10 Best Exhaust Fans in India 2022 (For Kitchen & Bathroom)

We all live in closed spaces and the fact is that the houses are now much more covered then they were ever before. There is no debate regarding the fact that people pay a lot of attention to the ventilation while constructing new houses but what do you do when you still feel the lack of ventilation in the house?

Best Exhaust Fans

Best Buy Exhaust Fan Online in India

Here is the list of top 10 exhaust fans available in India in 2022. You can check out the reviews below along with the detailed list of the Features, Pros and Cons. This way, you will get an idea about the complete aspect of the product and for more information, you can also visit the product page with the help of the link listed along with each product.

1. Anchor by Panasonic Ventilation Fan

anchor by panasonic Ventilation Fan Kool Air (150mm, White)

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We all know that Panasonic has come up with different electronic products. For exhaust fans, it came up with another brand called Anchor. It is a blend of superior performance along with better safety. The Anchor exhaust fan by Panasonic offers cool ventilation making it perfect for Indian conditions.

Anchor ventilation fan has a rotation of 1350 RPM that can offer air delivery of 300 CMH. It has a powerful motor along with a durable body. What makes it offer superior safety is that it comes with a thermal overload protector. You will also find a grill on the front that can prevent foreign materials. It aids in easy mounting due to the lightweight construction.


  • Available in sizes of 150 MM, 200 MM, and 250 MM.
  • Air sweep of 150 mm with air delivery of 300 CMH.
  • Helps to reduce power bills with a power rating of 35 watts.
  • The fan offers extra safety with a thermal overload protector.

  • Six rust-proof blades for powerful air movement.
  • Safety guard available on both sides.
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • It is relatively noisy.

2. Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventil Air DB 300mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

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The second one on our list is from Havells and this one is one of the most common designs which needs to be latched to the wall with help of the screws. This model of exhaust fan is available in a regular green colour which should not be an issue when it is being installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

The motor has pure copper winding and there is also a double ball bearing assembly to ensure that the wear and tear are minimal. The fan is slightly heavy because of the metal construction and it has 4 blades in total which throws the air out and ensures a clean and comfortable room. If you do not mind spending a little extra then we would surely recommend you to opt for this exhaust fan from Havells.


  • Has a sweep of 300 mm and Air Delivery of 1850 cu. m/h
  • Power rating of 80 watts
  • Has a bird guard attached to the exhaust
  • Comes with double ball bearing motor

  • The company offers a warranty of 2 years on this product
  • Has a very heavy duty motor which is very durable
  • Good air delivery and efficiency

  • Slightly expensive when compared to other products

3. Vendoz Kitchen Exhaust Aluminium Fan

Vendoz AC Medium Kitchen Exhaust Aluminium Fan, 6.70'inches...

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If you are looking for quality as well as affordability, then Vendoz exhaust fan can be the right choice for you. Vendoz exhaust fans are available in multiple sizes and have an attractive look. The brand is also affordable making it an ideal choice for Indian homes.

What makes Vendoz exhaust fan highly reliable is that it comes with a fully enclosed motor. The permanently lubricated design also enables easy maintenance. It has lightweight aluminum construction so that there will be hassle-free mounting. Even the attractive design makes it great for different environments.


  • Superior rotation speed of 2500 RPM delivers a powerful cooling effect.
  • Option to choose from three fan sizes.
  • Plastic P.B.T blade material for optimal cooling performance.
  • Thermoplastic impeller meets the flammability standards of UL 94.

  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • UL 94 certification for thermal protection.
  • Ultra-compact design for space efficiency.

  • The casing is not very sturdy.

4. DIGISMART 150 MM HIGH Speed 1600 RPM

DIGISMART ELECTRICAL 150 mm HIGH Speed 1600 RPM (6 inches )...

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If you are not willing to spend a lot of money and if you are looking for an exhaust fan that can serve the purpose in a small room then you must check out this full-body exhaust fan from Digismart. This exhaust fan has a motor made of pure copper and in addition to this, the fan also integrates some of the safety features which protect the exhaust fan from thermal burnout in case of voltage fluctuation.

The power consumption of this exhaust fan is minimal because of small design so you would not have to worry about the rising electricity bills either. In terms of the fan blades, they are designed with plastic and the advantage that these fan blades have is that they are corrosion-proof. The three-blade fan removes enough air to provide a comfortable working environment for you in home or office.


  • Comes with thermal overload protection
  • Has a sweep of 150 mm
  • The maximum speed of the motor is 1600 rpm and the motor has pure copper design
  • Ideal for bathroom, stores, kitchen and offices

  • Priced at a very affordable price.
  • Comes with 6 months of the warranty period
  • Extremely lightweight and made of rust-free material

  • Features a 3 blade design

5. Bajaj Bahar Exhaust Fan

Bajaj Bahar 300mm Exhaust Fan (Metallic Grey)

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Bajaj is another popular brand in India that has been consistent to come up with quality products. Since its inception, Bajaj has launched many products that have made the lives of people better. Even the exhaust fan by Bajaj is a quality product that also offers better performance.

The Bajaj exhaust fan offers air delivery of 1250 CMH with its powerful motor. The high speed of 1400 RPM can be perfect to have a cooling effect. The exhaust fan also features a strong metal body for enhanced longevity. It is also very lightweight making it easy to mount. With low energy consumption, it also helps to lower the power bills.


  • Offers improved speed with 1400 RPM and 225 sweep size.
  • It has a power consumption of 42 watts for reducing electricity bills.
  • The rustproof construction offers better durability.
  • Lightweight construction allows having easy mounting.

  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • Small design helps to save space.
  • Air rate delivery of 600 CMH.

  • The speed could be better. 

6. HM Pure Multi-Purpose Exhaust Fan

HM Pure Copper High Speed Multi Purpose Euro Axial Exhaust...

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HM Industries has focused itself to come up with some of the best fan models. It will meet all your needs as you will have an array of choices. HM exhaust fans also come at an affordable value making them an ideal choice for Indian homes.

The exhaust fan can be a perfect addition to kitchens and bathrooms. The perfect design and low sound make it an apt choice for study rooms and offices. It also comes in an energy-saving design so that there will be efficient performance. The copper winding motor and seven-blade design make it deliver superior performance.


  • ABS material with UV resistance for longer working life.
  • The copper winding motor can make a rotation of 2200 RPM.
  • Low noise design facilitates efficient indoor HVAC cooling.
  • 6-inch axial fan design for remarkable cooling performance.

  • The warranty period of 1 year.
  • Attractive design for easy wall mounting.
  • Low-watt motor for continuous operation.
  • Suction power could be better.



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HM Industries has quickly emerged as a leading fan manufacturer in India. One of the best things about the brand HM is that it offers quality and affordable products. Even this exhaust fan has many features along with an attractive look.

This HM exhaust fan facilitates efficient ventilation with its low noise design. It features a 100% copper winding motor with a rotational speed of 2400 RPM. What makes it deliver incredible performance is that it comes with a blade size of 8 inches. You can even use it in offices and study rooms as it is very attractive.


  • 100% copper winding motor with a blade size of 100mm.
  • Powerful air delivery with rotation of 2400 RPM.
  • Low power consumption of 21 watts delivers efficient performance.
  • Moisture-proof motor for low loss and low vibration.

  • The warranty offered is one year.
  • A High-quality ABS shell enhances durability.
  • Attractive design blends in any environment.

  • The average rating is not very high.

8. STARVIN Hotline Ashoka Iron Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

STARVIN Fresh Air Exhaust Fan| 300 mm (12 inch) with 1...

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On number 8 we have a traditional looking exhaust fan from Starvin. This fan has an iron body and hence it is a heavy-duty form. This exhaust fan can be mounted to the wall with help of the screws. The fan has a low noise so it doesn’t interfere with the daily chores.

The fan is manufactured in India and there are no quality issues as well. You can go ahead and check out this fan and we are sure that you will not face any issue with the quality here. The fan also has a safety grid on the exterior which protects the birds from getting in when the fan is not in use. This is certainly a recommended product if you are looking for something that is made of metal.


  • Has an iron body which is very sturdy
  • Has copper winding and the fan has a size of 12 inches.
  • This exhaust has a sweep of 300 mm and it features a 3 blade design
  • The fan has a speed of 2500 rpm

  • Can be used in bathroom, office, kitchen and stores.
  • The body and the blades are very durable
  • Copper winding motors works really well and is very efficient

  • No warranty information available.

9. DIGISMART Pure Copper Exhaust Fan

DIGISMART Pure Copper 1600 RPM HIGH Speed Motor AXIAL Fan...

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If you need a fan that is quite small then you can check out this exhaust fan from DIGISMART. This fan has dimensions of 4 inches on each side and hence it can easily fit into the glass windows or even fiber glass sheds. The fan is made of plastic and the fan has 7 blade fins to promote a good airflow when you are using this exhaust.

The exhaust fan also has guards behind it and those works really well for stopping the dust from entering the house. The operation of this fan is fairly noiseless so you do not have to worry about the noise. You can use this fan in your kitchen, bathroom or even cabins to promote a healthy airflow.


  • Has each side measuring 4 inches.
  • The plastic body is durable and made of good quality material.
  • The body is made of abs and hence rusting will never be an issue
  • Has a 7 blade design to offer optimal airflow

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Quite an affordable option to opt for.
  • Has a copper winding motor which is certainly long lasting, durable and efficient

  • Doesn’t have a good brand value but the warranty can cover you easily.

10. Crompton Greaves Drift Air Plus Exhaust Fan

Crompton Greaves Drift Air Plus Exhaust Fan - 300 mm...

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Crompton is one brand that is synonyms while buying fans in India. It has come up with different fan models which make it one of the leading fan manufacturers in the country. This exhaust fan by Crompton comes in a superior design that makes it deliver incredible performance.

Equipped with aerodynamics blades, the Crompton Greaves Drift Air Plus exhaust fan helps in better air delivery. With its powerful air suction, there will be clean and odorless air. It can offer air delivery of 1160 CMH with a high speed of 1350 RPM. The fan also comes in an attractive design that makes it ideal for different locations.


  • Sweep size of 300 mm for better air delivery.
  • Powerful rotation speed improves efficiency and air performance.
  • Silent air suction enhances ventilation.
  • The rust-free attractive body offers better aesthetics.

  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • Option to choose from two sizes.
  • Aerodynamic blades improve speed.

  • High speed is not very high.

List of Best Exhaust Fans

How to Choose the Right Exhaust Fan?

What do you think is the best solution to the problem? Air fresheners? Diffusers? Well, these things may mask the odour but they are certainly not the best solution to the problem. The best solution would be to get an exhaust fan in Bathroom and in Kitchen.

The exhaust fan can help you in taking the stale air out and then replace it with the fresh air. Odour and Moisture are also kicked out of the room or the house when you use an exhaust fan. So, the exhaust fan would not just mask the odour but it will eliminate it completely.

You will also come across people who have ducts installed in the bedroom so as to place an exhaust fan there. Exhaust fans can also make air conditioning much better in the summer season. If you use the exhaust before turning on the AC, the exhaust will remove the warm air from the room at a faster pace and hence the Air Condition works much more efficiently.

If you already do not have an exhaust fan installed then you can certainly install one as the process is not expensive and it takes few minutes to complete the installation. There are several types of exhaust fans available and you will also find the ones with back cover which can stop the mosquitoes and dust from entering the room.

So, let us move ahead and check out the different types of exhaust fans along with other details of the exhaust fans that can be installed in the Kitchen, Bathroom or even Bedroom. We have compiled and listed all the possible information on this single page so that you do not have to scan through multiple pages in order to find out about the best exhaust fans in the market.

There are dozens of brands available in India for exhaust fans and each brand has several products in their lineup so how do you really choose the right exhaust fan for yourself? Well, the easy way to choose the best exhaust fan is by understanding your needs and knowing the factors that can impact your purchase. To understand this, check out the buying guide listed below.

Number of Blades

You will be able to find many different types of exhaust fans and the main variation would be in the number of blades in the fan. You will come across the ones which have as less as 2 blades and you will also come across the exhaust fans that have as many as 5 blades.

You can choose the ones which have a high number of blades as they would work well at low RPM and they will be highly efficient in removing the odour.

Blade Composition

When we say blade composition, what we really mean is the material that the blade is made up of. You will come across the blades that are made of plastic as well as metal. The ones made of plastic are much better in terms of durability because you would not face any issue with the corrosion of the blade. Plastic blades do not corrode and they are also cheap to replace so our vote goes to plastic blades.


It is also worth checking the sound levels of the exhaust fan. There are some of the exhaust fans with heavy motors which can really prove to be noisy and they can be a trouble for the rest of the members in the house. We are sure that you do not wish to arise any such situation so check out for the noise level of the fan that you are planning to purchase. This will most certainly help you in choosing the right fan for your home.

Size of the Assembly

One size fits all is not true in case of the exhaust fans. You need to understand the size of assembly which can fit in your wall or the duct. There are different size options available and so check the appropriate size for your fan and make the purchase as per the right size otherwise your purchase may not be worth it and you might have to return the product. It is best to check with an electrician about the size requirements.

CFM Capacity

CFM stands for Cubic per Minute and this is the capacity of the airflow per minute. The higher CFM signifies a better fan and in case of these exhaust fans, you will find products with a CFM of 50 to 100 and a sweep size of 200 to 300. The higher is the better as per the norm but you can choose this on basis of the size of the room. If you have a small kitchen then the lower capacity will be okay but there will be a trade-off with the efficiency as well.

External Guard

Now external guard has become one of the most important features for the exhaust fans and you must also pay attention to this. The exhaust fan must have an external guard which not only prevents lizards and birds from housing the assembly but it will also protect them for times when you switch on the fan.

In addition to this, the external guard will prevent any dust from entering the house. You will find the fans which come with automatic external guards.

Design and Colours

Since you will be installing the exhaust fan inside your house, you need to pay special attention to the design and the colour. We are sure that you do not wish to purchase anything that looks really ugly so check out the colours and ensure that the colour matches your interiors.

These days, you will come across exhaust fans which are really attractive and they would not spoil the ambience of your kitchen or bathroom. The models that come with a plastic body cover looks the best.

Power Consumption

Check for power consumption as this would determine the efficiency of the exhaust fans. If the motor is really powerful with high CFM and sweep then the power consumption will be high and it will consume more of electricity.

t certainly makes sense to purchase the powerful exhaust fans to make them more effective but again, there will be a trade-off between the power consumption and power of the fan. Choose carefully and purchase accordingly.


Budget is certainly an important thing to consider. You must set a budget for yourself and then search for the models accordingly. Many mid-range products are available in the market and it makes sense to check them out during the sale period as you will be able to get the same product at discounted rates. So, go ahead and set a budget before you start looking for the available exhaust fans in the market.


The next thing to check is the warranty that is applicable to the products. You need to ensure that you are getting a product that has at least 1 year of warranty applicable. You will also come across the products that offer 2 years of warranty but then you might have to pay a premium for that. Overall, we would recommend you to avoid products without warranty


This is the last point in our buying guide and as a thumb rule, opt for the exhaust fans only from the reliable brands. It may prove to be a potential fire hazard if you opt for a low-quality brand. Pay special attention to the market value and reputation of the brand that you are choosing.

If you consider these 11 factors listed above then we are sure that you will be able to find the right exhaust fan for your bathroom or kitchen. You need to be selective and you need to understand your needs on basis of the factors listed above.

Note: You have been through the buying guide and we are sure that there will be some of us who would still be confused about which product to choose. To help everyone, we have listed some of the best products along with their reviews in the section below.

As per a general observation, mid-range products offer the best value for money and the best utility to the end consumer. It would be wise to consider the power consumption and other features along with the warranty associated with each of these products while making the purchase. Pay special attention to the type of winding in the Exhaust Fan and you may also go ahead and seek suggestions from your friends who already use exhaust fans in their home.

What are the Benefits of Exhaust Fan for Bathroom, Kitchen & Bedroom?

You have already been through a lot of information for the exhaust fans and we are sure that this information would have helped you in making critical choice. Well, if you are still confused and if you are still not sure regarding your purchase then check out the benefits of purchasing an exhaust fan and we are sure that this will help you in coming to a concrete decision.

So, here are more details

  • Humidity – The first and the most important benefit of using an exhaust fan is that it reduces the humidity levels in the room drastically. This is really important to ensure proper perspiration during the hot and dry days. Since the exhaust fan removes the air from the room, the humidity is also reduced drastically. It is a must have in bathrooms, washing areas and in the kitchen as well.
  • Fumes and odour – The second benefit of having an exhaust fan is that it can help you in getting rid of fumes and odour. After a spicy meal, the toilet area can get really stinky and the air fresheners might only be able to help you with masking the odour. In such a case, the exhaust fan can prove to be of great help as it can throw all the stinky air outside the bathroom and hence freshening up the bathroom for the next person. The same is the case in the kitchen. It can simply remove the smell of the strong curry from the kitchen and stop it from spreading around the room.
  • Smoke and Pollutant – Another good part about the exhaust fan is that it can remove the smoke and other such pollutants from the room. This scenario is especially true for the kitchen. The exhaust fan can actually remove the smoke while you are frying parathas or any other thing and in addition to this, the exhaust fan is quite effective in removing the carbon dioxide which is generated during the usage of LPG stove.
  • Heat – In certain cases, the exhaust fan will remove the heat from the room as well. This is true when the temperature of the room exceeds the normal temperature outside. This could be because of various reasons but the exhaust fan will circulate the air and remove the heat/
  • Maintenance of Walls – If the room is very humid then there are chances that the fabric inside the room and the walls of the room may start accumulating moisture and it may show signs of that. The walls may also accumulate tar if you have smoke inside the room. The exhaust fan can save you from such a turmoil.
  • Comfort – Lastly, the exhaust fan will improve the comfort levels inside the home with the help of all these factors listed above. Moreover, it is a convenient method and economical method to improve the comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions regarding the exhaust fans and to help you, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Find out the answers below.

  • How does the exhaust fan work?

The working principle behind the exhaust fan is quite simple. They simply suck out the air of the room and when they are sucking the air out from the room, the ventilation causes the fresh air to get inside the room from elsewhere.

This warm and humid air that is sucked in by the exhaust fan is then expelled out of the room with help of the duct system or it is directly expelled out. Talking about the fresh air, it can get inside the room from anywhere. It can be from the door or any other opening in the room.

  • Does an exhaust fan cool the room?

Ideally, the exhaust fan does not cool the room like a cooler or an air conditioner does but what an exhaust fan does is that it removes the hot and humid air from the room. Now the reason for this accumulation of the hot air could be like running electronics, running shower, or even by stoves.

The exhaust fan would vent out this air and hence reduces the temperature of the room. Lack of proper ventilation in the first place causes this accumulation of hot air so to answer the question precisely, the exhaust fan can help you in cooling the room in certain conditions.

  • How do you size an exhaust fan?

The size of the exhaust fan is dependent on several factors. The first one is the size of the duct that is in the room and hence you need to match the size of the exhaust fan assembly with the size of the duct if you do not want to incur any extra expense. As per another thumb rule, the CFM capacity of the exhaust fan should be determined as per the size of the room.

So, if your kitchen is 6 feet x 5 feet in dimensions then you need an exhaust fan with a minimum capacity of 30 CFM.

  • What is the difference between the exhaust fan and the ventilation fan?

As per the information available, there is no difference between the exhaust fan and the ventilation fan. Both of them are different terms of the same product. So, to answer your question, exhaust fans are same as a ventilation fan. Exhaust fans are also known as ventilation fans because they aid proper ventilation instead of just circulating the air like a ceiling fan. Do not get confused between these two terms

  • Will exhaust fan reduce humidity and heat?

Yes, the exhaust fan can reduce the humidity and the heat inside the house drastically. This is especially true for areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. The fact is that these two areas in the house are considered to be a high humidity zone and it is required to have proper ventilation in these places in order to ensure a workable temperature.

A lot of people suffer from heat burns and exhaustion because of lack of exhaust fan so if you also face any such issue then it would be a wise decision to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen.

Bottom Line

This was all the information about the exhaust fans and by now we are sure that you have all the information that is required to invest in a good exhaust fan. Do not forget to check out the buying guide before you finalize the product for your home. You can check out for the available models during this sale season and we are sure that you will find some good offers as well which will help you in saving money.

So, do not wait any longer, check out the deals on your favorite product and order one today.

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