10 Best Ceiling Fans Under 2000 Rs. In 2022

Summertime is here in India, and all households are rushing to get hold of a new fan for their homes like catching a genie in a bottle! Beating the heat at peak hours of the day when your sweat just doesn’t want to escape your body (much like the last sigh of relief after winter!), isn’t an easy task! We are reviewing ceiling fans under 2000.

Best Ceiling Fans Under 2000

But does all that work when you don’t have the basic necessity of summertime, right? Your ceiling fan! It’s moving so slow that you can literally see the blades making rounds! Don’t you think it’s time you ditch that old piece garbage and buy yourself a brand new beauty to beat the heat this summer? We have a list of the best budget ceiling fans for you, for summer 2022! Look through and make your choice!

1. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan (White)

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Our first choice of the fan on our list of ceiling fans on a budget is also Amazon’s choice. The fan comes with a replacement guarantee within 10 days and an overall warranty of two years.Its features include 3 wide 1200 mm blades to ensure the wider conical spread of air, and a motor with a standard fan speed of 380 RPM (Rotations per Minute)

  • The fan is aerodynamically designed with wider blades for better strength and air thrust.
  • Contains a bigger motor for better dissipation of heat.
  • The motor is powerful and produces higher rotational speed.

  • Due to higher RPM, the fan makes excessive air noise.
  • It is so loud at full speed that you might have a hard time talking on your phone in the room.

2. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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If you like classy and simple styling for your interiors, this is the ceiling fan for you. The size of its blades is 1200 mm, and they have a high speed of 480 RPM. This is a crazy high RPM count for a regular ceiling fan, and at such an affordable price.

It comes with a 10-day replacement warranty, this fan comes in a classic brown color that can go well with any kind of interior decoration. The highest speed is 480 RPM, which is way higher than any standard ceiling fan; it runs super fast and has an excellent cooling effect.

  • Looks good in simple or even fancy interiors as it gives a muted hue to the room, ideal for modern interiors.
  • It comes with long durability.
  • Excellent performance even on low voltages, so if you live in an area that has fluctuating electricity voltage, this is the right fan for you.

  • The motor dynamo cap plastic is thin, and it has a risk of cracking during installation.
  • Makes a buzzing sound at full speed, which is normal for most fans with this count of RPM, but if you have health problems like migraine or sinus, it might cause you added trouble.
  • Customers have reported low durability for a few models of this fan.

3. Crompton Super Briz Deco 48 inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton Super Briz Deco 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed...

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Unlike the other ceiling fans on this list that have no choice of colors, this one gives its users a plethora of color options to choose from; you can choose your fan matching with the color of your interiors and furniture! It comes in a variety of colors like white, smoked brown, brick white, or plain white or brown.

A high RPM of 400 makes it a high-speed fan as well as stands out from the rest in the lot of ceiling fans that give only about 380 RPM. There are decorative trims on the motor and blades. It is highly reliable due to its motor that is 100 percent copper wound. It ensures a lifetime of maintenance-free performance with sealed double ball bearing.

  • High style quotient adds grandeur to your interior decorations; lots of colors available for you to choose from.
  • Promises impeccable quality and timeless durability.
  • Less noise compared to the previous fan on the list, due to a little reduction in RPM.

  • Some customer reviews say that this fan had problems in functioning right after the first week.
  • Blades are too thin and are unable to spread air in the whole room.

4. Activa High Speed 390 RPM 1200mm Bee Approved 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

ACTIVA 1200 MM HIGH Speed 390 RPM BEE Approved 5 Star Rated...

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This ceiling fan is anti-dust coated and made of 100 percent copper. It comes with a 2 year warranty period as well as Amazon’s 10-day replacement guarantee. The fan is a great deal for those on a tight budget. The features of this fan include a whopping 5-star rating that ensures a low electricity bill.

The whole package comes with a fan motor, blade set, canopy set, download, and shackle; it is manufactured within the guidance of very able and qualified engineers to ensure that the fans are great quality and durable.

  • Simple in design and loaded with utilitarian features.
  • Cool and refreshing air quality and quick cooling effect.
  • The 70cm long blades are suitable for a medium to a large room.

  • The fan doesn’t reach the RPM it promises. Customers say that it reaches only about 320 to 350 RPM at its highest speed, which is a lot lower than the RPM promised.
  • Some customers received their product with banded blades.

5. Bajaj Frore 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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The price of this one is pretty affordable. This ceiling fan comes with a sweep of 1200 mm and a power rating of 56 Watts, which is crazy low for a ceiling fan and would tremendously reduce your electricity bills. The air delivery on it is 205 CMM.

The quick start motor achieves a high level of performance very quickly and brings instant user comfort.Blades of the fan help it provide more sturdiness and improve the overall stability; hence, making it more sturdy and reliable.Superior grade aluminum blades make it durable to provide consistent performance and ensure the stability of the fan, making the body lighter.

  • Double ball bearing increases the fan’s load-bearing capacity, thereby increasing the durability of the product.
  • 56 Watts of power consumption is a really low wattage for any ceiling fan, and it helps save electricity by consuming less power, guaranteeing you reduced electricity bill.
  • This is a great value for money as it comes with a whole lot of packed features as well as cuts down your electricity bill.

  • Customers who have bought this fan seem to be pretty happy with its usage, as their ratings are all above 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and they say that their Bajaj Frore fans are working flawlessly. Bajaj is a trustworthy company anyway, so buying a ceiling fan from this brand will not disappoint you.

6. Usha Super Striker 1200mm 78 Watt Ceiling Fan

Usha Super Striker 1200mm Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan (Pearl...

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This product is a stylish and sleek rendition of your regular old ceiling fan that comes in a beautiful pearl ivory color. Its features include its sleek maintenance-free design available at an optimal cost. The fan has a high lift angle of blades for a wider spread of air and better air thrust.

The highest speed of the fan is 380 RPM, along with air delivery of 225 CMM. The sweep of the fan is a standard 1200 mm with an operating voltage of 230 volts. The beautiful pearl ivory color matches with the interior decorations impeccably.The fan has trustworthy utilities, attractive looks, and very competitive pricing.

  • This fan is a perfect blend of sophistication and great hardware quality, along with superb performance.
  • It is known for its sleek and maintenance-free design.
  • With a high operating speed, this fan cools every corner of the room and makes the user comfortable within minutes.

  • Customers have reported errors in the delivery of the package, which does not necessarily have to be by the manufacturers of the fan, but might have happened due to inconvenience along the way, or some kind of shipping mishap or mix-up.
  • Some have received a different model of the fan from what they ordered; others say that the coloring on theirs looked frayed.

7. Eveready FabM 600mm Ceiling Fan

Eveready Fabm 600mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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This fan contains 4 blades instead of the standard number of blades on regular ceiling fans, which are three. This can only mean that the fan packs a bigger punch than the rest. Amazon’s 10-day replacement guarantee and free delivery are applicable to this product as well.

Double ball bearings assure stability and sturdiness of the fan. Like previously mentioned, this fan packs in a punch with its highest speed of a whopping 840 RPM, which is almost two times faster than all the other fans on the list! It also has 120 cubic meter/min of air delivery and a power rating of 60 Watts, meaning that it saves a considerable amount of electricity too. The warranty period of the fan, like all the others, is two years.

  • Motor body and blades are made of aluminum, which reduces its body weight and helps reach higher speeds.
  • Double ball bearing for better stability and added sturdiness.
  • Smaller in size and double the airspeed, it is the ideal fan for smaller rooms and has an excellent speed as well as a cooling effect.

  • It might be suitable for kitchens and balconies, but if you’re looking for a fan to install in your living room, this might not be the way to go.
  • It has smaller blades that focus the airflow to a small area only, cooling only the focused part of the room and unable to cool the whole room.

8. ACTIVA APSRA 1200 MM High Speed 390 RPM

ACTIVA Apsra Brown1200 MM Sweep 390 RPM High Speed BEE...

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The power consumption of this fan is 30 Watts. The fan has a total of 5 adjustable speed settings and comes with a standard warranty period of 2 years. This ceiling fan operates on a voltage range of 220V to 240V.

The package that it comes in includes the main unit, the blades, and a manual along with the warranty card. A power-efficient fan that can help reduce your electricity bill if you’re looking for a fan that will consume less power in your home.

  • Equipped with a powerful motor along with long, elegant sweeping blades, this fan delivers a very good air performance.
  • Not only does it seamlessly cool down any room, but it also comes in an earthy and neutral brown colour that blends well with any kind of interiors.

  • Power consumption is also not too extraordinarily low, considering that the fan is costlier than many of its peers.

9. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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This fan is not only different from the others in color, but also in its great features. Its power consumption stands at 40 Watts and air delivery at 200 cubic meters per minute. The maximum speed that this fan can reach is 370 RPM. The blades of this ceiling fan are made of aluminum alloy for a seamless flow of air throughout the room.

The fan is shielded with double ball bearings to ensure operational reliability and the overall sturdiness of the fan. It comes with a superior high-speed motor for better delivery of cooling effect and air throughout the room.

  • Air delivery is considerably high at 200 cubic meters per minute, and the rotational speed of 370 RPM is just optimal for a suitable fan for use over a period of prolonged years.
  • Resistance to corrosion is available for longtime use, ensuring that the maintenance cost of this fan is low.
  • Sleek and lightweight body made of aluminum helps to achieve higher speed, quicker.
  • Double shielded ball bearings for operational reliability.
  • Superior high-speed motor for better air delivery.

  • There’s nothing not to like about this fan! The only minor issue can be that its power consumption is slightly higher than the other ceiling fans mentioned don’t his list. But, it is still a value buy for the money!

10. Bajaj Frore 1200 mm

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (White)

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Last but not the least, on our list of ceiling fans on a budget, we have the Bajaj Wave ceiling fan packs a punch with its design and functionality. With stylish looks and very fresh, different colors of ruby red, this fan is the highest priced ceiling fan in this list.

The motor is high speed for better performance. It comes with wider blades for superior air delivery as well as air thrust. The blades are made of aluminum for better strength while also being light in weight. The fan comes with a standard warranty period of two years.

  • Die casted aluminum motor and blades for a lightweight and sturdy body.
  • Pre-greased double ball bearings for increased stability.
  • Unique trims, canopy, and bottom cover for batteries aesthetics.
  • Wider blades for better air thrust and superior air delivery.
  • Blades made of aluminum for increased strength.

  • This product does not have any e bad reviews from customers. All customers who have used this have given it 5 stars! So, you can try the fan for yourself to add to the style quotient of your house, and not just that; it also significantly delivers better quality of air as well as cool down a room in a matter of minutes.

List of Best Ceiling Fans Under 2000

Buying Guide for the Best Ceiling Fans Under 2000

Consider all these following points while buying the best ceiling fan for your home. Look for all these aspects.

1) Fan Blade Sizes and Material

Usually, fans come in three to five blades. The traditional number is four. The more you’ll put blades on your fan, then you have to pay more for it. Blades come in several lengths 30, 42, 44, 46, 50, 52, and 60. Long blades move more air as compared to the shorter ones. 

2) The Area Where You’re about to Put the Fan

Each location is exposed to some unique weather elements. So, we would advise you to go for fans, which is meant for a particular location—the location where you’re about to put your fan influences the performance and functionality of the fan. So, keep this in mind while purchasing a fan. 

3) Quality Ceiling Fan

We would advise you not to go for low-quality ceiling fans. There are affordable brands in the market. You would get a lot of options. So, don’t settle for less. A good quality expensive ceiling fan has good features like the airflow is good. But a low-budgeted product doesn’t have all these aspects. So, go for the one that suits your budget.

4) Choosing the Right Ceiling fan for your home      

Rooms up to 75 sq. ft. = 29 in – 36 in

Rooms 76 sq. ft. – 144 sq. ft. = 36 in – 42 in

Rooms 144 sq. ft. – 225 sq. ft. = 44 in

Rooms 225 sq. ft. – 400 sq. ft. = 50 in – 54 in

5) Ceilings Fan Controls

There are three types of fan controls. 

  • Remote Control: This is the most convenient control type. This control is highly recommended for people of old age. When a fan is placed in an inconvenient location, then it can be controlled with the remote control. 
  • Wall Control:  You can control the airflow with the press of a button. This control is suitable for the kitchen, living room, and dining room. 
  • Pull Chain: This pull chain is suitable for guests’ rooms and low-profile ceiling fans. 

6) Different Ceiling Fan Mounting Options

There are numerous ceiling fan mounting options. We will take a look at different mounting options to optimize the airflow and perfectly fit well in your space. 

  • Hugger Ceiling Fans: These fans are suitable for the low ceiling (8 feet or shorter). There is very little space between the ceiling and the fan’s motor. 
  • Close to Ceiling Fans:  A down rod of 3 to 5 inches is placed in between the fan and the ceiling canopy. These fans are ideal for spaces with ceiling to floor height of 9 feet. 
  • Ceiling Fans with a High Ceiling: It would be great if you add a down rod to your ceiling fan to extend it. Most ceiling fans have a down rod as a mounting option. They are going to be placed in rooms with a high ceiling. 

Ceiling Fans on the Sloped Ceiling: If the ceiling of your house is sloppy, then you need an adaptor to hang the fan straight. Some fans come with a down rod that would rotate. But if you want a ceiling fan that is suitable for the inclined ceiling, then check the product descriptions while buying one.

Bottom Line

So, here are all the best ceiling fans for you to not just cure your summertime hot flashes, but also go easy on your pocket amidst all the beach shopping and fruit juices you’ll be sticking up on! All of these have unique features and a variety of advantages.

Each one has one great feature or the other to offer and at a very affordable price? Did you pick your favorite one yet? Go, unpack the box and install the best ceiling fan for your house today!

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