10 Best High-Speed Ceiling Fans in India 2022 – Buying Guide 

If your room has a compact space, fewer windows, then proper ventilation becomes a concern for most people. During summer days, suffocation and heat-trapping are common. So, how are you going to save yourself from this scorching heat of the summer days? In this situation, high-speed ceiling fans come to the rescue. It would provide the proper aeration and minimize the heat-trapping.

A first-rated ceiling fan consumes less energy and performs well. But are you choosing the right one for your house? In this article, we would describe different models and their specific features. It would help you in your decision making. The right fan not only circulates air; it has more features than that. If you have made up your mind that you’re going to purchase a fine-looking high-speed ceiling fan for your home, then this article would be of great help. Most of the fans described in the article are of supreme quality and affordable. Here is the compiled list of the top ten best ceiling fans in India.

Best Ceiling Fans In India

1) Crompton Aura Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura 2 Designer 2D Brocade 1200mm ceiling fan...

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This product is exclusively made in India. It has a blade size of 1200 mm and is super reliable. Its copper motor has a speed of 380 rpm, and you will get five years warranty on the product. Moreover, the fan has an airflow of 220 cu m/min.

It has wider blades so that the fan can reach a wide space. The product only consumes 74W and weighs around 2 kg.


  • High-grade EMQ bearing.
  • A home visit by the technician.
  • Higher power saving.
  • Dual copper coating.
  • Value for money.


  • The fan is noisy.

2) Havells 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Leganza 4 Blade 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze Gold)

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This fan comes in two different colors pearl white, silver, and bronze gold. The air delivery is 230 cmm and comes with a decorative body ring. The fan has a metallic paint finish and is suitable for home, office space, etc.

The fan is suitable for spaces with a square footage of 65 sq. feet to 100 sq. feet. The fan weighs around 7 kg.


  • The rotational speed of 350 rpm.
  • Exotic blade trims.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Igneous blade design.


  • It doesn’t have a remote control option.

3) Crompton 48 Inches Ceiling Fan

Crompton Super Briz Deco 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed...

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This aluminum built ceiling fan consumes 74W and weighs around 3 kg 800 grams. The fan has a super speed of 400 rpm, and its copper winding ensures longer life.

The fan comes with one motor, one down rod, and a motor. The airflow on this fan is 210 cmm.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has a speed of 400 rpm.
  • Its supreme components ensure a longer life.
  • Aluminum is built, which ensures the durability of the product.
  • It just consumes 74W.


  • Installation is not provided by the brand.

4) Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Energy...

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The fan comes with a super-efficient BLDC motor, which encourages high-speed performance. It comes with a smart remote which has so many unique features. The fan consumes 28W while put on high speed and 6W when it is on the lowest speed.

It saves up to INR 1500 per year of your electricity bill. It has inverter stabilization technology, which provides the same speed even with voltage fluctuations. Moreover, the product has a sleek motor and longer blades for better performance. The weight of the fan is 4 kg 180 grams.


  • Inverter stabilization technology.
  • It consumes comparatively less energy.
  • Efficient BLDC motor.
  • Will save your electricity bill.


  • The product is expensive.

5) Usha Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm, Sparkle...

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This ceiling fan is oil and moisture resistant. The product comes in two colors: sparkle red and black. The fan has a high air delivery of 240 cmm, and the speed is 380 rpm.

Moreover, the fan is coated with novel silicone paint technology from PPG Asian Paints. Not only this, the fan has a unique blade design. The item weighs around 7 kg, 140 grams.


  • The power input is 85W.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Unique blade design.
  • Moisture and dust resistant.
  • Value for money.


  • The ceiling fan is noisy.

6) Havells 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan (Indigo...

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Havells 1200 mm ceiling fan comes with powder coated finishing. The material of the fan is ABS and consumes about 75W energy. The speed of the fan is 390 rpm, and the air delivery is 220 cmm. The brand has given two years of warranty on the product.

Additionally, the fan has an optimized trim size for better air delivery. The fan has a crisp geometry design to suit contemporary interior designs.


  • Air delivery is 220 ccm.
  • Two years’ comprehensive warranty.
  • It has a good ball bearing.
  • Powder-coated finishing.


  • The product is average but not extremely good.

7) Orion High-speed Ceiling Fan

Orion highspeed 400RPM decorative Indigo Black Metallic...

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The body is made up of aluminum and comes with three blades. It attracts 50% less dust with Orion anti-dust technology. The fan is easy to clean and maintain.

The fan comes with a 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, and dynamically balanced blades. It has a superior air delivery of about 400 rpm.


  • Comes with three dynamically blades.
  • Attracts 50% less dust.
  • 100% copper motor.
  • Double ball bearings.
  • Air delivery of 400 rpm.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • This ceiling fan is very noisy.

8) Havells Smart Ceiling Fan

Havells Stealth Wood i 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Walnut)

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The product comes with 1 N Fan Motor, 1 N Canopy Set,1 N Twisted Wire, 1 N down rod, 1 N Down rod Cover set, 1 N Shackle Assembly, 1 N PCB Controller kit with sensor Housing, 1 N Remote, 1 N Battery,4 N Twist -on Wire Connector, 1 N Instruction Manual & 1 N set of 3 N fan blades.

It makes 280 revolutions per minute, and the airflow is 280 cubic meters. The fan has a temperature and humidity sensor for automatic speed control. The weight of the fan is 4 kg 800 grams. Overall, it’s a good product in this price range.


  • Airflow is 280 cubic meters.
  • Value for money.
  • It makes 280 revolutions per minute.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor.


  • The remote is small and fragile.

9) Orion Electric Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Orion Electric Ceiling Fan comes with a reliable and efficient copper motor. The fan is equipped with wide blades for better airflow. The ribbed blades help the fan to cover wide areas.

The speed of the motor is 370 rpm, and it consumes about 78W power. The item weighs around 2 kg 800 grams.


  • The speed of the motor is 370 rpm
  • Consumes 78W energy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Value for money.
  • Double ball bearings for high airflow.
  • Reliable copper motor.


  • There is no reversible rotation.

10) Usha 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer 1200MM Ultra High Speed 400RPM Ceiling Fan Brown...

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This ceiling fan has superior high permeability grade electric steel lamination for an improved life. The body of the fan is made up of aluminum, which is known for its long life and durability. This fan takes up 240V to operate and consumes 80W.

The warranty on the product is two years. The pack contains ceiling fan motor, top canopy, bottom canopy, shackle assembly, down rod unassembled blade set packed separately, ceiling fan motor to be sold with ceiling fan blades.


  • Two years warranty.
  • Value for money.
  • Consumes 80W.
  • Takes 240V to operate.
  • Sleek design.


  • The product is average, not the finest one.

Buying Guide for the Best High-Speed Ceiling Fans in India

Finding the right ceiling fan can get tedious at times, especially if you are looking for a high-speed fan. So, in this section, we have properly curated all these points while buying the best ceiling fan for your space.

1) Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Rooms up to 75 sq. ft. = 29 in – 36 in

Rooms 76 sq. ft. – 144 sq. ft. = 36 in – 42 in

Rooms 144 sq. ft. – 225 sq. ft. = 44 in

Rooms 225 sq. ft. – 400 sq. ft. = 50 in – 54 in

You have to keep a few things in mind while buying the right fan for your home. The ceiling fans come in various sizes from 14 to 72 inches. First, measure the square footage of your room. To do that, you have to measure the height and breadth of your room and multiply it by two meters. That way, you will get the square footage of your room, which would help you in finding the right fan for your home.

2) The Spare Parts

Make sure that the product comes with how many years of warranty and if the spare parts are available or not. It is very important that you go with a model that is widely available out there in the market. This, in turn, make it fairly easy to get the spare parts for repair.

3) Don’t Compromise on the Quality

Don’t compromise on the quality. Low-cost products would worn out within a few years of usage. Then again, you have to change it. It would be better if you go for a quality product which would smoothly work for years. So, invest more in quality products in spite of looking for low-cost fan options.

4) Number of Blades

The number of blades a fan consist impact the functionality of the fan. Generally, most people go for fans with three or four blades. But you have a lot of options. Some people go for fans with five blades as well. The more number of blades, the lesser would be the air circulation but a quieter option. You need to check whether the blade has a low drag shape or not. The low drag shape of the blade helps in the performance of the fan.

5) Types of Motor

The motor is the powerhouse of the fan. The durability, efficiency, and even the airflow of the fan are influenced by the type of motor you’re using. There are two types of motor. One is the BLDC motor, which rotates continuously with good speed and low noise. The other variety is the Single-Phase induction motor. This uses a certain number of winding poles and wires to supply a single voltage to the fan’s rotors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it easy to install a ceiling fan? 

The installation time varies as per the model and the number of parts that come with it. Just follow the instructions manual while installing the ceiling fan.

2) Why does the ceiling fan Makes noise while in use? 

Most fans make noise while it’s in use. But the noise of the fan solely depends on the model you are using. There are fans available in the market that don’t make any noise. If your fan is making more noise than before, then we would suggest you contact the dealer.

3) My fan is running slow. What can be done? 

The reason can be your faulty capacitor. You can call the electrician to change the capacitor.

4) How to maintain ceiling fans? 

It is important that you maintain your ceiling fan on a regular basis so that it can last long.

  • The motor installed in the fan shall be greased routinely. This is done to ensure suave working. The motor, which comes with a sealed bearing, need no lubrication or very less maintenance.
  • If your fan has become noisier, then you can make out that your fan is not working efficiently like before. You can alter the ball bearings inside the fan if it’s making a lot of noise.
  • We would suggest you not to change the blade of the ceiling fans. The company fixes all the blades beforehand so that the fan can function effectively. Changing the blades can degrade the functionality of the ceiling fans.
  • You should use Step type switching in spite of the knob type electronic fan regulator. That way, you can save energy.
  • It is important to verify the electric switches used for the ceiling fan to ensure that the speeds are fluctuating on change or not. If not, then it’s fine, but if the speeds are fluctuating, then the fan would consume more energy.

5) What are the advantages of the ceiling fans? 

There are a lot of advantages to the ceiling fans.

  • It keeps the moisture low inside the room.
  • It allows ventilation.
  • It has a cooling tenacity, which won’t let you sweat.
  • Upholding the descent circulation in your room.

Concluding Words

These are all the products that the current market has to offer. They are budget-friendly and easy to install. This is a well-researched article so you can buy any product from the list above. But still, if the products haven’t got all the requirements that you’re looking for, then we would advise you to buy according to your own choice. We hope this article was helpful. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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