Best Havells Ceiling Fan in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Ceiling fans are always India’s go-to solution to beat the heat. In this article, we will give you the top ten Havells Ceiling Fans in India as a cost-effective air circulator system, frequently asked questions, and buying guides. Modern hi-speed ceiling fans not only adds style to your room but also helps to keep your home cool and breezy.

Range of Havells’ ceiling fans makes sure that you stay cool, no matter what the weather is, with the right balance of appeal and utility. Thus, many customers are having a tough time selecting the finest ceiling fan for their property. So here you have the list below:

Best Havells Ceiling Fans in India 2022

1) Havells Leganza Fan

Havells Leganza 4 Blade 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze Gold)

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This exclusive Havells’ ceiling fan looks classy and cultured on the ceiling and will blend elegantly with your home interiors. This ceiling fan has a powerful motor with 350 RPM speed to give you good air delivery.

It comes equipped with four blades and four-speed settings – so whether you want to sleep with full speed or light air, you can set the fan’s speed according to your need.


  • It comes with 350 RPM Motor Speed.
  • It contains four blades which provide an air sweep of 1200mm.
  • It gives 230 cm of Air Flow.
  • It comes with two years guarantee.


  • May not be a High-Speed fan

2) Havells Festiva Fan

Havells Festiva 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Pearl...

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Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan will be a smart choice if you want a fan that might prove to be a certain style statement along with being a competent performer. This Havells’ ceiling fan looks ultra-modern in design.

This 1200mm decorative ceiling fan comes with a powerful motor that clocks at 400rpm and specially intended blades that guarantee unmatched performance. Due to the higher air delivery rate and speed, this ceiling fan is appropriate for cooling and ventilating any large space.


  • Superior Metallic Paint Finish
  • Long-Lasting HPLV Motor
  • Stylish Decorative Design


  • Quite an expensive ceiling fan

3) Havells Yorker Ceiling Fan

Havells Yorker 1320mm Fan (Antique Copper)

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Obtaining a fan that is not afflicted by damage from rust is now possible with the introduction of the Havells Yorker ceiling fan. It is featuring four-wide blades. This fan has a 310 rmp motor speed to ensure corner to corner air circulation and increased airflow, which aids in cooling.

This fan comes with an impressive air circulation with a 1320 millimeter fan sweep.


  • Sweep- 1320 mm
  • Perfectly streamlined body
  • Double ball bearing super silent motor
  • Rated speed- 310


  • Quite an expensive ceiling fan

4) Havells EQUS Ceiling Fan

Havells Equs 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White Maroon)

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This product from Havells comes in multicolor. Superior looks and durability this high-speed ceiling fan by Havells is elegantly designed in brown and combines perfectly with all kinds of interior decor schemes. With a 390 rpm speed, it gives you air delivery of 220 cubic meters that is most suitable for large-sized rooms.

This Havells’ ceiling fan performance does not go down even in the phases of low voltage, and it gives you the much-needed relief from the heat and Consumes 75w power.


  • Superior Paint Finish and Exotic rich looks
  • Airflow: 220 cfm
  • Comes with 5 number of Speed Settings


  • May not be a high-speed fan.

5) Havells Andria Ceiling Fan

Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Indigo...

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Havells Ceiling fans are an imperative part of any household. Keeping your loved ones cool is easier than ever with the Havells Andria dust resistant ceiling fan. You can use the fan safely during major fluctuations in the voltage.

Havells Andria 1200mm sweep dust resistant ceiling fan keep your family feeling cool this summer. This fan has three blades and a strong motor for optimum spinning.


  • Stylish design and Powerful motor for superior air delivery
  • High-speed fan with 390 rpm.
  • 2 Years guarantee


6) Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200mm BLDC Motor

Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200mm BLDC Motor with remote...

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Havells offers ceiling fans come in many colors, styles, and finishes to suit the taste of even the most discriminating consumers. This fan comes with an aluminum motor body and consumes only 26-watt power consumption.

Havells’ ceiling fans are the best buy for their efficient performance and savings on power consumption. In India, ceilings fans are thoroughly used, being the most-affordable cooling appliance, in homes and offices.


  • Comes with 100% pure copper wire motor
  • Rust-free aluminum blades
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Not Stylist design

7) Havells Brand Reo Tejas Fan

Havells Brand Reo Tejas High Speed Ceiling Fan 1200 mm...

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Havells REO has successfully been able to capture the essence of the customers’ needs. The Havells REO is built with the best materials to give optimum results and lasts long. This fan contains three-blade which provide an air sweep of 1200mm.

It is a fine combination of Art and Science. It is designed aesthetically appealing products by maintaining a high level of Engineering Excellence.


  • Power Consumption: 78 W
  • Motor Speed: 400 RPM
  • Long-Lasting HPLV Motor


  • Not Stylist Design

8) Havells Stealth Wood Ceiling Fan

Havells Stealth Wood i 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Pinewood)

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The imperative part of every home and is built to be energy efficient. The Havells’ ceiling fan adds a sense of style and sprightliness to your rooms and offices with innovative and trendy designs. This fan comes with dust and mark resistant coating strong aesthetic profile blades for silent operation18 pole high torque motor.

This fan makes 280 revolutions per minute and produces air delivery of 280 cubic meters per minute. The fan supports automatic on/off through Scheduler mode setting thru App to switch on/off fan on the real-time clock and the fan back up the memory to regain the last operating state of fan in case of power failure.


  • Air Flow: 260 cfm.
  • Alexa and Google home connectivity with Voice commands support.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • It may not be a High-Speed fan

9) Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Havells’ Pacer is a high-speed ceiling fan that is elegantly designed in brown and perfectly fits all kinds of interior decoration schemes. This fan is the most selling product of Havells. This is an extraordinarily fast three blade ceiling fan with a speed of 400RPM; it gives you air delivery of 235cmm with 1200mm sweep cover that is ideal for large-sized rooms.

The performance of this Havells ceiling fan does not go down even during phases of low voltage, and it gives you the much-needed relief from the heat and consumes less than 75 watts of power supply.


  • Power consumption – less than 75 watts.
  •  efficient even at low voltage
  • Double ball bearings


  • Quite an expensive ceiling fan

10) Havells Nicola Fan

Havells Nicola 600mm High Performance at Low Voltage (HPLV)...

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This fan from Havells exaggerates an elegant contemporary design; its ageless appeal goes well with your office and home furnishings. This fan is available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400mm sweeps. Besides, this fan consumes less power of 62 watts. This fan comes with specially designed twin canopies that will help you to conceal the messy electrical wirings.

The fan is packed with a powerful motor with a speed of 880rmp that ensures that your fan operates seamlessly and fulfills its duty. The superior motor ensures increased airflow, which aids in cooling.


  • Contemporary design on trims
  • High-performance motor
  • Metallic paint finish
  • Power: 62 watts


  • Less air coverage area 

Buying Guide for the best Havells Ceiling Fan in India

In point of fact, the appeal could be a matter of interest. For a few peoples, the steady, quiet whirl of the paddles evokes the romance of bygone days and sultry summer afternoons. It makes a space better-off and lowers energy bills.

Through compelling hot air in the downwards direction in the winter season and moving up the gentle wind at the time of the summer season, it declines the needs of heating as well as the AC systems. Below we have discussed the aspects that we must keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan:

Size and Installation of a Fan

A rule of thumb is to use a 52-inch fan for up to a 400-square-foot area, a 44-inch fan for up to 225 sq. feet, and a 42-inch fan for up to one hundred forty-four sq. feet. Think about using two medium-sized fans for rooms over eighteen feet long. Just bear in mind that getting a oversized fan is still doable instead of getting a smaller one of the room. So, having a clear understanding of the room is fairly important.

Controls in a Ceiling Fan

A majority of ceiling fans are installed at the ceiling box anywhere a light fitting was previously set up. Typically, the sunshine switch is replaced with an impression that permits numerous fan speeds and—if the fan includes lights—light settings. This management needs to own an electrical device style and be created by the identical manufacturer because the fan to eliminate buzz and hum.

Blade Size & Framing

Fans have from 3 to 5 blades; the standard variety is four. Several blades don’t affect performance a lot. Some say that additional blades really move less air as a result of there’s less house for them to grab air. However, the number of blades will tend to affect value.

Testing the Quality

It moves air effectively and quietly. The components are neat, made of top-quality materials, and sports are lasting, enticing finishes. The motor has many speeds. And, it’s backed by a long-run warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many blades are best on a ceiling fan?

It is a myth that as the number of blades in a fan increases, you get more air. But the truth is that the higher the number of blades, the quieter and slower it works. It increases the drag in the ceiling fan’s motor and tends to make it slow. So, it is better to have a fan with 3-4 blades.

2) For a ceiling fan, which is a good CFM?

CFM of a fan is measured when the fan is on its highest speed, and that number is divided by the watts used by the fan. 75 CFM/W is the minimum CFM, which is considered to be systematic.

3) How long do ceiling fans last?

Ceiling fans are estimated to last at least ten years. The rest depends on the usage. Neither less to say, make sure to take proper care of the fan, and it is going to last for years to come without giving you any hick-ups down the line.

4) Is it okay to leave a fan on all night?

It is perfectly okay to leave a fan on all night. But some people believe that when fans blow the air around in your room all night, it circulates dry air. This constant stream of air can dry out your nasal passage and can affect your sinuses. It can also drop the temperature of your body and make you sick. However, these statements are just created by laymen, and it does not have any medical conclusions.

5) Are ceiling fans safe?

Ceiling fans are safe to be used in general, but there are some precautions that need to be followed while installing ceiling fans. The blades or any part of the fan should not be close to 7 feet or more with the floor. Make sure that the blades are not bent from any part. It will cause improper swinging of the blades.

6) What is the Difference Between the Damp, Dry, and Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans?

  • Damp Rated: These ceiling fans can’t be in direct contact with water, snow, rain, or other fluids that are present in the open air but might be able to handle the moisture that exists in the outdoor air, but. The damp-rated fans also use materials that avoid decay and decomposition from outside elements.
  • Dry Rated: The ceiling fans are not an outdoor fan. The ceiling fan would get ruined pretty swiftly, influentially its blades, when these ceiling fans are exposed to humidity and open-air environments. These ceiling fans are planned for indoor installation only.
  • Wet Rated: These ceiling fans are weather resilient and appropriate to work in every type of weather. The blades and motor covering of the wet rated ceiling fans are unchanged by ice, snow, rain, and even water coming out of a pipe can be used for cleaning them. The finishes utilized in the wet-rated fans moreover help avoid decay and decomposition.

Final Takeaway

As we have now concluded the overall detailed review section, we suppose that it would become quite effortless for our users to opt for the ceiling fan that would match their set of requirements, preferences, and, most importantly, budget. While crafting this overall listing of the top-rated ceiling fans, our focus was solely to deliver the most desirable models out there on the market that could guarantee value for money.

Additionally, since every user has a different budget in their mind, we dwelled on offering ceiling fans from every single price point so that everybody gets a ceiling fan that would cater to their requirements and wishes.

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