10 Best Orient Fans in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Orient fans are the choice of most Indians. First, it is affordable, and secondly, there are multiple designs you can choose from. It is a trusted brand, so there is no question about its reliability and performance. There are so many models, so getting your hands on a quality product won’t be a problem.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten best Orient fans in India. They are affordable and of the finest quality. So, without taking much of your time, let’s jump into the article. We have compiled a list comprising the best Orient fans in India for your consideration.

Top 10 Orient Fans in India

1) Orient 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan...

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This 1200 mm sweep ceiling fan from Orient comes with IoT, remote, and under the light. The air delivery of this fan remains the same as if 230V, even at 140V to 260V of voltage variations. It is a remote, and mobile app operated IOT based fan with smart features like fan scheduling, fan time, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, and reverse rotation.

This fan is expertly designed with inverter technology saving 40% energy. It has a high air delivery of 240 cmm, and the speed of the fan is 310 rpm.


  • The speed of the fan is 310 rpm.
  • Sleek design.
  • Good air delivery.
  • Comes with IoT.


  • The quality is okay, but not as per the price.

2) Orient Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric i-Float 1200mm energy efficient ceiling fan...

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This 1200 mm sweep ceiling fan comes with inverter technology. It consumes 70W only and operates under 140-270V. The fan comes in four elegant colors-white, space gray, lakeside brown, and cosmos black. Moreover, the fan has an aerodynamic design that offers 15% high air delivery.

A Metalized decorative ring adds beauty to the fan. The weight of the fan is 4 kg 400 grams.


  • High airflow.
  • Operates under low voltage.
  • Value for money.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Saves more than 50% power.


  • The product doesn’t have many reviews.

3) Orient Decorative Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Pacific Air Decor 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)...

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This decorative ceiling fan comes with 1200 mm blades and 14 number of poles. The motor is 100% copper, which is light-weighted and durable. The fan is reliable and budget-friendly.

The air delivery of this fan is 190 cmm, and the speed is 330 rpm. It consumes 74 Watts only and operates under 220-240V. The weight of the fan is 2 kg 600 grams.


  • High air delivery.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Good product in this price range.
  • The functionality of the fan is good.
  • The motor is 100% copper.


  • Installation is not provided by the brand.

4) Orient Electric Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm ceiling fan (Metallic...

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This fan from Orient comes with ribbed aluminum blades for high airflow. The fan has a unique look, as well as good functionality. The air delivery of this fan is 230 ccm, and the speed is 320 rpm.

It consumes less power of 70W only. It has a metallic finishing and a 100% copper motor. The weight of this ceiling fan is 5 kg 250 grams.


  • Metallic finishing.
  • Two years warranty on the fan.
  • Elegant looks and sleek design.
  • Ribbed aluminum blades for high air delivery.


  • The fan is noisy as compared to others.

5) Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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This fan has a super reliable and efficient copper motor. Not only this, the fan has wide blades for higher air delivery and thrust. There is a double ball bearing for smooth and noiseless operation.

The fan consists of ribbed with a unique angle, which allows it to deliver more air over a larger area. The fan consumes 78W, and its speed is 370 rpm. The air delivery is decent. The weight of the fan is 2 kg 800 grams.


  • High air delivery.
  • Consumes less energy.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Double ball bearings.


  • The shaft is of poor quality.

6) Orient Electric Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan (White)

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This Orient fan doesn’t make any sound while operating. It has aerodynamic profile blades to ensure good air delivery. The fan has a high gloss premium PU finish and glass-filled ABS blades.

Moreover, the fan comes with a strong 18 pole motor and double ball bearings. The power required for this fan to operate is 240V. The weight of the fan is 6 kg, 460 grams.


  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Comes with aerodynamic profile blades.
  • It has a high gloss premium finish.
  • Double ball bearings.
  • Energy-efficient product.


  • It claims that it doesn’t wobble or make noise, which is not true.

7) Orient Wendy Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan Azure Blue 48' 1200Mm

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This 1200 mm ceiling fan comes with three blades, a metallic finish with lacquer coating for longer life, and elegant looks. It has a metallic finishing and stylish trims.

The motor is made up of 100% copper, and there are aluminum blades for durability. The air delivery of the fan is 230 cmm, and the speed is 320 rpm.


  • High air delivery.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Metallic finishing.
  • Lacquer coating for longer life.
  • Full copper motor and aluminum blades.


  • The fan makes noise after the operation.

8) Orient Copper Brown Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Orina 48' Ceiling Fan Copper Brown 48'...

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This fan comes with a 100% copper motor and metallic finishing. The air delivery of the fan is excellent, and the speed is 320 rpm. The weight of this fan is 4 kg 730 grams.

This copper-brown ceiling fan has aluminum blades for high airflow. There are double ball bearings as well.


  • Value for money.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Double ball bearings.
  • High airflow.
  • Good speed.


  • It comes with aluminum blades, which ensures longevity and durability of the fan.

9) Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan Pearl White Walnut 48'...

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It has the strongest motor in its category for longer life and durability. The hand-molded shanks reflect premium appeal and the finest craftsmanship. There is a reversible motor to circulate the cold air in summers and warm air in winters. Moreover, the fan is developed in India to suit Indian conditions exclusively.

It is available with a personal choice of antique copper and brass finishes exclusive to its category. Not only this, there is a double ball bearing for smooth, noiseless operation and an electroplated finish for premium looks. The weight of the fan is 8 kg 620 grams.


  • Three-speed regulators.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Value for money.
  • Comes with a reversible motor.
  • The air delivery is good.
  • The speed of the fan is 270 rpm.


  • The replacement of the glass is hard to find in the market.

10) Orient Electric Premium Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Quadro Ornamental 1200mm Ceiling Fan...

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This 1200 mm electric fan comes with an aluminum body, which ensures longevity and durability. This reliable fan has attractive blade trims and a ring on the motor. It is available in dual color combinations.

The air delivery is decent, and the speed of the fan is 300 rpm. The weight of this product is 5 kg.


  • High airflow.
  • Good performance and functionality.
  • The speed is good.
  • Value for money.
  • Aluminum body.
  • Double ball bearings.
  • Attractive blade trims.


  • The washers on the blade decorations are of low quality.

Buying Guide for the Best Orient Fans 

All the various models out there in the market are bound to create a hindrance to your judgment. That is why we have properly curated this section keeping few things in mind while buying any Orient’s ceiling fan.

The Quality of the Motor

It is important that you get high-quality motors. The motor is responsible for the operation of a fan, so if you buy a cheap quality motor, then the fan would wobble. Look for a high-quality motor that is equipped with sealed bearings and heavy-duty windings that are permanently lubricated.

Larger Rooms Need Bigger Fans

You have to know the square footage of your room in order to get the right fan for your home.

Rooms up to 75 sq. ft. = 29 in – 36 inches

Rooms 76 sq. ft. – 144 sq. ft. = 36 in – 42 inches

Rooms 144 sq. ft. – 225 sq. ft. = 44 inches

Rooms 225 sq. ft. – 400 sq. ft. = 50 in – 54 inches


Some manufacturers provide home service and a lifetime warranty. So, it is advisable that you go for renowned brands which are known for its good service. It would be annoying to call the manufacturer every day, and they aren’t receiving your calls. This happens most of the time so consider this criterion as well.

The Airflow

The high-cost fans have high airflow as compared to standard fans. But it would be trouble in winter days if you put your fan on minimum speed even it’s giving high airflow. So, choose as per the weather conditions of a particular area. Don’t go for ceiling fans, which produces airflow if you live in a temperate zone.

Ceiling Light Fans

Most people are fond of ceiling light fans. They look attractive. For that, you have to buy a light kit. There are also lighting options for you. You can go for halogen, fluorescent, and LEDs as per your choice. It is not obligatory to put ceiling light fans. It’s your own choice.

Know Where to Buy

The online price and the offline price of a product varies most of the time. Sometimes, the same product is cheap online and expensive offline or vise versa. So, we would suggest you look for the market price as well as its online price. That way, you can grab a good deal.

Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

Imagine you’ve bought a low-cost ceiling fan but is not energy-efficient. So, what can you get from it? You have to pay an extra bill every year. So, in spite of that, invest in a good quality power-efficient ceiling fan. That way, you can save energy as well as save yourself from additional bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) In which room should I install my ceiling fan? 

It depends on you where do you want to keep. It is advisable to install your fan in a location where you usually sit, sleep, and spend time. You can install the ceiling fan anywhere you want. You can install it inside as well as outside(the porch).

2) My house has a low ceiling. Should I install a ceiling fan? 

Don’t worry. There are low ceiling fans available in the market. Pull chains can come in handy if you’re looking for low ceiling fans. Choose as per your requirements.

3) How many blades should I go for? 

There is a misconception that more blades mean the performance of the ceiling fan would be amazing. But that’s not true; the size of the blades matter as well. More blades mean the more expensive the fan would be.

4) Are there many options while shopping for ceiling fans? 

Yes, there are a lot of options when it comes to shopping for fans. There are decorative fans to fit in with your decor. Not only this, ceiling fans come with different finishing and unique features. If you want to add light to it, then you can buy a light kit as well. And for sloppy ceilings, you have added a down rod to adjust the ceiling fans. There are tons of options you can go for as per your need.

5) I bought a low-cost ceiling fan; why is it wobbling too much? What should I do? 

The low-cost ceiling fan would obviously wobble. You can’t do anything about it. The low-cost ceiling is poorly engineered. The quality of the blades is not good. There are no double ball bearings, and you would find improper sealing processing. So, we would suggest you go for branded products which have been trusted by millions. Before buying a fan, look for all the specifications, then make a purchase. Don’t go for cheap quality products.

But a ceiling fan which would be of good quality that will last for many years. A cheap product would just last for a few years. Then again you have to buy it. So, it’s better you go for supreme quality ceiling fans. It would be power efficient. You can save some money that way.

Concluding Words

Orient is a renowned brand and is in the market for a long period of time. Their products are dependable and lasts for a longer duration of time. And we have provided you with the buying guide and answered all the relevant questions regarding the brand and its products. So, you can get the right one that suits your budget and requirements.

The products from this brand are of supreme quality, durable, reliable, and their service is excellent. New and updated versions come out in the market now and then, so keep an eye for any product that fits your requirements. We hope our research and the above-listed products help you in choosing the best one.

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