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Last updated July 7th, 2022

India is a tropical country, so the market is flooded with a variety of ceiling fans for extremely hot summer. Ceiling fans are a cheap way to survive hot summer days. People do buy air conditioners, but almost every Indian house has a ceiling fan You need a well-built fan for long, tedious summer days so that it can provide good ventilation and cool down the temperature of your room. You can comfortably sit in your room and relax. We would advise you not to buy any product with just a glance. When you’re at the showroom, ask for professional help, and ask them questions.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Cooling Fans for Home in India

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Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)
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  • Sweep : 1200mm, Power : 56W, Air Delivery : 205CMM
  • Double Ball Bearing : Increases load bearing capacity and durability
  • Quick-start High Torque Motor : Provides instant comfort by achieving high performance quickly
  • Ribbed Blades : Improves Blades Stability
  • Warranty : 2 years on product
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Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)
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  • Blade size- 1200 mm (48 Inches). Blade material: GP. Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts.Remote:No;Super reliable and efficient copper motor. Bottom Cover material: Aluminium
  • Simple design for simple lifestyle. Top Cover Material: CRCA;Number of Poles: 12 ; Power Consumption (in Watts): 40 ; Number of Speed Setting: 5
  • Power consumption: 78 Watts. Downrod Length: 206 mm;Comes in brown and white color options; Inverter compatible;RPM: 360. Air Delivery: 200 m3/min
  • Service Value: 2.5 CMM/Watt. Warranty: 2 year on product. Includes: Motor box, Blades, Canopy set, Down rod, Warranty card and User manual
  • Controller Type: Remote Control; Mounting Type: Downrod Mount; Material Type: Metal
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CROMPTON Sea Sapphira 1200 mm Ultra High Speed…

CROMPTON Sea Sapphira 1200 mm Ultra High Speed 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (Lustre Brown, Pack of 1)
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  • PRODUCT: Crompton's corrosion resistant high performance fan with powder-coated blades for enhanced aesthetics
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1200 mm, Power consumption 72 W, Speed 380 RPM, Air delivery 200 CMM
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades
  • STURDY: 2-piece construction to ensure stability and silent operation
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 motor, set of 3 blades, set of 2 canopy, 1 down rod, 1 shackle assembly, product manual along with warranty card
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Crompton Hill Briz Deco 1200mm (48 inch) High…

Crompton Hill Briz Deco 1200mm (48 inch) High Speed Designer Ceiling Fan (Smoked Brown)
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  • PRODUCT: Crompton's premium design ceiling fan with a strong cooling effect TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep Size 1200 mm; Speed 380 RPM; Air Delivery 210 CMM; Input Power 70W
  • SUPERIOR COMPONENTS: 100% copper motor, double ball bearings and dynamically balanced blades
  • RUST FREE: Powder coated aluminium blades offer life long corrosion resistance
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Ceiling Fan, 1 Motor, Set of Blades, Set of 2 Canopy, 1 Down Rod, 1 Shackle assembly, Instructions Manual and Warranty Card
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Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy…

Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy Saving Ceiling Fan with Remote| 3 Year On-Site Warranty | 5 Star Rated (Gold, Pack of 1
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  • INTELLIGENT BLDC MOTOR TO SAVE UPTO INR 7000 ANNUALLY: Energy-efficient motor consumes only 26 W of energy at the highest speed; being a 5-star rated fan, I-Tome saves upto INR 7000 annually on your electricity bill
  • NOISELESS MOTOR OPERATION: Enjoy silent operation of fan through intelligent BLDC motor
  • INVERTER STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Runs consistently at the same speed even at low and fluctuating voltages between 140-270 W
  • SMART REMOTE FOR EASE OF OPERATION: Control your fan at the click of a button! Orient’s smart remote comes with 5 speed settings and smart features like Boost mode and Timer functionality for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours
  • HIGH SPEED & AIR FLOW: I-Tome operates at a high speed of 370 RPM with air delivery of 220 CMM
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Orient Electric Laurel 1200mm High Speed Ceiling Fan…

Orient Electric Laurel 1200mm High Speed Ceiling Fan (Topaz Gold)
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  • UNIQUE DESIGN AND FINISH: Beautifully-crafted metallic blades and designer trims to suit the modern décor of your home
  • HIGH SPEED & AIR FLOW: Laurel operates at a high speed of 370 RPM with air delivery of 230 CMM to cover maximum area of your room
  • LOW-NOISE 100% COPPER MOTOR: 14-pole pure copper motor ensure product longevity and low noise
  • RUST PROOF: Coated with rust-proof metallic paint
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The fan’s metallic coating ensures easy, hassle-free cleaning of blades
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Havells Festiva 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Gold…

Havells Festiva 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist)
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  • Design and finish exotic rich looks with modern styling
  • Aerodynamically Blade Shape
  • Speed: 400 RPM; Air Delivery: 230 CMM
  • Wider tip blade
  • 2 years comprehensive warranty
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Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm, Sparkle Golden and Brown
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  • Beautifully crafted Dual-Color designs for the modern décor with Goodbye Dust Finish ; Sweep Size (mm): 1250 ; No. of Blades:3 ; RPM @ 230v: 380 ; Performs well even at low voltage. Power Input 85 W;Dust Resistant: Say Goodbye to dust with Usha Goodbye Dust fans with ‘Novel Silane Paint Technology from PPG Asian Paints’.Reversible Rotation : No.Remote:No
  • Oil and Moisture Resistant: Coated with Dust Resistant lacquer, the Goodbye Dust series presents a highly Oleophobic and Hydrophobic surface, Number of Speed Settings: 4;Scratch and Stain Resistant: The superior polyurethane coating provides an ideal low energy surface, which is both scratch and stain resistant
  • Easy to Clean: The fan's unique coating ensures easy hassle-free cleaning of the blade surface and especially along the edges, where dust generally gathers;Designed to perform well even at low voltage; High Speed-380 RPM (Revolutions per minute) and air delivery of 240m3/min;Electroplated Finish in Trim and Canopy
  • Unique Blade design for high Air delivery and thrust;Warranty: 2 Year's Manufacturer Warranty. Includes: Fan Motor, Top Canopy, Bottom Canopy, Shackle Assembly, Down Rod - Each - 1 N, Blade Set Seperately - 1 Set
  • Mounting Type: Downrod Mount; Controller Type: Button Control; Finish Type: Oil Rubbed; Material Type: Aluminium
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Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Indigo…

Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Indigo Blue)
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  • 1200 Wider blade for higher air delivery. Rated frequency : 50 Hz
  • Exotic rich looks with modern styling. Remote : No
  • Hi Speed performance having 390 revolution per minute
  • Provide air delivery 220 cubic metre
  • 2 year comphrehensive warranty
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Crompton Highspeed Markle Prime Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Crompton Highspeed Markle Prime Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan with Energy Efficient 55W Motor - 1200 mm (Red Velvet)
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  • Enhance the look of your living space with HighSpeed Markle Designer Anti-Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Unique Holographic Royal Effect on Decorative Trims. Energy Efficient 55W Motor ensures powerful savings of 26% compared to conventional 75W fans
  • Crompton's unique high speed motor ensures a best in class air delivery of 225 CMM and guarantees comfort. 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades. Superior components for longer life!
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty provided by Crompton from date of purchase. Sweep Size = 1200 mm; Speed = 370 RPM; Air Delivery = 225 CMM; Input Power = 55W
  • For on-site after-sales service with home visit: Call 1800190505 or Crompton's Website. Installation is not provided by brand
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Buying Guide for the Best Ceiling Fans for Cooling Your Home

There are mainly three types of ceiling fans, namely:

  • Standard Ceiling Fans: These are the most common ceiling fans used in Indian houses. They comprise three to five blades, which makes it ideal for bedrooms and dining spaces. Standard ceiling fans come in amazing designs and colors. So, getting the perfect one for your home won’t be a problem.
  • Directional Ceiling Fans: These fans are smaller compared to standard ceiling fans. These types of fans are not meant for huge spaces. If a particular area needs ventilation, then these directional fans can come in handy.
  • Dual Motor Ceiling Fans: These types of fans are ideal for parlors. They comprised of two-directional fans fixed with the help of small rods, which is again connected to the single main rod.
  • Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fans: The directional and standard ceiling fans that meet the requirement of the energy star rated ceiling fans are listed below.
  • Commercial and Industrial Ceiling Fans: As the name suggests, this type of fan is ideal for huge spaces like shopping malls, school auditoriums, and industrial buildings. They have six to eight blades for high airflow. These fans are suitable for rooms with elevated ceilings.
  • Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans: These are standard fans or dual motor ceiling fans but with a variant. The variant is that you can control it with the help of a remote. You can also add a lighting kit if you want to make it look more attractive and fit in with the interior of the house.

The size of Your Room

You must know the square footage of your room to get the right ceiling fan. For that measure, the length and width of your room then multiply it by 2 meters. So, according to your room, you can always go with a larger fan, but the wrong fit can significantly jeopardize the overall quality of air flow within the room.

The Warranty on the Product

It depends on manufacturer to manufacturer. We would suggest you go for at least a brand which provides two years of warranty on the product. Moreover, you can also check the reviews if you have some doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What are the benefits of using the remote control? 

Well, remote fans are a convenient way to control the fan. It would be easy for you to control the fan during the night time when you’re about to sleep, and you want to lower the speed of your fan. You don’t want to get up at that time; the remote control comes in handy.

2) What are the best brands for ceiling fans in India?

Havells, Orient, Atomberg, Bajaj, and Gorilla are some of the best brands in India. They have quality products at an affordable price.

3) Should I shop online or offline? 

It is your choice whether you want to buy a ceiling fan online or from a local shop. They both have advantages and disadvantages. If you go online shopping, then you can’t see the pictures of the product, and after you get the product, returning it would be a problem. If you get a fan from a local shop, then obviously you can get professional help, but you won’t get a discount and a variety of models as you get. But returning it and asking for an exchange won’t be a problem. So, choose what suits you best.

4) How can I get the right ceiling fan for my home? 

Getting a ceiling fan by just looking at its color and style won’t be good. You have to consider other factors as well. The motor used, the finishing, its speed, the size of the blades, and the airflow. You also need to know how trustworthy is the brand that you’re willing to buy products from. How many years of warranty is there on the product? Is their service good or not? Then only you can make a good purchase.

5) Why does my fan make weird noise while it is in use? 

It is okay; every fan makes noise while it’s in use. But if it is making some weird noise, then contact your dealer to give you a visit. There would be many reasons; it can be because of improper mounting, cheap quality motor, bent blades, etc.

6) Can I add light to the ceiling fan

Yes, you can add light to the ceiling fan. You need to buy a light kit for that. Generally, there are three variants you can choose from: LED, fluorescent, and halogen. This is not mandatory, but for people who wants to make their space look more attractive and comfortable.

7) Is it possible to get a custom size down rod? 

Down rods, if not threaded at both the ends, can be custom cut. But you cannot purchase a down rod at a custom length.

The Bottom Line

You can rely on this article if you have any questions in regard to ceiling fans. Most people love ceiling fans with stylish finishing, whereas some don’t. You can get a lot of variants. You can add lighting as well if you want to make your space look attractive.

Moreover, ceiling fans come with different finishing. So, choose the best one as per your need and budget. We hope this article was helpful.

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