10 Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000 Rs. In 2022

We are reviewing best ceiling fans under 1000.The summer is approaching, and the mercury is slowly rising. The cold atmosphere of the winter is now switching over to hot and humid surroundings. This is the time when everyone in India will think about cool breezy air and, ultimately, about fans. The ceiling fan is not the luxury but necessity to overcome the discomfort of the hot climate.

Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000

Though there is a huge demand for Air conditioners and air coolers, but most people neither afford Air conditioners or coolers nor do they have enough space to manage it during the scorching heat. The importance of ceiling fan is higher among the common people. There is so much of demand for a standard ceiling fan, which is worth for the money spent. There are many companies offering branded ceiling fans with a variety of designs, advanced techniques at an affordable price in the market.

There are various brands of superior quality ceiling fans offering excellent performances and remain long durable during the summer season at the lowest prices. Given below is the list of branded ceiling fans along with the required details. Study the given list which will help you to find the best ceiling fan, as most of the fans are available at a reasonable cost. So let’s check some ceiling fans under 1000 INR.



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ACTIVA APSRA ceiling fan is available in most-modern designs and in classic brown color. The fan has a dynamically designed sleek structure and long balanced blades. It is a highly rated ceiling fan that becomes a favorite consumer item and is in demand today.  The additional advantage is the 2-year warranty offered by the company over the possibility of any manufacturing defect.

The fan is Aerodynamically designed and uses high flow technology to enhance quality and durability. It also increases the speed of the fan (390 RMP) and offers breezy output. The fan is the most ideal for medium-sized rooms.  The ceiling fan is designed and tested under rigorous conditions by qualified engineers and professionals. The high power motor, set of sturdy blades, and easy installation make the ceiling fan work effectively. The branded fan is available at the lowest cost, and it will help people to cool down the temperature.

  • Modern look and advanced technology.
  • Aero dynamic design and high flow technology.
  • The warranty for 2 years is an advantage.

  • Makes humming sound when moves at high-speed.
  • After-sales service centers are limited.

2. Sameer Gati Ceiling Fan

Sameer Gati 1200mm Ceiling Fan,380 R.P.M -2 Years...

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Sameer Gati ceiling fan is one of the standard branded fans available to control hot and humid surroundings around you. The fan is made of Copper along with three long blades crafted with precision. The fan looks stylish and suits well to the decorated places.

The 48 inches size fan with 1200 mm of sweep runs at a speed of 350 RMP. While it offers refreshing cool air the whole day and consumes only 65 watts of power. The white and brown colored fan works on aerodynamic technology with the blades that are perfectly balanced.

The heavy-duty motor made of sturdy copper and the motor with a pole of 14 keeps the fan rotating for longer hours without any issues. The fan with a 2-year warranty is the most ideal solution for the increasing heat and the humid climate. The low-cost fans can perfectly match the surrounding at home or at the office.

  • Heavy-duty Copper motor performs for long hours.
  • The stylish fan with an elegant look and striking color.
  • A 2-year warranty starts from the date of purchase.

  • It jerked when it started or stopped.

3. Longway Delux Ceiling Fan

Longway Nexa Delux 1200 mm High Speed (100% Copper) Ceiling...

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LONGWAY Appliances are of excellent quality, which most of the consumers prefer to buy. Longway Delux ceiling fan is an exceptional product with first-rate services that gives confidence to the people about the brand name and the extraordinary products offered. The fan is available at a reasonable price with a seasonal discount and can be delivered freely at your doorsteps. You can book your online order today.

The standard design of the fan makes it look modern.  With the help of heavy motor that runs for longer hours, the fan gives better performance even during the hot summer season. The extended shiny blades remain rust-free and noise-free and fill the atmosphere with a nice cool breeze.  The 3-year warranty makes the difference when it covers the manufacturing defects and product-related issues. You can buy the powerful deluxe fan for yourself to cool down the summer-effect or you can give the low-cost, trendy fan to your dear ones as a gift.

  • It has a powerful motor that works non-stop.
  • It is an excellent deal to have a 3-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

  • Keep shaking when it runs at a high-speed.

4. Digismart Apsra Ceiling Fan

Digismart 390 RPM High Speed 1200mm Sweep Bee Approved 5...

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Digismart Apsra ceiling fan is available at a very pocket-friendly price. The fan is brown in color with a fashionable look, and it is easy to install. Once you choose this trendy smart-looking fan by ordering online, it can be delivered free with pay on delivery option. It runs on high flow technology with Aerodynamic design and balanced blades. The fan rotates with a maximum speed of 390 RMP and 1200mm of the sweep.

The Digismart fan with practically useful features is capable of delivering fresh air and keeps the surrounding cool. The advanced technology used in manufacturing such a good quality product is guided by the hard-working engineers and professional team players. The fan is ideally fit in the large to medium-sized room perfectly well.

The long durable fan with a high powered motor is an ideal product available at the lowest cost. Buy the best fan today and be prepared to face the scorching summer heat.

  • Aerodynamic design and balanced blades.
  • The long durable fan with a high powered motor is an ideal product.

  • After-sales service needs to be improved.

5. Elvin FX Ceiling Fan

Elvin FX 120 mm Ceiling Fan 48' Heavy Body Heavy Motor 3...

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Elvin FX ceiling fan is a heavy metallic fan with 48″ body and three long, proportionate blades. The efficient heavy-duty motor keeps the fan rotating from slow speed to a maximum speed of 325 RMP.  The fan is made of strong material with copper winding. It remains sturdy and controls the movements while the fan rotates. The brown color of the fan makes it look bright in the light background. The fan fits well in the room as a part of interior decoration.

The copper motor is heavy but keeps the fan completely under control. Elvin Company offers 10 days of returnable time, in case if the product is found to have some manufacturing defect. You should contact the company by email or phone immediately. The replacement can be done immediately without further delay. The fan always gets the attention of the guests, friends, and neighbors while it always looks shiny and offers cool refreshing air.

  • The three long, proportionate blades work effectively.
  • The efficient heavy-duty motor works for long hours to keep the air cool.

  • When it starts or stops, it makes jerking noise.


VAIBHAV ELECTRONIC Ceiling Fan, 48-inch (Brown)

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The modish ceiling fan from VAIBHAV ELECTRONIC is made of strong metal with 1200 mm of thickness, 48” of length. The ceiling fan is currently in demand in the market today. The fan works effectively and looks like an adornment piece that fits well in the decorated interior of your home. You will always enjoy the fresh air that it fills in the room and makes the entire atmosphere nice and cool. The striking balanced blades and the powerful motor keeps the fan ready to go all around, pushing the hot air away from the room.

The fan is highly preferred because it remains effective during the hot summer. It consumes less electricity when compared to the Air conditioner. The brown color makes the fan look graceful and stylish to get all the attention. The online shopping helps you in choosing the best fan available in the market at the lowest price. It can be delivered free of cost once you book the order.

  • The striking balanced blades and the powerful motor is the ideal combination.
  • Less power consumption when compared to an air conditioner.

  • The availability of this product is limited.

7. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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The company offers superior quality Orient ceiling fans with unparalleled performance. The fans are supported by heavy-duty motors to keep the fan moving faster, noise-free, and wobble-free. The fan has long, balanced blades with cutting edge technology. The fan with the help of high-speed motor works better, faster, and delivers a refreshing wave of fresh air. The double ball-bearing technology makes the fan work smoothly without any problem.

The advanced technology supports the high-quality ceiling fan. It changed the overall look of the home or office when it mounted. It runs with a speed of 380 RMP and consumes about 65w of power supply. The company offers a warranty of one year for any product defect during manufacturing, and the warranty starts from the date purchase. Orient ceiling fan has made the people aware of the new stylish fans having super technology and available at a lower price in the market.

  • The performance of the fan remains noise-less and wobble-free.
  • It uses a heavy-duty motor and cutting-edge technology.
  • It offers less power consumption.

  • The ceiling fan is available in limited colors.

8. Candes Star 1200mm /48 inch High Speed Ceiling Fan

Candes Star High Speed Decorative 1200 mm / 48 inch...

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Candes RAFTAAR ceiling fans are highly popular for its ideal working technology and also for the superior quality design and appearance. The fan is made up of sturdy aluminum with 1200 mm of thickness supported by aluminum winding. The six pieces of blades are cleanly polished and neatly joined.  The ceiling fan is available in a range of striking colors that gives it an exceptional look.

The advanced techniques help the high-class fan to increase its performance and allow it to control the surrounding during the hot summer. The entire design of the fan is developed at the high end, after a lot of research and development procedures. The fans work with a speed of 340 RMP using less power supply than expensive air conditioners, which consume more power. Most of the homes and offices have started using Candes fans, which are available at the lowest cost.

  • The fan is partly made of aluminum, and it has aluminum winding.
  • It has an elegant design and striking colors.

  • After-sales service centers are limited, and it needs to be increased.

9. Amazon Brand - Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Amazon Brand - Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Solimo Naura ceiling fan is also a new-technology fan that supports advanced Aerodynamic technology. The ceiling fan is designed to work harder, offering premium services during the summer season. The summer season is getting hotter than the previous seasons and it needs powerful technology and strong ceiling fans to reduce the hot air and to keep the temperature down. The warranty policy offers two types of warranties – manufacturer warranty and seller warranty.

Solimo offers better-quality ceiling fans made of sturdy material and supported by high power motor. The blades remain straight with shiny ends offering high-speed work. The winding unit controls the movements and the fan consumes less electricity than many other cheap fans designed by the local brands. Solimo is the popular ceiling fan made available in the market today at the lowest cost. It is certainly an advantage for all of you.

  • It offers two warranties – manufacturer warranty and seller warranty.
  • It is designed to work harder and to offer better services.

  • The ceiling fan is not available in the market easily.

10. Hullaards 120 Watt

Hullaards 120 Watt_hoursCeiling Fan ( Brown )

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Hullaards ceiling fan 601 is available in the market and is in demand during the summer season. The exclusive design and properly structured ceiling fan get more attention from the people than expected. The fan is made of aluminum, and it remains rust-free. It uses a versatile coil made of 100% copper, which remains dynamic and sturdy. The double ball bearing allows ceiling fans to remain woggle-free and noise-less while moving with a high-speed of 340 RMP.

The branded Hullaards ceiling fan is the best bet to use it during blistering April-May months. The combination of blades with pointed precision and the high-capacity motor help the elegant ceiling fan to work efficiently and to control the mercury level. The stylish fan fits well in the decorated surrounding of your room, and it enhances the interior of your room. This is the reason people prefer low-cost ceiling fans than the expensive air conditioners.

  • It remains rust-free, noise-free, and woggle-free while working for long hours.
  • The high-capacity motor makes the fan work efficiently.

  • The ceiling fan is available in limited colors and designs.

List of Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000

Buying Guide for the Best Ceiling Fan 

There is no point in arguing that finding the right ceiling fan actually gets tedious at times. That is why we have properly curated this the right buying guide offering you the assistance you need.

1) What Size Ceiling Fan Should You Purchase

It depends on the height and length of your room to find the square footage of your space. First, measure the length and breadth of your room and multiply it by 2 meters. Lastly, measure the height of the ceiling to determine the installation of a particular fan.

  • Flush-mount: This mount is ideal for rooms whose ceiling height is 8 feet.
  • Standard: This is suitable for rooms with a ceiling height of 8 to 10 feet. The installation is done with the help of a down rod. 
  • Extended down rod: Non- standard down rod is used while installing the fan. This is preferred for rooms whose ceiling height is greater than 10 feet. 
  • Sloped: If the ceiling is sloppy, then there will be a requirement for a sloped ceiling fan adaptor. Most ceiling fans come with a ceiling mount that can adjust the fan to a certain degree. But it all depends on the manufacturer. 

2) Your Budget

You can easily get your hands-on good quality products. There are so many options in the current market. You would get the right ceiling fan that suits your budget and style.

3) Where are You Going to Place your Ceiling Fan

It is important as some locations are exposed to unique weather conditions. This would influence the functionality of the fan. So, it is important that you check the product before buying and make sure which fan is intended for a particular.

4) How Much Noise Can You Bear

Most people don’t prefer ceiling fans, which makes a lot of noise. There are fans who don’t make any noise for those who find fan noise annoying. So, we would advise you to check the noise level of the fan before buying it. It is found that fans with wooden or plastic blades make comparatively less noise than others. But don’t make it a reason not to buy the product of a particular brand as each brand has its own specification.

5) Special Requirements

  • Ceiling Fan Lights: <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Some people really fancy ceiling fan lights while others don’t. But for people who like it, there are a lot of lighting sources like LED, halogens, etc. available in the current market.
  • Ceiling Fan Styles: The market has a lot to offer. So, you can easily get your choice of fan styles along with good finishing.
  • Spare Parts: Check if the manufacturer provides a warranty on the product and the spare parts or not.
  • Discount: You can grab a great deal during the festive season. There would be a 10 to 50% discount on your favorite products.
  • The airflow of the Ceiling Fan:  High airflow ceiling fans circulate more air and consume comparatively less energy. It is ideal for stockrooms and open spaces.

Decorative Fans

Most people like decorative fans, and there is a constant demand for it in the market. It has fewer features compared to others. These decorative fans have a rust-resistant body, coating, etc. But it doesn’t come with any special features.

Final words

As the summer season is approaching nearer, most people will start finding better quality ceiling fans, which are of high-quality and cost-friendly. The above-given list of branded ceiling fans is of superior quality having advanced features and is available at lower costs that will surprise you.

You will definitely like to make a deal with the most suitable ceiling fan and to have cooled surrounding during baking and burning summer season, which is already here. Every product is described in detail in the list given above. Take your time and find out the most wanted ceiling fan from the list and book your order today.

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