10 Best Wall Mount Fans In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Wall-mounted fans are those which easily fit on the wall, hanging from them, which can either rotate its head or be fixed at a place. Wall-mounted fans help in circulating the air in all directions from an elevated place thus making the room livable during the sultry summers.

Best Wall Mount Fans

They help in pushing the air away from them, thus allowing them to be spread across the entire room. Moreover, the main reason why wall mounted fans are important is that they don’t cover up much space. Instead, they are a perfect fit for the places where there is less floor space available, thus making a great fit for saving a lot of space at home, thus replacing the ceiling fans.

1. AmazonBasics 55-Watt Wall Fan

AmazonBasics High Speed 55 Watt Wall Fan for Cooling with...

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This AmazonBasics high-speed wall fan will not disappoint you when it comes to performance. It features automatic oscillation with a 65% angle degree which makes it better than other fans. This makes it perfect to cover a wide area. Even the 100% copper motor enables a smooth mechanism.

With the aerodynamically designed blades, it can provide a sweep of 400mm. The air delivery is 65 to 75 CMM. We will now have a look at some of the unique features of this fan.

  • Three angles vertical tilting enables adjusting the fun conveniently.
  • Meets the complete safety standards to protect from fire hazards and electric shocks.

  • The product has automatic oscillation for smooth movement.
  • Covers maximum space with better air delivery.
  • Ergonomic design helps in easy installation and operation.

  • Assembling the blades is time-consuming.
  • It is relatively noisy and can increase with time.

2. Crompton HighFlo Wave Plus Oscillating Wall Fan

Crompton HighFlo Wave Plus 400-MM (16 inch) 60W Oscillating...

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Equipped with a smooth tilting neck, the Crompton fan can be great for having air delivery from different sides. Unlike other conventional fans, it also comes with sharp blades. It has an oscillation control feature making it a perfect customization product.

The powerful sweep of 400mm can be perfect to have a cooling experience. Even the power consumption rating is just 60 watts. Let us have a look at some of the features of this Crompton fan.

  • Thermal overload protection combined with a sturdy base offers better safety.
  • Corrosion-resistant guards prevent injury due to the blades.
  • Aerodynamic blades give air delivery of 85 CMM.

  • It delivers high speed and the coverage area is relatively greater.
  • Peak power consumption of 50 watts for efficient performance.
  • The sturdy mounting design maintains better stability during operation.

  • Some parts are of plastic and hence, less sturdy.
  • There is no remote option available.

3. V-Guard Gatimaan High Speed Wall Fan

V-Guard Gatimaan High Speed Wall Fan with 2100 RPM Speed and...

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Comes with three blades, the V-Guard Finesta-RW Wall Fan offers wonderful cooling to the entire room, thus making it the best choice among all other wall mounted fans. The fan can be used when the number of people in the room is more.

The head of the fan oscillates, hence the air can flow to all the guests in room, as well as the consumption of power for the fan is very less, about 55 Watt. With the rotations per minute of 1300, the fan intends to create a rich user experience. Let us have a look at some of the wonderful features:

  • Excellent design for the perfect fit on the wall.
  • Adjustable pitch angle, thus the fan can be tilted manually.
  • Excellent power of the motor thus increased flow of air.

  •     Protection grills in the fan are very rigid and held with clasps, thus holding back the blades.
  • Less power consumption and more airflow
  • Remote controlled, thus no movement is needed to operate the fan
  • Comes with a warranty period of 2 years after purchase.

  • Noise has been reported by some of the customers

4. Usha Pentacool 5-Blade Wall Fan

Usha Pentacool 5 Blade 400mm Wall Fan (Black)

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Usha Pentacool wall fan comes in a 5 blade design. It can provide high air delivery of 85 CMM without any noise. The 100% copper motor also aids in smooth operation. What makes it perfect for your home is that it provides multiple colour options.

Another feature of the fan is that it comes in a durable design. The thermal overload protection can be great during sudden voltage surges. Here, we have a look at the features of the Usha Pentacool fan.

  • Wide oscillation makes it deliver stable performance.
  • It can provide powerful air delivery even at normal speed.

  • Five translucent blades cut noise and vibrations.
  • Highly efficient copper motor improves air delivery capacity.
  • Jerk-free oscillation can be great while cooling.

  • The quality of parts can improve.
  • Replacing parts can be difficult.

5. Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Double String Wall Fan White

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Double String Wall Fan (White)

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Bajaj is a household name for the electrical appliances. Even since our childhood, we are aware of the world of Bajaj around us. Bajaj Esteem 400mm Double String Wall Fan is available only in white color. The wall mount fan is aimed at providing unidirectional airflow and precise oscillation of the fan helps in spreading the air across the different dimensions of the room.

Consuming power of as less as 50 Watt, the fan is functionally more efficient than the ceiling fans available. The air cutting sound from the fan is also combatted, thus making it one of the highly effective models. Let us have a look at some of the features of the fan:

  • Long-lasting fan, due to the presence of copper motors providing durable performance.
  • The air delivery of the fan is very high, thus making the room very comfortable.

  • Easy on the pockets as the fan consumes less power for operation
  • The blades have a dimension of 400 mm
  • Rotations per minute of over 1300.
  • Possess the oscillation function thus helps in the spreading of the air.
  • It works completely on electricity.

  • As per a few customers, the airflow is said to be inappropriate.

6. Crompton Torpedo Wave 16-inch Wall Mount Fan

Crompton HighSpeed Torpedo 400-MM Table Fan (Black)

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With the ability of throw air in a unidirectional way as well as the ability to reach the corners of the room, Crompton HiFlo Wave 16-inch Wall Mount Fan  is the perfect model to enjoy the breath of cool air during the summers.  Noiseless, exquisitely designed and perfect for any environment, the fan is well-manufactured to meet the needs of everyone.

The fan has speed controlling feature along with the oscillating head, which helps in throwing the air to all corners of the room. Let us have a look at the various features of the fan:

  • Rotations per minute of 1300, thus showcasing the high speed of the fan
  • Excellent air delivery due to the motor speed of the fan.

  • The blades have an authentic look and provide tremendous safety.
  • The speed can be controlled easily using the buttons in the speed control panel.
  • The sweeparea of the fan is 400 mm and the volume covered is 70 cubic meters/minute.
  • HSLV operation, high-speed low voltage consumption operation.

  • Tilt movement of the fan is not satisfactory for the users.

7. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm - 55-Watt Wall Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM 55- Watt Table Fan (Purple)

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Adorably designed Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Wall Fan provides an enriching experience as it blows air to cover the entire room. Consuming power as less as 55 Watts, the small genius, operating in 230 V has robust motor quality that ensures powerful air delivery across the entire room.

The fan can be used either in your residential home or in your office building, due to its sober and sleek exterior. Sweeping an area of 400 mm, Usha Mist Air Ultra 400mm Wall Fan gives a cooling experience to all its users.

Other than the beautiful design, let us have a look at a few technicalities of the fan:

  • The oscillation of the head of the fan is very smooth without any hurdle
  • Wonderful motor lubrication for the durability of the functioning of the fan.
  • The blades have 1280 rotations per minute

  • Air delivery is of nice quality since it is very efficient in nature
  • The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • Head oscillation is very smooth and jerk-free.
  • Reported being less noisy by users.

  • Installation of the fan becomes a cumbersome process.
  • Design defect with the plastic cover has been reported by consumers.

8. Luminous Fanfare 400mm 55-Watt Wall Fan

Luminous Fanfare PRO 400MM Wall Fan (White)

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Luminous Fanfare 400mm 55-Watt Wall Fan is a fan for all generations as it is very easy to use without any need to learn new technicalities. One of the most efficient fans with a sweep area of 400 mm and blowing maximum air across the entire room. The raw materials used for the manufacture of the fan are of high quality with the best design.

Made of aluminium, the fan promises to bring a wonderful blow of fresh air into your home or office, wherever fixed. The efficiency of the fan is very high since it uses lesser power to generate more cooling.

Some of the features of the fan include:

  • Clear distribution of the air across all the nooks of the room
  • High quality of the product is used to manufacture the fan
  • The temperature of the room is controlled in a wonderful way.

  • Exquisite design of the fan, making it decorate your room.
  • Proper distribution of the air, thus making the room cooler.
  • Controlling of the wall-mounted fan and its oscillation are easier.

  • Creates unnecessary noise
  • More number of fans are required if the room size is bigger

9. V-Guard Esfera RW 16 Remote Wall Fan

V-Guard Gatimaan High Speed Wall Fan with 2100 RPM Speed and...

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V-Guard Wall Fan are the models that have been used in the household for a long time. It is one of the most preferred brands of wall fans, hence they are used to control the temperature and circulate the air all within the room.

One of the most preferred brands, V-Guard consumes lesser power than ceiling fans and operates at a voltage of 230 Volts. The motor of the fan is very powerful, thus making it durable and long-lasting. The fan comes with three different speed controls, thus making it a unique value proposition.

Let us look at some of the features of the fan:

  • Easy to install and use, thus people across all generations can use it
  • Lightweight, hence the best option for makeshift homes
  • Provides better quality of air distribution in the entire room.

  • The product is easy to use.
  • Manual control of the product, hence no need to learn new technology.
  • The product comes with the required warranty

  • Breeze is not as powerful as expected.

10. Enamic UK Happy Home

Enamic UK || All Purpose 3 in 1 Fan (Wall, Table and Ceiling...

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Make in India campaign has got a booster dose by the government of India. Enamic UK Happy Home is a product of the make in India campaign. The fan is made completely in India, with a robust framework and durable motor the operation, thus making it one of the best indigenous fans which are available.

With a speed of more than 1300 rotations per minute and customizable tilting and rotating mechanism, the wall fan is a perfect substitute for the ceiling fan.

Let us have an overview of a few features of Enamic UK Happy Home:

  • Since the product is made in India, it is made by keeping in mind the needs of the Indian population
  • The head of the fan tilts as and when required.
  • Copper windings in the fan’s motor, making them more durable in nature

  • Multiple speeds of operation of the fan, thus making it customized.
  • Oscillation of the fan can be controlled by the wires which can be pulled.
  • The product works in very high speed but consumes less voltage, thus efficient.

  • Product is complained to be noisier compared to other products

List of Best Wall Mount Fans

Though the installation procedure of the wall fans is a bit technical, once installed it, can help in reducing most of the worries during the summer season by blowing cool air. It is a screw and hole method that demands to punch a hole in the wall and then installing the motor and the fan using the screw, thus making it possible to spread more air across.

The striking difference between a wall fan and a ceiling fan is the ease with which it can be cleaned and maintained. Unlike a ceiling fan, which requires too much maintenance and labor. Another striking advantage is the air circulation in the entire room due to its rotator motion of the head, which is absent in the case of ceiling fans.

Need not worry a bit about the safety, since they are completely enclosed within a cage, thus making them completely safe for use, making it far better than ceiling fans. With the same or an even lesser amount of electricity consumption, the wall-mounted fans offer an added advantage over the ceiling fans as they cool the room way better in this way.

How To Choose The Best Wall Mounted Fan

Choosing the best wall mounted fan is always the toughest decision to make. In order to make the right choice, there are a number of parameters, which need to be checked before the choice is made. The first step in choosing the best one is knowing the checklist of your requirements

Selecting the right fan will not happen until you know what your needs are and how to manage your needs. While making the checklist, do remember the following points which every potent wall mounted fan should have:

Size: The wall-mounted fan must of the appropriate size to produce enough efficiency and airflow. Ventilation is an important aspect while selecting the wall-mounted fan, hence an appropriately sized fan must be selected.

Durability: Have you ever wondered about the importance of durability in the fans? Yes, exactly! Durable fans are the ones that you need to have in your offices or homes. Sturdier, lighter and decorative wall mounted fans have proven to enhance the beauty of the homes.

Oscillation: Personally speaking, not everyone needs this feature. Supposing you sit in a fixed place in your room, but the fan oscillates across the entire room, the spreading of air and its distribution across the entire room doesn’t help in making you feel better. Hence, look for fans who have an option to switch off the oscillations.

Location: While buying a wall fan you should also consider the location where you want to place it for office or home so you can properly get the air flow in every part of the room and gallery.

Speed: Wondered how irritating it is when your official documents blow off without letting you even put the paper stopper over it? Exactly! Buying the wall mounted fans with controllable speeds is very much a requirement, thus making it more customizable and making the experience more worthy.

Remote control: If you not looking forward to operating the wall-mounted fan from the switchboard over and over again, it is high time to look for a wall-mounted fan that works with the button of the remote, thus making it highly easy to operate and customized.

The Advantage of Wall Mount Fans

Wall mount fans are not a thing of the past. It has become the new fad amongst the generations, thus making it more of a necessity. Have we ever wondered about the advantages associated with the wall-mounted fan.  Let us have a look at the advantages:

  • The air circulation in the wall mount fans has an effect across the entire room thus the air distribution is very well balanced, making it one of the major advantages of the wall mount fans.
  • Temperature control and ventilation are the advantages provided by the wall mount fan. The wall mount fans help in reducing the temperature during the summers by keeping the room moderate and increasing the temperature in winters.
  • If you have a thermostat in your house, the effect of the thermostat is enhanced if the wall mount fans are used.
  • Have you ever wondered, how to place the ceiling fan so that it reaches that particular corner of the room? Exactly! This is when wall mount fans come to the rescue, the oddly shaped corners in the room can be ventilated and air can be made to pass to those areas if the wall mount fans are positioned in the right way.
  • Compared to the pedestal fans, these fans are mounted, hence they don’t occupy the ceiling space as well as the floor space. The space on the floor is kept clear from any obstruction, thus making them more walkable.

Bottom line

As you can see, selecting the best wall mount fan that fits the requirements as well as the décor of your home is not an easy task. We have assorted the 10 Best Wall Mount Fans Available Online In India 2022 to make your work easier.

Selecting across a number of user experiences as well as real-time interactions with the users have helped us to write the real-time problems faced as well as the benefits they had. It can be a daunting task for selecting the right wall mount fan but believe me, it is worth the effort.

You don’t want to buy them and then regret buying it, as the replacement costs are an added expense. The various checklists like size, guide and oscillations are very important to note before jumping into buying it. Unless these key points are noted, none of them is worth the purchase. Moreover, the noise factor must also be kept in mind before purchasing them. Make sure, the fan doesn’t produce unnecessary noise.

In this article, we have done our best to collect information about the wall mount fans from our user experiences. We have penned down this article with the only motive to help our readers so that the search for the best one ends with us. We encourage you to read through the article and understand the technicalities before laying your hand on any of the fans.

We would like to end by saying that select the best option among 10 Best Wall Mount Fans Available Online In India and do write to us about your experience with the chosen fan!

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