Best Symphony Air Cooler in India with Buying Guide

India is a country where you can experience all kinds of weather, and it depends on where you are dwelling. The fact is that sometimes it crosses the limit of tolerance. Talking about the summer season, as global warming is increasing, it is getting unbearable to even survive in this season. Well, thanks to technology for so many inventions, this works as a shield to save us from the heat. Cooler is one of the most wonderful, affordable inventions for us. It is cheap and easy to move from one place to another. In India, there is a great market for coolers with them.

Best Symphony Air Cooler in India

As we said, cooler captures a great market in India; there are several brands that make innovative and convenient coolers with multi-functions and benefits. This might confuse you to choose the right one according to your need, and nowadays there are several types of coolers which are made according to the need of the customers.

So, before you buy, you must look at several pros and cons. Today, we’ll talk about one of the best brands- Symphony. Symphony offers various types of coolers with unique features and with elegant designs, which are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. There are top 10 products which come from the renowned brand- Symphony.

1) Symphony Diet 12T Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home with...

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This cooler is really affordable, with a slim and beautiful design. The air cooler capacity of the air cooler is 12 liters. Moreover, the cooler has multistage air purification with honeycomb cooling pads. It contains powerful air throw and consumes less electricity. It is ideal for room size and occupies up to 28 cubic meters.

According to the price range, it is perfectly within the budget. The cooler consumes about 170 watts. This cooler can be fit in a small room, and with great honeycomb cooling pads, it would provide cooling to every corner of your room. It provides high air delivery and increases the overall cooling experience.


  • Affordable.
  • Tank capacity is 12 liters.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Suitable for small rooms.
  • Multistage air purification facility.
  • Good air delivery.


  • Not suitable for large rooms.

2) Symphony Touch 20 Personal Air Cooler

Symphony Touch 20 Personal Air Cooler for Home with...

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The ‘Symphony Touch 20 Personal Air Cooler’ is a must-have product. Its design is eye-catching and very elegant. The most attractive feature of this cooler is that it is a digital touch screen cooler with remote control as well as it has a voice assistant. It has multistage air purification to purify the air in the room with various kinds of filters.

This cooler is powered by i-Pure technology with mosquito repellent, which is a plus point as well. The capacity of this cooler is 20-liters with an empty tank alarm. The power consumption of the cooler is 185 watts. The size of the cooler is up to 57 cubic meters. This cooler contains highly effective honeycomb cooling pads, and a cool flow dispenser ensures superior cooling. The product dimension is 470 mm x 350 mm x 813 mm.


  • Totally budget-friendly.
  • Digital touch screen with remote control.
  • Voice assist.
  • Suitable for small areas such as bedrooms, hostel rooms, or small offices.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • It also works on inverter power.


  • The height of the cooler is short.

3) Symphony Storm 70 XL Air Cooler

Symphony Tower Cooler - 70 L, White

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The ‘Symphony Storm 70 XL Desert Tower Air Cooler’ has a tank capacity of 70 liters. It has a slim and elegant design. It has 3-article honeycomb pads. This product contains an automatic vertical swing. The main feature of this product is that it consumes low power. The color of this is cooler is white.

This cooler is powered by i-Pure technology with multistage air purification filters such as allergy filters, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5, and filtered cool air. It has easy to use control panel with dial knobs. The coverage area is ideal for room sizes up to 127 cubic meters. The consumption of electricity will be 205 watts.


  • Elegant design.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Tank capacity is 70 liters.
  • Powerful blower fan.
  • Automatic vertical swing.
  • Superior cooling.


  • Performance is average.

4) Symphony Sumo 75 XL Air Cooler

Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler For Home with...

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This cooler has a tank capacity of 75 liters. This cooler will keep your room fresh and cool during summers. It has a unique design. The cooler has high air delivery. It is ideal for room sizes up to 110 cubic meters. The cooler provides an easy fill facility. The fan is specially designed to provide high air delivery.

It is powered by an i-Pure console with multistage air purification filters such as allergy filters, bacteria filters, smell filters, and PM 2.5 wash filters. The power consumption of this product is just 185 watts. It also works on inverter power. It contains 1 unit air cooler, 4 unit castor wheels, and 4 unit legs.


  • Tank capacity is good.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Fine design.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Specially designed fan to provide more air.


  • Legs are of cheap quality.

5) Symphony Diet 3D 55+ Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Portable Tower Air Cooler For Home...

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The Diet Tower Air Cooler from Symphony has 55 liters tank capacity with an empty tank alarm and an elegant, slim, tall, and stylish design. The cooler has an awesome designed control panel with a touch screen. Moreover, the air cooler has four caster wheels for easy mobility. It consumes very little electricity of just 145 watts; it also works on an inverter, so you don’t have to worry about power-cuts. It is ideal for room sizes up to 60 cubic meters.

The cooler contains three side highly-effective honeycomb cooling pads, and its cool flow dispenser ensures superior 3D cooling. The color of the cooler is black and white. Product dimensions are 450 mm x 390 mm x 1340 mm. The cooler delivers fresh and filtered cool air. The touch screen control panel has an auto pop-up feature.


  • The capacity of the tank is 55 liters with an empty tank alarm.
  • Touch screen control panel with an auto pop-up feature.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Tall and slim design.
  • Ensures superior 3D cooling.


  • Legs are of cheap quality.

6) Symphony Diet 35T Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 35T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home with...

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This cooler has been designed to use less electric power. The cooler has an elegant and unique design. It comes with a water level indicator to inform you about the tank’s status. It is designed to give you cooling comfort whenever and wherever you need relief from the heat, inside as well as outside.

Its’ cool flow dispenser distributes water evenly for better cooling. Its pump works-on dura-pump technology so that it ensures for long-term. Castor wheels are designed to easily move the cooler wherever you want to. It has easy to use dial knob controls for fan speed, cooling, and swing settings.


  • Tall and slim design.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Ensures superior cooling.
  • Cool flow dispenser.


  • Material quality is poor.

7) Symphony Diet 3D Air Cooler

Symphony DIET3D20I Air Cooler - 20L, Black

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The ‘Symphony Diet 3D 2Oi Air Cooler’ has a tall and slim design. Its tank capacity is 20 liters. Its control panel is easy to use with remote control. The tank has an alarm to remind you to fill as soon as it gets empty.

Its pump works-on dura-pump technology so that it can give ensuring for the long-term. It has auto cover movements. Power consumption is less than just 145 watts. It has a touch screen panel with an auto pop up feature.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Touch screen panel with an auto pop-up feature.
  • Tall and slim design.
  • Suitable for small areas.


  • Less negative reviews.

8) Symphony Jumbo 65 DB Air Cooler

Symphony Jumbo 65 DB Desert Air Cooler for Home with Aspen...

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This cooler has a bigger water tank capacity of 61-liter. It has a larger cooling area and smooth air movement. This cooler is a high-performance desert air cooler for home; it is designed to be used for hot and dry weather conditions. It has an elegant design specially designed for those who do not compromise on the looks for better cooling.

It meets all kinds of cooling needs, whether it is an expansive area, medium-sized urban room, or an outdoor area. The cooler comes with three side cooling pads, which ensures effective cooling. Its powerful double blower, cool flow dispenser, and automatic vertical swing ensures better air throw and cools the entire room.


  • Perfect design.
  • Suitable for all the areas.
  • The higher air delivery.
  • In-budget.
  • Easy to use control panels with dial knob controls.


  • Occupies more space.

9) Symphony Touch 55 Room Air Cooler

Symphony Touch 55 Personal Air Cooler for Home with 4-Side...

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The ‘Symphony Touch 55 Room Air Cooler’ has a beautiful design. The color of the cooler is white. This cooler can be used in small spaces such as bedrooms, hostel rooms, or small offices. It can be placed near your bed, couch, or dining area. It has many features like i-Pure technology, a removable water tank, fully closable louvers, and many more.

It contains 4-side removable pen cooling pads and powerful cooling aided by a powerful blower; this technological marvel will surely make you purchase it. It has a tank capacity of 55 liters. It also works on the inverter.


  • Elegant design.
  • Works on inverter too.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Perfect for small rooms.
  • Powerful air blower.


  • The cooling effect is average.

10) Symphony Jumbo 41 Desert Air Cooler

Symphony Desert Cooler - 41L, White

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This cooler contains a bigger water tank capacity of 41 liters. It has a larger cooling pad area and smooth air movement; it cools in expansive areas. It gives high-performance cooling and is designed to be used for hot and dry weather conditions. This cooler will give many wonderful reasons to choose it.

It contains aspen cooling pads, which ensures effective cooling. It is ideal for a room of up to 71 cubic meters. This cooler works best in the ventilated room. Its pump works on dura-pump technology, which ensures the long life of the pump. It is equipped with an ice/ water inlet chamber. This cooler is able to enhance its cooling capabilities.


  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Powerful fan with 3-speed motor.
  • Ensures superior cooling.


  • Does not work on inverters.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Cooler

Air Cooler 2

Air coolers are very popular nowadays because they are both budget and environmentally friendly. There are many features in air coolers nowadays, which makes them suitable for the places that experience dry summers. When we consider buying one, it becomes challenging sometimes, due to many options which the market offers. So we are here to help you out by providing you with every single detail one should know before buying an air cooler.

Working of Air Coolers

Air coolers use the technology of evaporative cooling. They work on a simple cooling process, which is as effective as modern air-conditioning technologies. In air coolers, they pull fresh air from behind and drives it through wet cooling pads. Evaporation of water takes place in these cooling pads, which brings down the temperature of the air. That cool air is then blown out from the cooler.

Types of Air Coolers

There are two types of air coolers in the market; one is a desert air cooler and the other one personal air cooler. Both of these are used in different climatic conditions.

  • Desert air coolers: Desert air coolers are mostly preferred in dry climatic conditions. These types of coolers are mostly larger than personal air coolers and are suitable for cooling large rooms. This cooler uses large water tanks and huge fans for delivering cool air to every corner of the room. Desert air coolers can be used outside without any issues, like in the backyard or terrace.
  • Personal air coolers: Personal air coolers are mostly preferred in humid climatic conditions. These are suitable for small and specific areas in a room. These coolers are quieter than desert air coolers and consume less energy. Personal coolers have smaller water tanks as compared to desert coolers but can provide cooling for hours.

Water Tank Capacity

Air coolers use the evaporative cooling method in which water is converted into vapor. This vapor reduces the temperature of the air and then is blown out by the blower or fan. It’s always important to choose an air cooler which has larger water tanks. When the water tank is larger in size, it offers cooling for a longer period of time, which proves to be beneficial. Most of the time, a larger room always requires an air cooler with a larger water tank, so a large tank is a must. Whether it is a desert or personal air cooler, both types of coolers come in a variety of tank sizes. The tank size of personal air coolers ranges from 20 to 30 liters, while the tank size in desert coolers ranges from 31 to 50 liters.


It’s always important to buy an air cooler which fits the size of your room. The airflow of an air cooler is measured in terms of CFM, i.e., cubic feet per minute. The CFM helps in denoting the amount of air cycled into your room per minute. By calculating the CFM required for your room, you can choose the right cooler for yourself. The CFM can be calculated by dividing the cubic feet of your room by two. Suppose your room is 400 sq feet in size, and the height of the ceiling from the ground is 10 feet. Then the CFM of your room will be 2000 (400 sq ft X 10 ft/2).

The airflow of an air cooler varies if it uses a blower or a fan. Fans create airflow with low pressure, but in large volumes, these are mostly used in big air coolers. Blowers, on the other hand, creates high-pressure airflow with high volumes; that’s why they are used in small models. An air cooler that has multiple speed settings is always the right choice to make when you are considering buying one. This system of speed controlling enables us to control the temperature of the room. Most of the air coolers nowadays come in at least a three-speed regulator. You can also opt for air coolers, which feature a swing system; this enables cool air to flow in all directions.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads have a very important role to play in an air cooler. Cooling pads absorb the water, and when air passes through them, it helps in cooling them. The thicker the cooling pad is, the better will be its cooling. Cooling pads are generally made up of two materials, aspen, and cellulose. Wood shavings and synthetic fibers are used to make aspen pads. Aspen pads are cheaper but need high maintenance, and they have a shorter life. Now when talking about cellulose cooling pads, they have a unique design that looks like a honeycomb. These pads are thicker in comparison to aspen pads and need low maintenance. These pads cost a little extra but are worth the money, as these are more efficient and have a longer life.

In-Built Inverter

Air coolers already take low energy to operate. Nowadays, manufacturers have introduced air coolers, which works even on inverters. This feature enables standard air coolers to work even on 50 percent less power than before. You can notice the difference in the electricity bill. These coolers are ideal for those households which face constant power cuts.

Remote Function

Now the last but not the least feature which one should look for in today’s coolers are remote control functionality. This feature enables us to control the cooler fully without bearing the hassle of operating it manually.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Air Cooler 3

1) What are the primary differences between an air cooler and a conditioner?

The air conditioner actually uses some sort of chemical cooling refrigerant in order to absorb the condensed hot air while cooling it in the process. In the case of an air conditioner, the hot air must be expelled outside the house. Generally, the price of air conditioners increases drastically, the more efficient it becomes while consuming less electricity.

Air coolers, on the other hand, uses the natural water evaporation process in order to expel the cool air coming out of it. With the presence of liquid water in the air, it raises the humidity while providing a cooling sensation. The cost of maintaining and keeping an air cooler is significantly lesser as compared to that of an air conditioner.

2) What are the benefits of using Symphony air coolers?

One of the biggest advantages of having the Symphony air cooler is that it always uses some of the most budget-friendly cooling options. This, in turn, can bring down the overall cost of the cooler while making it affordable for the purchase. Further including, symphony air coolers use very little electricity while operating. In fact, you don’t worry about spending a fortune even after getting the cooler.

3) What are some of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of Symphony air cooler?

If you can retain the maximum relative humidity of the room to be less than 60% or so, you can attain the highest efficiency for your symphony air cooler. It is fairly important that the air remains warm. One of the main reasons being, the temperature tends to become cooler where there is less humidity. That being said, if your home is located in the drier regions, chances are you can experience an air cooler with utmost satisfaction.

Cross ventilation is yet another driving factor when it comes to improving the effectiveness of the air cooler. If you are able to place your air cooler within an open window, or somewhere it can actually draw the outside air, it can work the best.

The Bottom Line 

It is imperative to understand that Symphony is by far, one of the most reputed brands when it comes to air coolers. So, there is nothing that can ever go wrong while choosing the brand.

Further including, all the products mentioned within the list are some of the best you can find out there in the market, offered by Symphony. Neither less to say, the buying guide with all the frequently asked questions can offer you the right assistance you need while making your next purchase.

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