan with multiple features that make it deliver incredible performance. It is also available in a contemporary design with a metallic paint finish. The three wide blades along with an aluminum motor ensure there will be longer performance. It is also a 5 Star rated fan.

It has an air delivery capacity of 230 CMM with a speed of 400 RPM. You can use it without any disturbance with the noise-free performance. The adjustable speed control system also enables you to have custom comfort. Even the high speed motor has a better heat-dissipating ability.


  • It comes with a 1200mm blade size and an improved speed of 400 RPM.
  • The metallic finish paint provides an elegant look.
  • With multiple speed settings, it can be perfect for having personalized comfort

  • It has a heat-dissipating ability.
  • It comes with a warranty of three years.
  • It comes with a strong motor that aids in a quick start.

  • The fan does make noise even though company says noise-free.
  • The high speed is not very high for a large room.

10. Eveready Fab High Speed 3 Blades Ceiling Fan (Cream)

Eveready FAB 1200 mm Ceiling Fan, Brown

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This fan makes sure you get superior cooling and extra comfort. It has been made with a blend of quality material which ensures that you get continuous cooling experience for a long time. Now you can sit back and relax once you decide to choose this type of fan. The company takes customer service very seriously and that is why having come up with such efficient product.

This product is known to offer fresh air has been boasting the contemporary elegant design. It offers a timeless design that can look well from your office to home furnishings too.


  • Aluminum motor body and blades
  • It has Double ball bearings
  • It runs on High Speed 380 RPM

  • It comes with Unique Contemporary design
  • It is Ideal for home and office space
  • It has the most captivating and simple design
  • The fan works as per its specifications

  • It has a limited warranty period
  • It makes noise and rattle when switch of the fan is on
  • Cheap Quality
  • You don’t get much air circulation
  • This is a slow rotation fan
  • It requires frequent maintenance.

List of Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans In India

A ceiling fan in India is of course the most ideal way by which you can keep the home all chilled out in the summer while warm enough in winter too. As compared to advanced technologies such as air conditioner, there is no doubt that such type of option is the most cost-effective solution that can help you maintain the optimal temperature and ensure that you get the best ventilation all the time.

However, there are some things which can make you confuse at the time of selecting the right type of ceiling fan in India such as which type, colour, finishing and style of ceiling fan needs to be chosen. There are also different functionalities that are needed for different spaces be it indoor or outdoor or even residential or industrial. The decision again can be more challenging.

It is the ceiling fan that makes the room breezy and windy. Besides, it also helps in improve the room decor when you look for the reliable yet efficient option. As compared to your initial investment that you may put in air conditioner, it is the ceiling fan which is not cheap.

Besides, there is also a power consumption of the fan which is actually less than that of the air conditioners that eventually would reduce the power bills. If there is any kind of power cut then you can use ceiling fans with regular battery backup which if you AC, you will not be able to do it. Other than this, ceiling fans can lessen down your power bills.

As compared to table fan or even the pedestrian, it is the ceiling fan which once gets installed in the ceiling will be absolutely safe. This means, the children will not be able to reach to it and you can use it in much safer manner. Since, it is available in varieties, you can make the choice as compared to other cooling appliance

When you visit the professional store of course experts will be there to help you. But it is always important to be clear about your ceiling fan budget, requirements and many other things before buying the right one.

Different Types of Ceiling Fans

Standard Ceiling Fans

It is one of the most popular and the common ceiling fan available in the Indian market. Probably, you might be having the same installed at your place too but today you might have got a clear idea about this ceiling fan. This type of fan has got some characterizes such as five blade design, built in with light weight, easy installation on a metal pipe connecting to the motor housing.

It is the most versatile option one can have. Besides, there are different finishing, colour and material to make your choice from without worrying about how high the bill payment may go. There are light and light shades which may come along with that you can of course customize as per the preference without any hassle.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

As compared to regular standard sized ceiling fans, it uses the download for the installation. It is also known as the low profuse ceiling fan which is connected to the mountain brackets directly. This way it makes them flush out against the ceiling. In case, you have a room with the height that is less than 8 feet then surely such type of fan can be a perfect idea for you.

The only problem with such type pf ceiling fan is it does not let the same level of airflow as that of other options even like the standard fan. That is the main reason why, it does not have powerful cooling abilities. The best part is such type of fans are also available in wide range of chop ice in terms of colors, finishing and material which makes it easy for you to customize.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

If you are looking for an environmental friendly solution, then this type of fan is the best option for you. Such type of fan will meet only those stringent rules which are actually set by the US environmental protection governing agency. Such agency handles the energy efficient department that tests the quality and performance status of the product.

Other than this, there are many other testing done in the labs. Such type of fan can help you have less electricity bill. Considering the energy star notes which this fan has got, it is well certified with the average 40% more energy efficiency as compared to conventional light or fans. It is improved motor blade design offer the most efficient technology solution

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

If you don’t want to compromise with the substance and styling the dual motor ceiling fans is right for you. Known for the features of two adjustable fan heads, it is held in the place with as tardy horizontal bars which generally extend from motor housing compact. This type of fans is also known double head or twin ceiling fans.

This fan makes a bold design statement no matter which room they privilege. Other than their stylist aesthetic, this fan is known to offer functionality superior level which most of other traditional fans fail to offer.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan

Here is a brief guide that explain what to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan:

Convenience: When you look around for ceiling fan, this probably should be the very first thing that you need to consider. It is important to see how well the ceiling fan emits the cool air. This way the heat would get reduced from entering the house. Of course, you would not want to spend the afternoon sitting at home being all sweaty just because, your ceiling fan is not convenient.

Aesthetics: Ceiling fan also works as the lovely accessory at home because of the design which it offers. There are different sizes and design of ceiling fans from which you can make the right choice that would certainly match your home décor. Make sure you pick the right one for the house and add something really beautiful to it. Anytime, if you compare ceiling fan with that of the air conditioner there is no doubt that ceiling fan would grab the attention always.

Self-help: Make sure when you consider your buying option you don’t ignore this very important point. The importance of getting self-help can be useful for you in many ways. The reason why you must go for ceiling fans instead of air conditioners is because the in AC installation, you need the help of technical experts but in case of ceiling fan you can merely do it with the help of one of your family member too.

Size: This is another important things to be noticed when you plan to buy a ceiling fan. There can be little difference if you buy the fan which is too small and have the fix tire. This eventually would even make your room look different. While the one that is too huge may waste ample of energy and can even occupy lot of space too. Ceiling fan basically is measured as per the total diameter from the edge of one blade to other. Besides, your fan height is important to be considered and make sure you have the one which is 7 to 8 feet from the floor

Construction: Whichever fan application you bring in, it is important to consider the quality of the ceiling fan. The quality often can be quite costly. There is a top of the line fan motor which comes with lubrication ball bearings and even sealing. This means, you don’t really have to maintain the fan or even add the oil to it.

This way the durability and usability of it also increases. You should look out for the motors which have metal enclosures that would restrict down the noise that generally comes from the fan. If you are planning to install the fan in a damp room as compared to bathroom and kitchen ten don’t go with the option that has fan with blades that may interchanged. Rather go with different models. This quality ceiling fan is designed with the set of blades that matches certain motor.

Features: There is a new feature that recently in the fan has come up. It seems to be quite a user-friendly solution. So if you want to use a fan then you can choose the option of temperature adjusting fixture. This means you don’t always have to change the speed up and down.

There is another feature also called the light kit which means if overhead lighting is important then you can select the fan with such an option. If you have a tall ceiling room or there is quite a lot space then you can choose the centralized wall control option. It lets you change the rotation, turns on the lights, and also the speed.

Ceiling Fans Frequently Asked Question

1. What is a good RPM for a ceiling fan?

When you plan to buy a ceiling fan and you are not much clear about the technicalities that are fine. But it is important for you to consider the ceiling fan RPM that your house should have. Understand that the air amount of the ceiling fan gets affected to with the speed of the spin it does.
Of course, RPM does not create the air flow. There is blades aerodynamics which is extremely important as that of the RPM. If the fan comes with straight yet flat blade then the fan spinning will not matter much as it will not create more of airflow. However, you may consider the blades and give them 15 degree pitch and the fan of the air will of course move. However, the RPM will be quite slow as the angled blades will have to perform more that eventually lets you drag on the motor.

As ceiling fans are designed with RPM value that would be inversely proportional to the span of the blade, there will be high RPM which will suite the small fans. But if you are buying a new fan you need to compare it with the rate of air delivery or through the different models.
Make sure you also consider other thing such as space available, colon and efficiency. For Non-reversing ceiling fans higher RPMS are allows. Based on the maximum speed allowed for the fan blade for 1/8″ thick blades it would be 2400 feet/minute while for 3/16″ thick blade it would be 3200 feet/minute

2. Is a bigger ceiling fan better?

If you have decided to go for a ceiling fan buying option but have also come across some of the industrial ceiling fan, there is no doubt that you are most likely to get ample of advantages from these big fans. Of course ceiling fans are available in different sizes that can be suitable for the large open floor areas too.
Most of the people considers to buy the big ceiling fan that has nearly 60’’ blade span. However, it is of course not that big enough for many great large rooms that you can see in today. That is why, ceiling fans with 65 inch, 84 inches, and even 99 inches in diameter are people.

As compared to traditional ceiling fans, such big ceiling fans are differed and popular because it runs at a slow speed as compared to that of the normal fans. This way, it delivers quite a huge amount of non-disruptiveness with a quite air flow. There is also other factor which separates such fans from the normal ones and that is the size of the blades. As the big ceiling fans are quite long and have wide blades, it generally tends to create huge columns of air which travels quite farther. That is why, it is surely perfect one to circulate air in big industrial work space areas.

3. How many blades are best on a ceiling fan?

This certainly is the best question that you might get in your mind. However, frankly, answer to it is not about the number of blades as they are not as important as what other factors could play a crucial role in. other than the number of blades, what matters the most is the efficiency of the ceiling fan.
It depends on the blade pitch, blade balance, and even the motor. There are many people who assume that if your fan has more blades it means, you will get cooler breeze.

However, the fact is, if a fan has fewer blades then the motor will be less dragged and it can go faster with more air efficiently. This eventually results in the airflow and also lets you have a better wind chill effect too. This somehow makes the space even cooler. Understand that more than number of blades; it is the shape of the blade which make sure that your air is getting picked up and moved around the house in a right manner. As said, blade pitch is also important and if the fan have a pitch that varies between 12 to 15 degrees then it is more likely to be effected. If you want the fan which is less noise making the one with 5 blades is the best one.

4. What is the lowest ceiling height for a ceiling fan?

There are different types of ceiling a size and height would vary of course. If you are looking for the right type of ceiling fan but concerned about the minimum possible height needed then understand the fact that such type of fan has to be high enough so that it will not cut off anyone’s head or there is no accident that occurs with the light.
Basically, it all depends on the height of the people who lives in that particular house. However, there can be a time that you may have to flush mouth the installation with a less profile fan.

If you consider the minimum safe height of the ceiling fan then of course, natural electric code (NFC) has not yet mentioned about it. The records for the same are also not available in International Residential Code (IRC). However, fan manufacturers generally have a fan which is not less than seven feet.
Other than the height, it is the location as well that matters the most. Ideally, the centre of the room and if it is 18 inches away from the wall or may be 3 feet away is advised. It is also expected for a ceiling fan to be at least 8-inches of clear space so that it can generate better volume of the air. Blades that are quite close to the ceiling may reduce the volume of the air and thus hamper the efficiency of the fan. This means a ceiling fan with less than a seven-foot ten-inch ceiling, will have to sacrifice air flow or room occupants safety.

Bottom Line:

Ceiling fan is said to be the most prime choice that helps in improving the room’s airflow. It also serves the lighting fixtures due to which the entire décor of the room also gets enhanced. Ideally it is not the ceiling fan that lessens down the temperature but it circulates the conditioned air where it is required the most.

This way, it offers the evaporative cooling in much better manner. Of course, it is an effective fan type that you may come across as it creates a draft within the room. Even when you use an air conditioner, a ceiling fan would let you increase the setting of the thermostat to around 4 degrees Fahrenheit without causing any discomfort.

If you think of choosing an expensive fan that would operate quietly and smoothly will cause more trouble free experience as compared to that of the cheap units. Look for the ratings of the noise and if it is convenient for you, make sure you try the fan before purchasing.

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